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  1. Rex Banner

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Yeah, for sure. I think there were better ways of going about closing it out, we definitely didn't need to keep a front three. Klopp has done the same thing a few times and almost every time he brings on an extra defender for a forward we look pretty vulnerable, it just goes against how we always play. You'd think Klopp would have seen this before. Like I said though we don't have too many options with the injuries at the moment.
  2. Rex Banner

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    That save was pure luck, he had no idea about it and it just hit his foot.
  3. Rex Banner

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Well, it's not like we have any other midfielders to bring on at the moment. I hate bringing on an extra defender though, every time we do it we just invite pressure and look vulnerable. It's probably my most hated thing in football, just keep the same shape and freshen it up! Don't crowd the defence and make everyone rethink where they should be.
  4. Rex Banner


    I don't think he feels pain :huh: .
  5. Rex Banner


    Has anyone seen Gaethje's fight before the UFC? Did he always get rocked in them as well? In his 3 UFC fights he's been on wobbly legs every time, even in the win against Johnson he got cracked a few times. It's awesome entertainment but ooof I worry about his long term health. His game plan is to just outlast his opponent. Those leg kicks are viscous though, Dustin will be limping for a few weeks.
  6. Rex Banner

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    How long left on his contract? We will 100% be paying it until it ends.
  7. Rex Banner

    Firmino Racism Allegations

    They are so scared to look like they don't take racism seriously in this overly PC age (and the UK is probably the worst perpetrators of this bullshit these days) that even when the allegations are obviously false they are too scared to say that the allegations have no merit so saying "there was insufficient evidence and we believe they were made in good conscience" and dragging it on for ridiculously longer than necessary is a way of placating to the overly sensitive types just looking for something to fight against. It's so ridiculous. The "R word" is the new scarlet letter.
  8. Rex Banner

    Firmino Racism Allegations

    Holgate is a twat but no way should he get in trouble for the twitter stuff. It's Political correctness run amuck! The language policing that goes on today is so over the top.
  9. Rex Banner

    New Years Day V Burnley away

    This has been rather disappointing. Or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Rex Banner

    New Years Day V Burnley away

    That's disappointing.
  11. Rex Banner

    Naby Keita

    If he's as good in real life as he is for me in FIFA 18 then we'll do the treble next year! He's everywhere and his late runs into the box have been reaping endless rewards.
  12. Rex Banner

    Virgil Van Dijk

    My sources tell me that they have no idea what if anything is happening. I can corroborate this as I equally know nothing much like 99% of the people who claim they do.
  13. Rex Banner

    Roberto Firmino

    He's red hot right now. A creator and a scorer, an interesting striker and I'm loving his work at the minute. Maybe Klopp was right when he said he was the most underrated player going around. Last season I was thinking he isn't a striker, we are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole but at the moment I'm thinking he's a great fucking striker for the way we want to play. Go on with your bad self Bobby.
  14. Rex Banner


    He never tested positive for steroids get that right. he was high for a potential masking agent (which he claimed was from a dick pill). The coke was irrelevant. Hate on him all you want but he's clearly the best LHW of all time, there is no question anymore. Also, Cormier is not a gobshite either, one of the most respectful guys around. He just has a personal rivalry with Jones.
  15. Rex Banner


    Exactly! The battle of the riskless fighters. It's would almost certainly be a rubbish fight which is why I have no problem with GSP fighting Bisping. As long as they do it soon though, Whittaker is out for a while but not a huge while so if these 2 want to fight then do it soon and then Rob will be willing to kick the shit out of the winner. Perfect!