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  1. Saying you don’t want him to manage us now is one thing, but to say you don’t ever want him here again is mind boggling. Based on what? Also, with ‘Lampard-lite’ are you calling Gerrard a shit version of Lampard? If so...you fucking what??
  2. 100% agreed - not calling for his head or suggesting that he is anything but the best manager in the world, but I hope to see Stevie back one day.
  3. Kenny and Stevie at the helm in advisor and manager might actually cause me to fully, fully care again. Fully.
  4. Fuck. It’s worse than I thought. How are you doing anyway mate?
  5. belarus

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Who in the fuck is calling someone good at football a deem?? The world has gone mad
  6. belarus

    As low as it got for you?

    Bolton beating us 2-0 at Anfield in the FA Cup in 92/93 I think it was. That David Lee ripped us to shreds, it was freezing and as a young kid I couldn’t get my head round how quickly we’d become so shit. More recent I’d say the derby when Hodgson was here. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12104370/pl-vault-everton-2-0-liverpool-2010
  7. belarus

    Flying. Everything planes.

    The spitfire engine passing is my favourite noise ever. Reminds me of my dad taking me to stand on Southport promenade and watch the air show as a kid
  8. I’ve repped this for a couple of reasons: 1 - taking the effort to write a description in the absence of a picture 2 - even without a picture it still looks better than Stig’s effort
  9. Edit - I tried to make another quip, but that is more than acceptable as a response to be fair. I’ve got a little hangover myself, so can empathise
  10. belarus

    Roughest pub you've ever been in??

    Not a pub as such, but remember going to that Mr Smiths nightclub - think it was Warrington or Widnes. Anyone heard of it? Went on a last minute whim as some birds were driving over there, so me and a mate tagged along. I got butted within 5 minutes while stood minding my own business at the bar and ended up having a mad wrestle with some cunt on the dance floor who had come at me with a chair. Didn’t stay long after that. Fool me once and all that.
  11. Hmmm. Where’s the moisture coming from? The eggs are over scrambled, the black pudding dryer than a camel’s hoof and those weird red sausages look like dog dicks. To summarise, I hope the spot you refer to it hitting was on the wall after you lashed it.
  12. Not taking the piss in any way here - have you cooked those mushrooms in any way whatsoever? Also, a pet hate of mine is getting bread or toast that is unevenly buttered. It’s lazy, and leads me to believe that you would adopt this nonchalant and haphazard approach to other similar functions. I imagine your anus is littered with winnets for example.
  13. I’ve got a habit of asking people how they are twice on phone calls. Answer by going “hello mate - how you doing? You ok?” Then they respond and I’ll go “good stuff. How you doing then?” Fucking social pariah.