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  1. belarus


    Yeah, see where you’re coming from, but going on tv to tell the world is next level. Do you think they will Christmas together this year?
  2. belarus


    Yeah, I do think he came across well and measured. Plus, he will be getting shit for her views too I bet. Imagine wandering passed Trafalgar Square and hearing yer ma riling up a baying mob. Haha
  3. belarus


    Just had a look at a couple of her bits and then the first bit of his. She is saying some extreme shit and very unfounded it seems about vaccines in general, but that must be hard speaking out about your own mum like that. And even if she is wrong and everything she says is bollocks, does that mean she’s mentally ill? Aside from that, I saw the American clip of him being interviewed and it said at the bottom “1 in 5 in England believe coronavirus is a hoax”. That’s got to be bollocks, surely? I’ve not met or spoken to one person who thinks or believes that, and my 1 year old has got some seriously strong and extreme views, let me tell you
  4. belarus


    I’ll go and have a gander
  5. belarus


    Fingers fucking crossed mate. That would be fucking amazing if it was fucking off
  6. belarus


    Her own son said she was mentally ill on national news? That’s a bit off isn’t it? I don’t know any more about all that than she’s an ex NHS employee who is anti vaccine and lockdown isn’t she? I haven’t watched that interview either, so shooting in the dark a bit, but seems a bit shady on her that
  7. belarus

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Haha, yeah at midnight… ”I sent that fella a text saying I’d spoken to you”
  8. belarus


    Walking in and saying hello and exchanging pleasantries with them is giving it the billy big bollocks?
  9. belarus

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    And me - he isn’t kissing her in that picture either - he’s leaning in and talking. The pictures actually show he didn’t cheat on his mrs. Whats wrong with people? Having a bevvy and Rooney is there, so when he passes out you get your arse out next to him for a picture? Weirdos
  10. Right… Hummus? Fuck sake - it doesn’t even look like a nice hummus you perv. I don’t care if you wanted it or not. You posted the picture Spinach? On a breakfast? Dear God Beans I applaud, but why have they pressed those ones between two pieces of kitchen roll before putting them on the plate? Well there it is - a seeded fucking batch. Uncooked at that. Bad enough you’d think, but then we are told it is buttered….wait for it….face down!! The hash browns look dead soggy and greasy. I’m an absolute stone wall cunt, but even I don’t deserve to look at them Sausages and tomato look fairly decent 2 out of 10. Consider yourself on a very strong warning. Seeded fucking batch. Have you ever?
  11. belarus


  12. belarus

    The world of a woman.

    I like your shoes mate. A nice hanging basket will really brighten up that entrance. Enjoy your new house
  13. belarus


    That angry little skin head cunt. Fuck me, I’ve never wanted to be a bizzie more - the chance to baton that little rat would be amazing. It was him causing all the in-fighting there. And the aggro with the police. Would have loved a rozzer to butt the cunt with their helmet on, but he wouldn’t get close enough for that - just bounced on his toes screaming 5 yards away. What the fuck are they so angry about??