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  1. I love it when that happens. Just use it as an excuse not to wipe my arse.
  2. I would like to remove Buzzcocks or The Wire, but to add in 2 shows, which I can't believe I forgot: Peep Show The Thick Of It
  3. Haha - is that an old one? That would explain why hardly anyone I sent it to replied in any way whatsoever. I'll try and get one hot off the press for you next time.
  4. belarus

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Something I will say, is that I’ve never understood why people say the CGI is amazing - it’s been shite in the majority. Always looks like a screen playing behind the actor.
  5. belarus

    Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    What did the cunt shout? What was his argument with the big lad?
  6. belarus

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    From what you’re saying, everyone should love every show made, as they are not qualified to judge the standard of writing then?
  7. belarus

    Boxing 2019

    If that happens it’s ridiculous. So many fights to be made out there. With all the positioning and politics involved with protecting records and maximising profits, they will only happen when someone wants their last big payday or not at all. Shite
  8. belarus

    Boxing 2019

    That really stopped Baranchyk in his tracks - what a dig! He needed that as was getting messy
  9. belarus

    Boxing 2019

    Taylor in a bit of bother end of that round. I’m on the firestick mate, but that vipboxing is usually good
  10. belarus

    Boxing 2019

    Weird ending - gomera has packed in a la Khan for a “low blow”. Burnett has just had a warning, so think he was looking to get him docked again and towards a dq or a route out. Bizarre, because he was getting caught quite a bit, but didn’t seem to be hurt at all.
  11. belarus

    Boxing 2019

    Burnett looking quite sharp. Don’t think he will get the stoppage though. Commentators as bad as sky though - creaming themselves over shots that are blocked on the replays