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  1. Could it be fisted in from the centre of the patty?
  2. You know what you can do with your lorne sausage, Mook.
  3. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Agreed. He comes across as very pretentious and up himself. That mike Tyson episode was horrible. My favourite bit was when cus d’amato came up and rogan then went on to tell iron mike what he was like for 10 minutes. Or when Tom segura talked to joe rogan about Mike Tyson as if he wasn’t even there
  4. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Joe Rogan does my head in generally, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t sometimes able to offer a balanced and practical opinion. You’re going all partisan again - you don’t like him so everything he says is bollocks. If my post drives a reaction from you along the “takes the biscuit” lines, then I’m not surprised you are unable to deal with posts and conversations where people offer actual and real opinions.
  5. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    I never said the country is being run by anyone - I was just listing the terms used by each end of the spectrum about anyone with differing opinions. And repped because I’m Friday happy and it’s sunny and warm. Plus, you like a breakfast and I like you. Kisses.
  6. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    The people giving it remarks about how this forum is unreadable and calling people chickenhawks - I hope that’s based on loads of other stuff on here that I haven’t seen and not just this thread, because this has pretty much been people with a mix of opinions discussing them. No silliness really. Apart from the ones sneering at and condemning other peoples’ opinions. I got negged for putting a vid up which was in context to a side conversation. The ones with hardened views that sit at one end or the other, taking that unpliable view into every situation, event and debate are the ones making things difficult. The ones who can think and adopt different views based on each example are just called racist bigots by one end and soft lefties by the other. It makes it impossible to discuss anything - futile, boring and depressing. A sad indictment of the current climate in the UK, and those cunts running everything are certainly leading from the front with it all. Shite.
  7. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    I honestly don’t understand what iPlop has said that would deem him racist?
  8. belarus

    Donald Trump

    The lack of acknowledgement the Sassy Trump YouTube vids get on here is criminal
  9. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Ridiculous reaction. That guy guy wanted someone to do that though - trump T-shirt and maga cap.
  10. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think iPlop is racist. Partisan maybe. Are ISIS racist?
  11. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    I saw the dig into the details on Joe Rogan. I’ll dig the link out. Those MAGA hats make you assume the worst of the person. Plus it seems they are usually worn to incite that reaction too.
  12. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    That was my first reaction. Exactly that in fact. Then I saw the bits before that and it added context and changed the feel of it. It was basically 2 people with opposing views coming together in a fairly innocuous way in the end. Just unfortunate for the lad that his face made him look a cunt.
  13. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Yeah, and Ted Bundy was 28 and had no murders on his rep sheet before he went on his killing spree. Can I just choose tonjudge him from that point? She is now 19 and the reason she is coming back is for her unborn child. She is even quoted saying that there is no chance they will win anything as they are all over the place. Not “I’ve realised this is bollocks. I was young. I made a mistake”. Her current attitude surely supersedes her 15 year old mind set?
  14. belarus

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    That’s not the full story though mate. There was more to it than that