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  1. belarus

    Joe Gomez

    What did actually happen to his knee? There was talk of his knee cap falling off if I remember right? That’s not possible, surely?
  2. belarus

    Boxing 2021

    Haha - I assumed I’d had a similar blank to be fair mate
  3. belarus

    Boxing 2021

    Really? I don’t recall all that for theirs. They need to have a rigid rule on it, not a “it can be between this and that”. Really can’t recall anything about the ring for Groves Froch 2. Did Groves’ team make any noise about it?
  4. belarus

    Boxing 2021

    Shame there wasn’t the same deal made by Andy Ruiz’s team when Joshua and Hearn decided to stretch the ring in Saudi for their rematch. It was ridiculously big even to the eye.
  5. belarus

    Dog Pics

    They’re fucking brilliant aren’t they? The way he’s just clicked with you there and that’s it now, you’re his mate for life until you say otherwise. People who harm dogs are just fucking unfathomable to me. How could you?
  6. belarus


    Thanks for apologising for my lack of understanding. Big of you that
  7. belarus


    Haha - I see what you did there.
  8. belarus


    Oh! Fuck. Sorry Bruce
  9. belarus


    You are making things up - you said in the first post that it was a lie to say Sweden didn’t have a lockdown. It isn’t a lie at all - they didn’t have a lockdown. That’s it. All other branches off that are moot at this point.
  10. belarus


    What do you mean there mate? Sorry, not followed the flow there - apologies
  11. belarus


    What is it? That you realise sweeping and unsubstantiated generalisations aren’t very helpful?
  12. belarus


  13. belarus


    You’re doing it again though - you’re sticking to your point by reverting back to saying something changed, and that was behaviours. There was no lockdown, whether no lockdown is right or wrong. I’m not advocating a point here, in fact I’m of the belief that lockdowns worked in the UK and controlled the spread, bought us time and saved lives, while obviously having other negative effects in a multitude of ways. The way you’re sticking to your point is the way the others are sticking to theirs with saying there was no measures taken and they continued as normal to fit their argument.