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  1. belarus

    The Twitter

    I don’t get that at all. Am I being thick or is it just shite?
  2. belarus

    Diogo Jota

    Yeah, I can imagine them all now when he was playing there - “oh for fuck sake, not ANOTHER purple patch!” They can massively fuck off after robbing the firmino song too. It happens all the time with tunes and little bits here and there, but not like they did it - the exact same fucking lyrics apart from change the name. Absolutely fucking pathetic that.
  3. belarus


    Oh! Haha - I am going fucking mad! Edit - think it’s more that the gmb Twitter gimps misinterpreted what he was saying
  4. belarus


    What? How can he be misleading us on his own trial? And especially why would he downplay the success of it? He didn’t mention hospitalisation figures either - am I going mad?
  5. belarus


  6. belarus

    Maya Jama is in fine fettle

    She’s not my bag. I know I’m lining up the “pointy elbows” piss takes, but she doesn’t. I don’t know why, but it is what it is. I bet she cooks a shite brekkie as well.
  7. A man who fucks with Tony Moanero’s biscuits or baked confectionery, AND drops a pube onto his meal, is a brave man. Where did you bury the body, Tone?
  8. Hahaha - I’ve had a pube on my prawn crackers before. It was pure white. It didn’t prevent me enjoying them. Did you still eat the breakfast? I picked it up, so the heat was pretty good. I was really enjoying it at first, but by the end I had gone off it.
  9. It’s one breakfast. Farm shop in Staffordshire. No bevvy
  10. If we thought VAR and reffing was bad over here, watch this! Penalty shoot out between 2 yank teams, the keeper saves the pen that wins the shoot out, but Themis judged to have moved off line before the kick. Then he’s given a second yellow and a red for doing it, then the ref lets them bring a sub keeper on, then realises you can’t do that, then says they can, they says they can’t again, before the outfield player eventually saves the pen that corrects the outcome, but not before Michael Jackson’s thriller has a pen saved that would have won it for the cheated team. Absolutely mental. But what really takes the biscuit, is the ref, yes, the fucking ref, has got his socks pulled up over his knees. The ref! The absolute fucking whopper. I’ve seen it all now. The state of this prick...
  11. New place. Takeout as lockdown. £10. Go and fuck yourselves.
  12. belarus

    Thiago Alcantara

    No, I agree mate. Im obviously not being clear with what I’m trying to say here. That’s not uncommon for me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting excited for a signing and looking forward to having them in the team. My issue is with the rhetoric some fans put out, claiming how the whole thing is a success for many reasons, even highlighting how it’s more of a success than other players, without even playing a game yet. Just because he’s won loads and been great at previous clubs, it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen again. There’s loads of examples. It’s like blue noses winning the transfer window - it’s the exact same in fact. As it is also the same as the “how many will we win by” before a 1-0 loss. Lock stock and snatch are two of my favourite ever films - top 10 both of them. I wasn’t sat waiting for the gentlemen to come out claiming it’s going to be the best film I’ve ever seen, because I hadn’t seen it yet. And I’m sure people expecting that, or for it to match those other two, would be completely disappointed with anything but. This is why I get annoyed with the media doing this about players - they build them up and then join in with the stone throwing after. Fans don’t need to join in. Anyway, I think he’s a great player and hope he’s the success here his talent suggests.