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  1. belarus


    Imagine having that amount of conflicts that regularly. How can she be arsed?
  2. belarus


    https://reaction.life/oxford-study-50-of-uk-population-may-be-infected-already/ Is the UK close to developing herd immunity? That’s the potential conclusion of an exciting study by a group of Oxford academics. The term herd immunity has been widely misused and condemned in the last few weeks, but if large numbers of Britons have developed Coronavirus and suffered very few symptoms it could – could – suggest that the death rates in the more apocalyptic modelling published last week might not come to pass. The latest modelling produced by the group of Oxford academics indicates that the Coronavirus may already have infected as many as half of the UK population. The Oxford’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease group uses a “susceptibility-infected-recovered model”. Published today, it takes into account initial underreporting and the vulnerability of the general population to hospitalisation from respiratory illness. The document can be found here. The study assumed that the disease has been circulating freely since the beginning of February. Infection would then have spread through the UK population in an uncontrolled way. The first deaths from the virus were reported at the beginning of March. The picture we are seeing in terms of death rates may reflect the rapid progress of the disease through the population in that period. Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology, who led the study, sounded a note of caution, however. The findings can only be corroborated through “large-scale serological surveys — antibody testing.” Nonetheless, the initial conclusions are in marked contrast to the models produced by Imperial College, London which estimated that as many as half a million people could die of the disease in the UK if it circulated with no controls. The Imperial study is credited with changing the UK government’s approach to much stricter restrictions on social mixing. Gupta is quoted in the FT criticising the study: “I am surprised that there has been such unqualified acceptance of the Imperial model.” But she supports the government’s strict measures to prevent the number of cases expanding over the next month beyond the capacity of the NHS. The pressure on the NHS is building fast. Ministers announced today that the Excel conference centre in London is being turned into an emergency “field hospital” with the help of the armed forces. It will provide 4,000 beds.
  3. belarus

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Completely agree with this. It would get to them even more than anything we can say or write about them
  4. belarus


    All the best @Pistonbroke Hope you’re home and well soon
  5. belarus


    Alex Jones has also been selling Coronavirus curing toothpaste, apparently, so I wouldn’t drop him in on the right side of any argument, mate.
  6. Fuck off edit - this joke was done already, I was late to the party. So now you really can all fuck off
  7. belarus


    Well at least they’re checking people on arrival from there....
  8. belarus

    Better Call Saul

    I really am not enjoying this anymore. The characters and acting in that second episode especially are so hammy and over the top, it’s ruining it. Those 2 drug fiends were shite, Mike gets less and less believable, and that scene where he snaps at the kid was just terrible. Like a bad soap. Shame Hades isn’t still here to point out what a pleb I am for not picking up on the subtle nuances and gradual builds in the story. I know I’ll get battered for this, but it has gone proper shite.
  9. belarus

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Nego-see-ate. It’s so contrived it’s actually wrong.
  10. belarus

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Let me guess “these are shite. This is all you have to do against them” ”so and so is supposed to be world class - this says otherwise”
  11. belarus

    Man City - the new bitters?

    If we can just get the snittplassering average down to about 3.2 we should be laughing.
  12. belarus

    More Barrymore Bollocks

    That I was describing in the documentary driving round in his convertible was the cunt notw journalist mate, who was boasting about turning up in a dark blue suit at the victim’s parents house so they would think he was the police. Little rat of a man.
  13. belarus

    More Barrymore Bollocks

    Spot on mate. Tabloid journalists are fucking pond life. He was so smug about it all as well. I do think the documentary makers stitched him up a bit though - getting him to drive around with the top down made him look cunty enough, but the angles they took had a dirty great jizz looking stain on the back of the passenger head rest, and the camera which angled at him from the bonnet picked up a weird length of what looked to be electrical tape holding it together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging for any of that, but he thought he looked like some kind of smooth operator. “What about the ji, I mean food stain on my passegener head rest?” ”we will just edit that out” ”great - and the tape on the bonnet?” ”can’t see it from there” ”good stuff - let’s do this” A journalist out cunting a cunt journalist. There will be a clever term for that which I don’t know.
  14. belarus

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Don’t agree with that at all. That 98 team was cracking.