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  1. belarus

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    And keep asking them who they support.
  2. belarus

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I don't see an awful lot of hate on here mate. On the occasional visit to RAWK it's a qualitatively different experience, often personnel threats, aggression, insinuations of violence, out and out lies being told etc. Generally speaking what people do is report the nonsense here, as a safety mechanism against the abusive conduct of Liverpool supporters. Whether deliberate or not, what your post is engaging in is a form of secondary victimisation of those people and a process of victim blaming. You really do need to learn to sort the problem out at source, which is the angry, narcissistic entitlement of Liverpool supporters and the continuum of abuse they use to operate towards Everton supporters. As I have indicated I don't hate them, I only have fear really, that one day one of them will end up doing something really stupid towards myself or my loved ones. They have an excellent team but that is rather by the by in the grand scheme of things. I come across countless numbers of them involved in the Tory party and worse still within far right organisations. You may think I am breaking some moral code to tell the truth about this, or be truthful about Evertonian's experience. If you do then I am afraid you are part of the problem and need to have a bit of a look at yourself. Standing up to violence and intimidation in a calm, measured but assertive way is the only way we overcome such people. Like Quote Reply Report Reactions:PITA, timcanjump1878, Tommy Chong and 2 others All joking aside, but that fella has to be mentally ill if he believes all that. He’s lying to himself. When I hear this stuff or read that forum, it really reminds me of when I was about 7 years old, and would make stuff up that I wanted to be true. Mental.
  3. Top of my head - pennant, finnan, riise, Bellamy, Cisse. There’s more than that. Not sure why you’re finding it such a struggle to believe. He was great, but an absolute moaner. Not very humble either.
  4. Revisionist shit? I was sat there listening to him you condescending idiot.
  5. belarus

    Boxing 2019

    Might be wrong with this, but doesn’t that go some way towards proving AJ is clean?
  6. Always knew you had a dark side, Champ
  7. I loved Carra as a player, but he was as annoying on the pitch as off it. Some of the shit you could hear him giving to lesser players, but never said a word to the main men in the teams. He’s a bit of a tit, truth be told.
  8. belarus

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    Crawford KO Garcia Pts Figueroa Pts Browne KO Chisora KO Cordina Pts Kelly Pts Allen Browne - fuck me, that will be shite. Took ages to decide on that. I don’t get the Dave Allen love either. Find him pretty irritating. Josh Kelly and his team cherry picking a feather fists with an aesthetic looking record again. Another chance to dance and whoop around with the minimal risk of anything coming back at him.
  9. belarus

    Boxing 2019

    I know it’s almost impossible, but what a story if Crolla pulls that off. Genuinely one of boxing’s good guys that lad. My days of 4.30am ring walks viewing is over, but I’ll be straight onto finding a stream in the morning. Is there anything else of interest on the card?
  10. belarus

    Instant cunt identifiers

    So I’m clear here, using the term gigs for glasses is a cunt thing to do? What other colloquial terms that originate from the Liverpool region feed into this?
  11. belarus

    Instant cunt identifiers

    People who answer a question, with a question.