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  1. belarus

    Instant cunt identifiers

    “Purebred dogs are mated to enhance or emphasize certain physical characteristics or exhibit a specific personality trait. This is done by mixing different breeds of dogs over time. So, if you think about it, purebreds are really mutts because there are lots of variations of canine DNA in their genetic backgrounds. Mutts, of course, are the result of breeds that haven't been crossed under careful supervision, but the end result is still a dog with a variety of canine DNA in his blood. In the end, all pooches are really mixes of different canine ancestors of all types.”
  2. belarus

    Dejan Lovren

    The double standards on here is laughable. If this was an English player, exact performances since he’s been here and exact quotes and things in the press, he’d be a complete outsider and universally disliked among our fans. Take out the fact he’s bang average, but he’s also an absolute tit. The things he’s blamed bad form on are mental, most notably on sakho having a poor grasp of the English language. The ones on here who are congratulating him for getting under people’s skin are laughable too. Like he’s some kind of witty genius. He’s not, he’s thick, arrogant and deluded. I’ll celebrate him leaving as if we had just signed Messi.
  3. belarus

    Have a rant thread

    But...what is...I....no. Just no.
  4. belarus


    Absolute, unsubstantiated bollocks. Agree mate. Akin to Brad Pitt not getting the acknowledgement he deserves as an actor. Love all the "he's scum. I'd never cheat" ire from people who get offered sex 0 times a year, every year. It isn't even confirmed as truth and morality warriors are using it to puff their own chests out.
  5. belarus

    Boxing 2018

    Kept meaning to reply to this and then not! Cracking fight that wasn’t it mate. As you say, will have done his profile no harm over there. Stood up to a good few cracks really well too.
  6. Where were you travelling from mate? This does my head in too - you’ll trust it sometimes, but think “whys it going this way?” and it takes you a fucking scenic route to a point in the journey you knew a better way to get to. That said they are fucking life savers generally.
  7. belarus

    Have a rant thread

    "Do you ever wake up feeling tired?" "Do you ever get hungry more than once a day?" "Have you ever had a headache?" If you answered yes to any of the above, you need Wellness 3000! Yeah, I think it was actually mate.
  8. belarus

    Mildly Interesting Television

    Great thread idea this. I'm exactly the same as a bed time viewer. The U.S. office was one, six feet under, trailer park boys and mad men. All have been stuff I look forward to putting on as they're decent programmes, but chilled enough to send me to slumber.
  9. belarus

    Have a rant thread

    Americans are mad on this aren't they. I saw a programme once where the 2 kids were medicated for anxiety and adhd or something, the parents for lack of energy and depression and the dog was on beta blockers and anti anxiety tablets because it would piss sometimes and jump up when it got excited. Chuck disorders and medication round like fuck over there.
  10. belarus

    Boxing 2018

    Yeah, but Charr is no great shakes either. I do agree that people will be expecting one thing from Fury due to the away from the ring hype. I got offered a ticket for the fight the day they came out, but the cheapest hotel I could find was north of 200 quid. I enjoy a night at the boxing like, but fuck that.
  11. belarus

    Boxing 2018

    Yeah, his record is terrible. Only ever fought people who have 5 winning records and one was his loss. Plus he's a cruiserweight. You can't really expect much else though. Apparently Briggs is signed up for October too.
  12. belarus

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    I'm looking forward to the occasion, but not very optimistic about the pe for acne and result. Not being negative on our lads, just feel like these know what all this is about. They will do whatever it takes to strangle our creative flow. I just feel like it's going to be a very frustrating night. Hope I'm wrong and we fucking rush the cunts like only we can. We are unstoppable in full flow.
  13. belarus

    Boxing 2018

    I had that at 3-9, 4-8 at a push. Had a stream with no commentary so thought I was probably well out.
  14. belarus

    Beans on a fry up

    Love scallops and the thought of a scallop and bacon roll has made me full to the tip. Having scallops and lettuce on a plate rules it out as a breakfast though, so it's fallen at the first. The £37 one can fuck off immediately, so for me it's the Italian gaff. Price is right and it's an actual breakfast. Would swap fried for normal toast though.