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  1. Agent Smith

    Iconic images of LFC

    That's the one thing that irks me about the picture. The photographer's focusing on the team and must know that if Milan don't score, they're all going to celebrate, but he doesn't get everyone in shot. Poor camera work.
  2. Agent Smith

    Our worst signings

    Don't forget (or do), Mark "Speedy" Gonzalez.
  3. Agent Smith

    Intelligence test

    Got all of them eventually. 28 was the toughest for me.
  4. Agent Smith

    Black people underrepresented as managers.

    Watched Cyrus Mehri on Sky Sports News and he made some good points. It's not about forcing the club to hire someone because he's black. It's about the interview process itself. For example, the F.A. could have a list of names with everyone's qualifications. When a job comes up they could send the club a list of qualified candidates and the club interview say 3-5 off the list added to the ones they have on their own shortlist. Even if the club go with one off their own list, the other candidates have experience for next time. And who knows, when they actually get a face to face meeting, they might impress enough to get the job or another position at the club, or the club might remember them for further down the line. If the whole interview process was handled better, it would be better for the clubs in the long run. And this isn't just a black thing, there's plenty of white would-be managers that don't get a shot when clubs go for the same old faces.
  5. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith....

    Everything's fine mate, thanks for asking. Still post on the darkside occasionally. Just don't have enough time anymore, damn family!
  6. Agent Smith

    England U21 Squad

    Based on yesterday's performance, Shelvey should start the next u21 game. Flanagan looked a bit nervous at first but grew into the game and Henderson looked assured all game. Dawson's a real handful at set pieces but defensively wasn't tested. His centre back partner Caulker looked a bit dodgy, maybe it was nerves. Wickham did nothing of note, although why Pearce moved him out wide, I've no idea. Sordell showed more in his brief spell as sub and should have scored; He's definitely one to keep an eye on.
  7. Agent Smith

    Summer 2011

    The club has done great work in this transfer window. Although I was sceptical about his role (maybe still am a bit), Comolli deserves a lot of credit. With Degen, Poulsen and probably N'gog to go out and Coates and a back up striker to come in, it would be perfect.
  8. Agent Smith

    Insua joins Sporting

    Not good enough for us, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck to the lad.
  9. Agent Smith

    Craig Bellamy

    As a back up striker, Bellamy's an improvement on N'gog. It's just whether or not he'll be a disruption in the dressing room. Kenny's got a good vibe going and I'd hate to see it ruined.
  10. Agent Smith

    Most disappointing signing

    Morientes, Kewell, Ziege, Gonzalez.
  11. Agent Smith

    Under 21s

    Indeed it is. Javi Martinez had a good game and Mata and Thiago showed some good touches but apart from that no one in the Spain team really stood out and that's the point, they all looked comfortable in possession so didnt have to do anything spectacular. The two main differences between the teams were that Spain kept the ball on the deck as much as possible and the distance of the passes was much shorter. When an England player got the ball all the attackers just fuck off up the field for an aerial pass. Even if he wanted to keep it on the floor he has to hit it harder because of the distance between each player. The ball takes more time to arrive to the next player and then the same thing happens to him. Still, it was a draw so we're just as good as them.
  12. Agent Smith

    Under 21s

    Watched both games yesterday. The Belarus v Iceland was a bit cagey, which is understandable as nobody wants to lose their opening game. Iceland were disappointing none of their "stars" did anything of note. The Belarus captain Sivakov looked a tidy player in central midfield. Maybe lacks pace but showed a good range of passing and never looked rushed. Looks like he's the metronome of the team. One to watch. Denmark v Switzerland was a better game. I think a draw would have been a fair result. Denmark's left back Boileson looked decent, a couple of good runs, a good cross and passed well. Wasn't really tested defensively though. The Swiss have a few good prospects coming through, Shaqiri being the obvious one. He's got good close control, a low centre of gravity and a good shot but needs to know when to use it. He had five or six shots from range in the first half and they were all wasted. Someone must have had a word at half time because the first chance he got second half, he feinted to shoot and drove into the box and was rewarded with a goal. Emeghara has skill and pace but looks very raw and their keeper made a couple of good saves to keep them ahead when Denmark were piling on the pressure.
  13. Agent Smith

    Matt Jarvis

    I'd rather he stayed at Wolves and performed well for another year. I fear he may turn out to be a one season wonder like Wayne Routledge. I'd much rather we went for Balázs Dzsudzsák at PSV.
  14. Agent Smith

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Leaving Las Vegas - 8/10. Cage's only performance I can tolerate. Good film, terrible soundtrack and incidental music. Sting's voice all of a sudden blaring out nearly kills it for me.
  15. Agent Smith

    Who do you think is the answer to our striking woes?

    I just mentioned his name in another thread. Edin Dzeko at Wolfsburg. He's tall, good in the air, can hold up the ball, good with either foot and isn't too slow for a big man. He'd be perfect for us.