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    Other football - 2020/21

    Dortmund being Dortmund, losing at home to Koln 1-2, all the while Bayern come from behind to beat Stuttgart 1-3.
  2. Haan'sThunderbolt

    VAR Thoughts?

    It could/should be a good thing - overturning 'shockers', etc However, when you're drawing lines for mm offside decisions, then the system is wrong. Other sports implement their systems well, and are transparent. No reason football can't do the same; and it seems to be better in other countries. We have a problem in this country, it's called Mike Riley.......
  3. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Nike deal

    I'm another for this; clean & simple. And green for the goalie top.....(yeah, I'm showing my age)
  4. Haan'sThunderbolt

    The GF's favourite sport - an OFFICIAL STUDY

    Ah yes, you mean Downhill MTB?? Not the XC version? Which is no were near as good.
  5. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Six Nations / Lions

    The ref who used to be a Kiwi, but is now an Aussie - how long before he's Welsh? He is abysmal, he 's been conning England for years, saying that, most refs do seem anti English. As expected, he got the scrum wrong...... 9/10 times I'd expect England to win, but I find it hard to accept a defeat like that, somethings not right.
  6. They obviously didn't expect Liverpool to take action, so decided they would..... Cretins!! Did Enrique or anybody complain about a tongue in cheek comment...
  7. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Other football

    Yes, and even had a goal disallowed in the first half, which Didi thought was harsh.
  8. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Road Cycling

    Have to agree about Phil Gil - I think he's probably based his whole season around this race, as he's had a poor season until la Vuelta, getting into form just at the right time.
  9. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Road Cycling

    The rumours seem to suggest they've outbid BMC. Makes sense really. Sky are now a GT team, and everything will be based around winning/ challenging for the Giro, Le Tour and Le Vuelta. Having Cav (and Eisel) is 2 less climbing domestiques. As for OPQS, they don't usually do anything after April, and the Classics campaign, built around Tommeke. Having quite a few of the HTC old guard already there will help - and winning stages in the GT's is his big motivation, and winning the Green jersey.
  10. Haan'sThunderbolt

    The '2012 London Olympics' Thread

    Excellent post!! Fully agree. Don't start me on Rallying..... For example, I've forgotten how good hockey is, I remember the 1984 GB bronze & 1988 Gold as well as the 1986 World Cup which was covered by the BBC - the players were household names. The BBC aren't meant to be about chasing ratings; surely covering minority sports are part of their remit. A lot of these sports need mainstream coverage - what will happen now after the games have finished? Back to obscurity..?? What about legacy?
  11. Haan'sThunderbolt

    EURO 2012

    This game reminds me slightly of the Quarter final in 1996 at Villa Park; Portugal with most of the pressure, and the Czechs nick a goal....
  12. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Anfield or New Anfield

    If a new stadium and naming rights is announced I’d feel really positive about the future. Maybe a refurbishment is the most practical/ sensible way to go – but isn’t that what has dragged the club back the last 20 years – going for the safe option? Somebody mentioned Liverpool’s YearZero – a fresh start, and everything that goes with it is probably what the club needs. For too long we’ve looked back – and instead of using it as a force for good, and being proactive, have wallowed in it and not progressed.
  13. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Jay Spearing - what are you?

    A great lad, who really tries, but surely isn't good enough at this level. And there's no crime in that - but shouldn't be getting picked.
  14. Haan'sThunderbolt

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Can't have a cricket thread without mentioning the start of the County season, yesterday. Lancashire start their defence next week at Aigburth.
  15. Haan'sThunderbolt


    So it's okay to push defenders over? Kuyt was pushed out the way.....
  16. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Today's Other Games

    Another dodgy injury time goal.........Happpens far too often for it not to be corrupt.
  17. Haan'sThunderbolt

    The RBS 6 Nations 2012 thread

    More anti English decisions from the refs and TMO....and England were the home team. Simply unbelievable..... As usual the Welsh are being small time.....as far as I'm concerned Wales didn't win. Cheating bastards..
  18. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Thomas Brolin - Second Worst EPL player ever

    Remember him from Italia '90, where I'm sure he scored against Brazil....good player who also shone at Euro '92 and USA '94..... Then he got injured.....
  19. Haan'sThunderbolt

    This sport

    Apart from following LFC, and even that is less than I used to, can' t be bothered with it. Rotten to the core, I try to ignore everything - in the papers, radio, tv. They've all got an agenda. And the latest agenda is to get LFC.....whilst the 'tin pot' club from down the East Lancs are made out as paragons of virtue....... And, I don't feel the game is straight, far too many dubious decisions for it to be 'good/bad luck'.....Almost as if it is scripted before the season starts. We've lost the game....despite what Sly Sports and their mates say.
  20. Absolutely!! And Sky and all the idiots in the media tell us the game has never been better..... Can a Provincial club ever win the PL/ CL ever again??? No..... When will fans wake up?? Same clubs year in, year out - how is that interesting or exciting??
  21. Haan'sThunderbolt

    CL Draw

    Why is anybody surprised – it’s got nothing to do with football/sport. All about $$£$£ and TV. It guarantees the same clique in the ¼ finals; Barca, Milan, Inter, Madrid, Munich, Chelski, Man Ure.. We can’t have ‘lesser’ teams spoiling it for them…
  22. Haan'sThunderbolt

    England vs India

    Aagh, stop it, I still have night mares about that series - so even beforehand, if anything, England were favourites, and contrived to lose the first Test at Headingley when only needing to bat 2/3 of the final day, collapsing after tea. From then it was all downhill, very quickly, with the nadir being the 5th Test at Trent Bridge, Australia 300+/0 at stumps on the first day. And using only 29 players...... However, it's a good comparison - I don't think I've ever seen a supposed top side capitulate so much (apart from numerous England teams); their level of fielding and fitness (or lack of) is a disgrace, and right out of the 1980's, most of them are carrying a bit, and double chinned. And we wonder why they suffer from injuries. Fletcher has got a huge job on his hands - too many egos in the India dressing room, and player power will mean he's toothless.
  23. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Tour 'de France

    A fantastic days cycling, Chapeau to Andy - to go that far out does take some guts - and Maxime Montfort got him down the descent of the Izoard, and pulled even more time out. Big effort from Cadel to close the gap from 4 to 2 mins - and was expecting the other top contenders to jump him in the final kms. Seeing Bertie 'pop' was a bit unexpected - but hasn't really been himself this Tour.
  24. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Tour 'de France

    They're like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee - absolutely hopeless!! Same as at L-B-L...in April. Why on earth didn't they attack Bertie last week when he wasn't 100% fit? They've let him back in - and have revealed a huge weakness - descending. Whose to say both Evans & Bertie won't attack before the summit, and descend like madmen - the Schlecks won't be able to go with them. The next 3 days in the Alps will be fantastic......hoping Evans can do it.
  25. Haan'sThunderbolt

    Tour 'de France

    Can't disagree with any of that. Also, GB tended to have a preference for the track, as opposed to the road, whereas in Europe, it's the opposite. As for the Brits; Ben Swift is a sprinter, and may become a classics man - the same as Geraint Thomas, who won the junior version of Paris-Roubaix, there is also young Manxman Peter Kennaugh, who does seem if he can climb. I would like to see the media realise there is more to cycling than 3 weeks in July - the other 2 Grand Tours, as well as the Classics: Ronde Van Vlaanderan, Paris-Roubaix, Fleche-Wallone, Amstel Gold, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, etc