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    "He's having a holocaust"

    Only just seen this: Sky Sports apologise after ex-referee Dermot Gallagher makes 'Holocaust' reference - News & Comment - Football - The Independent Worse than Cascarino's remarks imo. Apparently when asked about it last week he denied it ever happened...
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    Classic Video Games You Miss

    The Sega Channel was a big fuck off cartridge which was permanently hooked to your cable box and you could download fifty different games per month. Was boss for discovering 'off radar' games which you'd never play otherwise (Aerobiz Supersonic was bummed on a regular basis) and made all the other cartridges we owned redundant. Given this was the mid 90s it was pretty much ahead of its time.
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    Getting a book published

    Without wishing to come across overly cuntish, how can you complete a degree in journalism and be so shorn of contacts as to seek this advice on a football forum? I'm a thick cunt who never went to uni but even I know that UK publishing apes the US to the extent that unless you self-publish - or are scouted - then your masterpiece will be gestating for some time yet. You're welcome.
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    Classic Video Games You Miss

    Was it on early before school and presented by Dominik Diamond? Can vaguely remember a show on Sky One which was scandalously similar to Gamesmaster and presented by DD but it might not be the one you're referring to.
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    Classic Video Games You Miss

    Aye, Mega Drive controllers were the tits. My cousin had a Master System (the one with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in) and it had this mystique because we never owned one but in hindsight that console was a piece of shit compared to the NES. Sega and Nintendo ruled hard but Disney made some belting games in the early-mid 90s too: Castle of Illusion, Aladdin, Quackshot, The Lion King and my favourite Mickey Mania.
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    Classic Video Games You Miss

    Mario or Sonic? When I got a PSP years ago and had them all at my fingertips to revisit, gotta say Mario hadn't aged very well at all but when I fired up Sonic 2 I did a great big nostalgia in my pants.
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    New to here

    Jamie you slag
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    New to here

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    Classic Video Games You Miss

    That's boss. I'm 26 and was lucky growing up because my da was bang into his computer games so I inherited an Amiga and we always had a shit hot gaming PC but the Mega Drive was my true love, I even had the Sega Channel (to this day I've never met a single person who had that). Speaking of the Sonics, I never realised - until his death - that Michael Jackson composed the music for Sonic 3. I remember I used to play through to Ice Cap Zone and just leave it playing in the background on a loop because I loved that track (way back in 2000 when I first downloaded Radiohead's Idioteque from Napster my initial reaction wasn't "wow, what an amazing track" but "hey, that's Sonic 3!"). Props to the paedo, this is an incredible piece of music: [YOUTUBE]hYxlqTpZ-24[/YOUTUBE] I stopped 'hardcore gaming' myself from about 17 until only a couple of years ago and have to admit the current gen has been a bag of shite.
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    Oldham away match thread

    cool story bro
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    Classic Video Games You Miss

    Congratulations Mike D, you appear to have had my childhood. Videogame music was way better back then, someone's already posted Lotus Turbo Challenge II but anyone else hear these and get all nostalgic: [YOUTUBE]x3KfXlJ3eGk[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]IGzS1k_0EhM[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]9yAGv-SkQMo[/YOUTUBE] The Lethal Weapon Amiga soundtrack is my second favourite game soundtrack OF ALL TIME (after Spyro).
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    Shed Seven

    *burns Secret Santa CD*
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    Niall Range

    If this is true then the kid's got some stones: that there is Titus Bramble's patch and you'd have to fancy T-Bram's mong strength in a territorial throwdown. Seriously though, are women in the northeast just easier to rape? Legacy of being smashed by the vikings and secretly enjoying it I reckon...
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    Converse Trainees

    Worn by birds, quegs and (meffy) students.
  15. chauncey

    Blow job

    Me neither, it really grates for some reason (soz Remmie). Getting a chew isn't a treat: it's a goddamn birthright.
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    Rep Report

    Collateral neg coming your way.
  17. chauncey

    Football Manager 2013

    Agreed. The handheld version's been well better for years (and free).
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    Israeli female soldiers

    Boss tags.
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    Rep Report

    Code - 8 davelfc - 6 Goffraidh - 5 Wor Horse - 5 Agt Provocateur - 5 Lurtz - 12 stringvest - 10 Anubis - 8 Carvalho Diablo - 8 Strontium Dog - 7
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    Films that are so bad theyre actually good

    Haha I'm actually going to that. Trying to get an interview with the man himself as well - it's for radio but I'll throw it up on Youtube all being well. This man made the Citizen Kane of bad cinema ffs!
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    Films that are so bad theyre actually good

    The Room (2003) Has to be seen to be believed. But if you can't be arsed then the Nostalgia Critic watched it so you don't have to! Seriously, this review is well worth 28 minutes of your time... gsgIq7cxhJk