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  1. Seriously? Apartheid? Oppression on the base of race I can accept but Apartheid? I don't think so. You are crossing the line between upset and hysterical.
  2. Is it compulsory or can I just leave it to the bleeding heart Support-your-in-vogue-terrorist brigade?
  3. Well you can say that but other people may think that a GD of 1871 is a damn fine record (that is Gazan Difference in case anyone is confusing it with an abbreviation used in a sport close to everyones heart)
  4. So the Palestinians are Arabs are they Skid? In your narrow minded ignorant and blinkered exiatence Palestinians are Arabs? You complete retard. The Arabs don't think they are Arabs. The Israelis don/t think they are Arabs. The Palestininians don't think they are Arabs. But you want to make a point on the basis that you think they are Arabs........ God save us.....
  5. But clearly you are just a Jew hatinf prick. Not because they have done anything in particular - but just because they are Jews. Blah blah vlah you all screech in horror - just go back and read the posts.
  6. We didn't have too much of an issue with it after Dresden and the Dam Busting raids did we?
  7. According to worldbank 2010 figures Germany was way lower at 55% (UK & US 85% France 89% and Japan 175% - but they've been fucked for decades)
  8. I came out 50-50 Labour - Lib Dem but didn't feel comfortable with any of the choices I had to make. Most interesting was that my constituency, one of the strongest Labour seats in the country had the Greens ahead of Labour (23% v 21%) from 185 people who had completed the survey.If I had a tenner I would be willing to wager this is not reflected at the next election.
  9. I've got family out there and through them have met many of their expat friends. Everyone of them speak fluent Spanish and most of them also speak Catalan. There are some who even speak a more obscure regional dialect/language. I suspect the difference is that the size of the expat community is not large enough to create an angliscised "ghetto" where they can secure all the services they need without the need to learn the language. Some I know well and they definitely see themselves as part Spanish. How the Spanish see them I don't know.
  10. Feel free to bring light where there is darkness.
  11. Except that if you had been murdered by that violent strong arm ruler in old Iraq you never got to participate in that debate. I am sure nearly every one of them would choose to be alive in the new Iraq than dead in the old Iraq.
  12. And the starving to death of about 20 million of his own people.
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