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    Midfield creativity

    Great post.
  2. coachpotato

    Midfield creativity

    It was all working when Virg and Joe were fit and Salah, Mane and Firmino were putting away the chances. Defensively we have been less effective at pushing the play further up the pitch due to having less pace in the centre, but apart from Villa and City, we haven’t conceded that many goals more than I thought we might. We have been dominating possession in most games, but the big problem for me has been the difference between shots taken and shots converted. We don’t convert nearly enough at the moment and, as last night showed, miss relatively easy chances that many other teams seem to convert at the other end. It’s true that the contribution from midfield in terms of goals is dire, however we weren’t relying on that previously and teams are happier now sitting and cluttering up the centre of the park with bodies which leads to more shots blocked, but our midfield could do with assisting more. There was a point last night where one of the commentators mentioned we were working the ball well down the left side but “ there’s nobody in the box”, which spoke volumes about where our strikers and midfielders weren’t. Maybe with VVD back we’ll see that change in dynamic which is missing and Thiago showing us what he was presumably bought for, but I’ve felt for some time we need a striker, as opposed to very good forwards, to give us that sharpness and anticipation in the box. Its the chances we’ve been missing that has cost us dear this season, and they all could do with some shooting practice as well.
  3. Cheerio Champions League, hope to see you again soon.
  4. Got us at arms length here, we’re so easy to play against for good teams, as said earlier we’re good, but not that good. Hard to imagine that 12 months ago nobody wanted to play against us.
  5. Can handball gives City a penalty.
  6. Same situation as at kick off. But 45 minutes fewer to get the result we want. Should be well in front with the chances we’ve had, unfortunately our forwards seem to need at least three chances to score one goal, at this level it’s not good enough, and I still have the feeling that Madrid would up their game if we get near to taking the result. Perversely enough, if we were, by some piece of the magic, to get 2-0 up then the later the better for Madrid to get back in to it. Think it’s going to be a frustrating night though, we have had the best chances and haven’t delivered.
  7. Do we even practise shooting?? Fuck me.
  8. Benzema would have a fucking field day with those crosses from Trent, we don’t have anyone on the pitch capable of anticipating them, maybe Jota later on?
  9. This is going to take an individual piece of brilliance to score against them, they’re far too savvy for us.
  10. Turning into last weeks game this, after a decent start as well.
  11. Final pass/cross is abysmal.
  12. Sometimes it’s not the ones you score, but the ones you miss that matter. Bad miss by Salah, loads of space to roll it past Courtois. Thankfully there’s plenty of time to make amends. Good start though.
  13. No, I’m coachpotato. Perhaps instead of churlish I should have said unintelligent, which you plainly aren’t!
  14. Dickheads are Dickheads regardless of colour, creed or religion. Every club has them, even us, and to deny that is being churlish.
  15. 27 times in our history we’ve won 2-0 at Anfield in European games. Go on then Reds, make it 28.
  16. coachpotato

    Other football - 2020/21

    Have to say there’s some world class simulation (shithousery?) in the PSG game, can’t believe that they don’t practise doing it given how finely honed it is. We have a lot to learn still.
  17. Early goal imperative. Plants that doubt in the mind that did Barcelona in, Real will know then that we are only one away from going through. Problem being, as it was against Barcelona, we can’t afford to concede one either. I was much more confident about us keeping a clean sheet against Barcelona than I am against Real. However, there aren’t many around that do what we have done in turning around games over two legs, or in a half come to think of it. Never say never was made for us.
  18. coachpotato

    VAR Thoughts?

    Done. Basically said simplify it or scrap it. If there’s a definite gap between the last defenders back foot and the leading attackers back foot, meaning the attacker is forward of the defender, when the ball is played forward, then the attacker is offside. If not he’s onside. It is called FOOTball after all. As for late tackles, dangerous play, etc. then let the ref’s decision stand. Isn’t that how it used to be?
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    Sadio Mane

    This season has unfortunately become riddled with theories and suggestions we would never have believed possible a year ago, and it’s because of the series of unfortunate circumstances that started with the COVID-19 pandemic and that has continued through various injuries, loss of form etc etc you all know the script by now. Every player has been adversely affected and even the Manager, with his Mum dying and the general situation likely testing his empathetic nature, seems to have had uncharacteristic moments of tetchiness and questionable decision making. Its so frustrating, particularly after the successes of the last two seasons, that we seem to have to find answers or reasons why it has gone shit shaped, and yet perhaps it is just that in our case, this is the effect it’s had on our team and there are no answers to find, it might be just how it is. The whole world has been changed, is it any surprise that there’s been an effect on our team. and that in our case it just has to have been negative? They’ve played brilliantly well, at a high tempo, for three seasons and at a point where they win the “holy grail” the joy is taken from them by a pandemic. No chance to celebrate it properly with the fans, or their families where they come from, people calling their massive success “tainted”, so how would you feel in the same position? The deflation they must have felt would be massive and how do you pick yourself up after that? I don’t believe for a minute any of the players are happy with where we are, or how they’re playing, and neither will the manager and his staff be happy. Maybe, with this season going into its final phase, we should accept how it has been and give all the players and staff a free pass, and expect a change for next season when they will hopefully have the chance to reset, recharge and come back stronger. The owners should ensure that whatever it takes will be granted to get us competing again for their franchise to give them the returns they desire, because a second season like this will dent their profitability dangerously and, being the clever businessmen they are, they should know that.
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    Real Madrid - Champions League (A) 6/4/21 - 20:00

    The only positives were an away goal and we at least kept some semblance of possession in the second half. Don’t like to say too much against individual players, but I have to say Trent was awful defensively, their third was preventable had he gone with Vinicius or let Phillips know where he was, but he did neither and that plus his header back for the second showed why he still has a lot to learn. Kabak and Phillips did remarkably well considering how the rest of the team played, but our consistency is gone, too many times we’ve seemingly turned a corner only to play utter shite in the next game. I’m with everyone who thinks Keita is done, but why he was brought in for this game in the first place baffles me, seriously. Sadio is going into dangerous territory regarding poor performances and I really hope he turns his form around soon, he offered next to nothing tonight other than to hit the floor far too often, and yes he was fouled a couple of times, but if you can’t dive well, don’t dive at all. Sorely missing Jordan in midfield, Wijnaldum hardly put a ball forward all night and Fabinho had, for him, a very average game, Thiago hasn’t been overly effective up to now but with Fab and Hendo in there, we might see him play like the player he’s been bought for. Sadly that might not be this season though. Is this still winnable? Of course it is, but we’re not good enough to keep them out I fear and so will need to score 3 or 4 next week, which isn’t likely to happen on current form.
  21. coachpotato

    Real Madrid - Champions League (A) 6/4/21 - 20:00

    Arsenal really are poor aren’t they. Well looking at the team in Red out there how the fuck did they beat anyone last Saturday? They’ve been targeting our right side from kick off. I think most teams believe that Trent is weak defensively and it seems they’re right. Brilliant going forwards maybe, but he is suspect and good teams find him out. He’s had no support from Keita or Salah so either they’ve been told to not cover back or they’re not bothered, but both goals didn’t come from them not covering so maybe it’s a moot point. We sure as hell can’t afford to concede another, and we have to score at least one to give us a chance at home. Just can’t see either happening as it stands.
  22. coachpotato

    Nathaniel Phillips

    The lad’s not a World class centre back, we all know that, but he’s looking a very capable and more consistent centre back than Lovren and he’s very good in the air, which is a real bonus against grock teams that rely on corners and free kicks to steal points against us. It’ll be a big step up against Benzema on Tuesday, but he and Kabak are what we have and we’ll have to hope that the lads get well protected from midfield. It’ll help if our esteemed forwards weigh in with a few goals too, as I think Real might collapse if we stuck a couple past them.
  23. “I’m staying” Because Salah is going. (Puts on tin hat and takes cover.)
  24. coachpotato

    Will we win the Champions League this season?

    If Carlsberg did the finish to football seasons........ Hope it’s not just a dream mind.
  25. coachpotato

    Will we win the Champions League this season?

    I would never write us off completely at this stage in a competition, especially the Champions League. Unless we were 0-3 down at half time. What??