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    RIP Peter Robinson

    https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/lfc-saddened-passing-peter-robinson Robinson was a pivotal behind-the-scenes figure at Anfield throughout a 35-year spell, which began shortly before the Reds’ first FA Cup triumph in 1965, when he joined as club secretary following jobs at Stockport County, Crewe Alexandra, Scunthorpe United and Brighton & Hove Albion. In close and constructive partnership with chairman John Smith, he oversaw a modernisation of the club’s administrative operations with the objective of freeing managers to focus on their top priority: winning on the pitch. He and Smith were closely involved in player recruitment during an era when the Reds repeatedly achieved masterstrokes in the transfer market. And the pair drove forward improvements at Anfield, including a new Main Stand and floodlighting – under which so many special nights would unfold – in the early 1970s. It was a set-up that helped to deliver overwhelming success as Liverpool became a dominant force – and trophy-gathering machine – first at home and then on the continent. Robinson provided invaluable support and built the infrastructure around all the managers he worked alongside, from Bill Shankly in his earliest days at the club to Gerard Houllier, with whom he was friends and key in bringing the Frenchman to the club in 1998. Peter had changed roles in 1992, taking up the position of chief executive amid a transformational period for the game – one in which he was particularly influential, sealing the first ever shirt sponsorship deal for the Reds and negotiating television rights deals. He was also instrumental in the construction of the club’s Academy base in Kirkby. Always preferring to avoid the spotlight, he was nevertheless one of the most respected and admired people in the sport. By the time of his departure in 2000, Liverpool had lifted 29 major trophies during his tenure, including 12 league championships and four European Cups. “I have had the opportunity to work away from Liverpool Football Club but I have certainly never had the desire,” he once said. Robinson passed away on Wednesday morning and the thoughts of everyone at Liverpool FC are with his family and friends at this difficult time Sad day RIP
  2. House of Dirk

    RIP Peter Robinson

    Indeed. I remember that same article. At least he got 6 and 7 as well as number 20 in for good measure.
  3. House of Dirk

    Boris Johnson

    He could do that and still have shagged the corpse of Prince Philip and cunts would still vote for him.
  4. Not the first or last player here or anywhere to have done that.
  5. You could apply this logic to anyone from any walk of life with an instagram account
  6. House of Dirk

    Boris Johnson

    Starmer needs to be more than the fart that doesnt smell today.
  7. They are, after all, the fart that doesnt smell.
  8. House of Dirk

    Leeds game off

    Vaccination/booster take up at Leeds is high, not that means immunity of course https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/health/leeds-united-players-and-staff-got-vaccinated-after-family-tragedy-reports-3502686
  9. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I'd Alfie Inge Haaland the cunt.
  10. House of Dirk

    Boris Johnson

    Wonder if there is another 'funded' trip to Mustique on the cards so that Carrie's Magic Minge can pop out another sprog by September.
  11. House of Dirk

    Boris Johnson

    This could be down to the surge in people requesting tests as they have run out in most places, and more tests than normal being returned. Not trying to discount the impact of the new variant. I guess the number of tests will dip because of people not being able to get any and Christmas.
  12. House of Dirk

    Favourite Forum Insults

    A post I still cant read without gasping for air and deserves a place in the Hall of Fame thread in its own right. Whilst it's more descriptive rather than a direct insult,'chaircrushing human greasegun' , it is poetry that Keats and Wordsworth would have wanted to write.
  13. House of Dirk

    FA Cup 2021/22

    They are obliged to draw the lowest ranked team at home in any competition they are in. Happens a lot with City too. Happily wanking off the series of league cup wins when they tonk Burton 10-0 on agg in the semi finals whilst we get drawn away to the Avengers early doors.
  14. House of Dirk

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Alternate timeline Hodgson ?
  15. His name has cropped up here and there but since the dry bumming at the Toilet, the focus has been on the Goblin
  16. Its amazing how you can have the likes of the Goblin and Boris Johnson shitting the bed each week and remaining in post. Obviously I suport the Goblin remaining but the shagging blonde haystack can go fuck himself.
  17. House of Dirk

    Charlie Adam

    Part of a Brexit midfield before that dead pig fucker Cameron decided to settle his playground feud in Europe. Cunt.
  18. House of Dirk

    Car bomb at the women’s hospital

    Thank fuck they ended up being locked in the car. If theres one thing we can agree on, its that and that they never got into the building.
  19. House of Dirk

    Boris Johnson

  20. Agreed. The Villa job is almost like the practical element of the recruitment process for coming to us.
  21. House of Dirk

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Or Fri-yay Special place in hell