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  1. House of Dirk

    FA Cup 2021/22

    They are obliged to draw the lowest ranked team at home in any competition they are in. Happens a lot with City too. Happily wanking off the series of league cup wins when they tonk Burton 10-0 on agg in the semi finals whilst we get drawn away to the Avengers early doors.
  2. House of Dirk

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Alternate timeline Hodgson ?
  3. His name has cropped up here and there but since the dry bumming at the Toilet, the focus has been on the Goblin
  4. Its amazing how you can have the likes of the Goblin and Boris Johnson shitting the bed each week and remaining in post. Obviously I suport the Goblin remaining but the shagging blonde haystack can go fuck himself.
  5. House of Dirk

    Charlie Adam

    Part of a Brexit midfield before that dead pig fucker Cameron decided to settle his playground feud in Europe. Cunt.
  6. House of Dirk

    Car bomb at the women’s hospital

    Thank fuck they ended up being locked in the car. If theres one thing we can agree on, its that and that they never got into the building.
  7. House of Dirk

    Boris Johnson

  8. Agreed. The Villa job is almost like the practical element of the recruitment process for coming to us.
  9. House of Dirk

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Or Fri-yay Special place in hell
  10. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    No sign of Leadsome since this either, although she has plenty of dalmations to look after. Gove and Patel are quiet because they are in the skin shedding stage of their respective cycles.
  11. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    George Eustice on Marr attempting to justify the position before the U Turn. Arrogant, former UKIP, flag shagging thundercunting skidmark of a man.
  12. House of Dirk

    Alex Ferguson

    As long as Slur hangs around like bad body odour, they are not going to do anything. Just being as visible as he is undermines the managers position. Also helps that they keep bringing in shite.
  13. House of Dirk

    Neil Ruddock

    Ruddock breaks more chairs than Durango
  14. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    The deflection too. Basically if you are defending the immigrants on the dinghy, you are supporting the people trafficking operation behind it. It beggars belief.
  15. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I never claimed to be perfect but if I am a disgrace, you are a walking, talking glory hole. And thats me being kind. Anyway, I am disengaging with you now. There is far bigger stuff going on right now and its a difficult position hijacking this thread with a two year old spat. You are blocked, you will be ignored and you will no do doubt continue to stalk me. Perhaps you will get bored, perhaps you won't, but you will not be a barrier to me following my football club in any way I choose. You are simply not worth my time.
  16. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    You didnt put me in any, how you say, 'mental torture chamber', not the likes of a punk arse kid like you. No, you dont get to get to take that credit. You didnt give me five years of depression and PTSD. That was down to three years of nursing my sister through a brain aneurysm, who had no sense of what day of the week it was until she went into residential care and then two years nursing my mother with illness and covid until her passing last year. Thats what real life does to you, not being trolled and stalked by belligerent little cunt fucks on the internet. Why am I here ? Its none of your fucking business. I 'm a supporter of this club. You dont get a say in it.
  17. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Just so you get the message, I did understand, I was just being flippant. You will not be getting any gotcha moments here, that you can be rest assured of.
  18. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    So Angela Rayner has now stabbed somebody if I just read the posts here ? Ok then.
  19. House of Dirk

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    And we are passed the aggressive face rubbing stage
  20. House of Dirk


    Just a little fix
  21. House of Dirk

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    But its our heads falling off
  22. House of Dirk

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Halloween thread too, given its October.
  23. House of Dirk

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    And it will be all Jeremy Corbyns fault.