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    But you have nothing to go on with these young kids going on loan, because you would not have seen them playing before the loan to know what their standards were. How much had you, or any of us, seen of Walker, Cleverly, Bannan or Coleman etc before their loans to the Championship? I reckon not a lot if at all, so how can you say that they didn't improve? What we do know is that they weren't playing regularly in the Prem before their loans, but following their loans they were, and to a decent standard, no doubt helped by their experience gained the season before, and that is the best evidence we have. The fact that it may not have been with their parent club is not the point, because their next loan was another step in their development, and their performances during their time in the Championship would have helped secure their loans in the Prem. Do you think Ferguson would send Cleverly to Watford if it wasn't going to not only improve the player, but be of benefit to Utd as well? Perhaps after this loan if he plays well enough, a Prem team will be prepared to take a punt on Shelvey to take him on another loan, but that is unlikely to happen until they have seen him playing competitive football. Do you think it is easy to find a team in the Prem to loan a player to where they are going to get the games to make it worthwhile? How many young players have had loans to a Prem side where they have had a decent number of games without being loaned to a lower league before hand? Off the top of my head I can think of Sturridge who was already 21 and had 30-40 Prem games under his belt and Wilshere who has been regarded for a number of years now as Englands most promising young player. So which teams in the Prem do we realistically think would be prepared to take a risk on Shelvey on loan where he will get a decent amount of playing time? Training with better players does not fully prepare young players for competitive football. The extra effort and intensity that is put in by all involved, having a phsical battle with someone bigger and stronger than them, the split second decision making under pressure, the pressure of playing in front of big crowds, the knowledge of what is required to play 90 minutes of high pressure football week in week out, knowing when to pass and what pass to make in a match situation. Things like that and the confidence they can bring are learnt through match experience. Also, people learn from their mistakes, and younger players are more likely to make mistakes, so at least the mistakes they are learning from are not in the spotlight and the pressure of the Premier League, and where their mistakes are less likely to be punished. And one final thing, even if he does not make it here and we decide to sell, he is at least getting in the shop window and we are likely to be able to get a higher transfer fee for him than we would if he had not been out on loan.
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    Hahahahahahaha! I'll take the bait. Well you state that "He will not improve much in the Championship if anything at all.", your proof being that "How many players have really improved after a loan spell in the Championship?" A number of people have mentioned a number of players that have been loaned to the Championship, and have improved becasue of it. The fact the some of those have since been loaned to the Premiership does not discredit that arguement, it infact strengthens it, as in all likelihood they were able to get the loans to the Prem following their succesful loan in the Championship. So its quite clear how a number of us have had the teremity to suggest you are wrong. Then there is also Seeing that he has played one game, and stood out in it, regardless of whether the loan improves him or not, you're wrong on the bolded part already. That's a bit like getting bowled out first ball.
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    The Cleverly who won Watford's Player of the Season award whilst on loan the year before going to Wigan. Stop wasting all our time.
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    Seamus Coleman, Barry Bannan and Shawcross are some of the younger guys who it helped relatively recently
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    Caroline Wozniacki

    It gets worse Wozzilroy - Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki nickname | Mail Online
  6. The Woolster

    Boardwalk Empire

    I wouldn't say the sex put me off, but it was completely unnecessary and just did not fit in with the story line or the type of programme it is. I'm waiting for Omar to play a bigger role as well (he will always be Omar to me, a man gotta have code)
  7. The Woolster

    The remarkable life and times of Craig Johnston

    I remember seeing a thing on tv years ago, can't remember if it just a section on Football Focus or the like, or an actual documentary, but it was how he came about inventing / designing the Predator footy boots, which I hadn't raelised until I had seen it. He's a man of many talents.
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    Nextgen vs Wolfsburg

    Anyone think some of the lads are struggling with the pressure of playing in front of a big crowd (for them)? Been a bit dissapointing in both home games so far, and then there was the Utd youth cup game last season.
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    Don't come to the GF very often, but what happened with the pub job you was putting a menu together for?
  10. The Woolster

    Celluloid Giants

    Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. I would say that he is the most terrible, and terrifying killing machine in film history, William Mundy would get a cattle gun in the head. Jack Nicholson in most things, particularly as Jack in The Shining Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface Pesci in Goodfellas Brando in Apoclypse Now Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper in that scene in True Romance were superb. Can Hal in A Space Odessey count?
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    Outstanding line up of TV this autumn

    When is breaking bad on?
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    Groupon suggestions

    Just got 10 day passes for LA Fitness for £18. Bargain. What about something like British Military Fitness? Family days out is defo a good idea, something like Alton Towers family ticket. Now that school has started again they will be a bit quieter and possibly more open to the idea.
  13. I wouldn't say a particularly interesting article, but good to see Robbie's still got his enthusiasm. BBC News - Thai football club hopes for Fowler power Thai football club hopes for Fowler powerBy Guy Delauney "Fowler to United." Even in a summer of intriguing transfers, this was one move which was bound to raise eyebrows. But when the United in question turned out to be Muang Thong rather than Manchester, heads were scratched, brows furrowed and Wikipedia hurriedly consulted. Robbie Fowler is one of the most prolific strikers of the past 20 years, standing at number four on the list of the English Premier League's all-time leading goal-scorers. Almost 200 goals came over two spells at Liverpool - and there were dozens more for Leeds United and Manchester City. But now, nearing the end of his playing career, his latest move finds him in Thailand's Premier League. "I just love playing," says Fowler, 36, sitting barefoot in his yellow training kit at the back of the main stand of the Yamaha Stadium on the outskirts of Bangkok. "I've always loved the game, regardless of where I've been. And it's the same here in Thailand - I thought: Why not give it a shot? The kids will enjoy it when they come over here, and I certainly will." "I'm seeing new things in my life other than football, which I might never have seen." Pulling Power Thailand is far from the most obvious destination for a striker still deified by Liverpool fans who, to this day, refer to him by the simple nickname "God". Ambitious, developing leagues from the United States to the United Arab Emirates offer star names of a certain age lucrative contracts to add a little of their quality - and pulling power. Fowler himself played two seasons in Australia's A-League. But Thailand has never been known for big-money deals nor, indeed, the quality of its football. The national side has never qualified for the World Cup, and slipped as low as 137th in FIFA's rankings as recently as 2006. Meanwhile the domestic competitions and the clubs which compete in them have long suffered from widespread apathy because of Thai fans' enthusiasm for the English Premier League. But things are changing in Thai football - and Muang Thong United are at the vanguard. They were languishing in the second division as recently as four years ago. But following successive promotions, the club won Thailand's premier league in each of the past two seasons, regularly drawing crowds of more than 10,000. Bringing in foreign expertise has been part of the game plan: First came coaching staff - including the current head coach Henrique Calisto, a Portuguese veteran poached from Vietnam's national side. Players followed, including another with English Premier League experience - the former Fulham defender and Bradford City captain Zesh Rehman. "The first thing that's evident is the passion for football - it's immense," says Rehman. "Once you come and see it for yourself, it opens your eyes." "When you see people trying to develop their game and drag it up to the next level, and they want you to be a part of that, for me that's a privilege." For the other English player on Muang Thong's books, Thailand presents an opportunity for a fresh start. By his own admission, 21-year-old winger Romone Rose did not make the grade at Queens Park Rangers - but he thinks playing in Thailand will help to improve his prospects. "Instead of dropping down the leagues in England you can come somewhere else," says Rose. "The standard of football here is somewhere between the [English] Championship and Premiership - it's a lot better for me than playing in League One or League Two." Cost covered All of this is music to the ears of Muang Thong's genial general manager, Ronnarit Seu-vaja. He says his club are on a mission to pull Thailand into the elite level of Asian football, alongside Japan and South Korea. And he believes that signing Robbie Fowler will help them on several levels. Most obviously, there is box office appeal. With so many Liverpool fans in Thailand, covering the striker's financial demands was never likely to be an issue. "We sold 10,000 Robbie Fowler jerseys in the week after he signed," grins Mr Seu-vaja. He hopes that having a senior professional on the books who has played at the highest levels in Europe will provide an inspiring - and educational - example to the young Thai players who make up the bulk of Muang Thong's squad. But it seems that the former Liverpool favourite's contacts book was perhaps the greatest prize. "We now have more connections with European football, particularly in England," he said. "He has contacted many professionals who could come and work in Thailand - fitness coaches, physios or even players who didn't have knowledge of Thai football before. So we're going to gain a lot of returns from Robbie Fowler." For Fowler himself, an adventure in Thailand is a chance to keep playing and - as he puts it - "to win something for once". "I still want to score goals," he says. "It sounds stupid, but I still want to be the best - although I know that's never going to be the case now." "But I still have ambitions - I still want to win things - and I'm certainly not coming over here just for a holiday, because I want to do well for myself as well." With the Thai Premier League entering its final stretch, that is great news for Muang Thong United fans - but not so good for their opponents.
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    Groupon suggestions

    A mate got a cheap deal for 5-a-side footy with Power League recently Last week I got a boiler service for £39 I'm in London Another mate in Derby got a Zorbing experience type thing.
  15. The Woolster

    Caroline Wozniacki

    What the fuck! She's dating that ugly Manc Mcllroy!!
  16. The Woolster

    Jordan Henderson - what are you?

    Perhaps he's the next Beckham!
  17. Very happy about this. I hope Stevie gives him set pieces though, the crossed ones anyway. Will be worth 3 or 4 goals easy for Carroll As long as the Downing move comes off, then I think all we will need is a quality left back (not sure that is Enrique though), and we will be fine for top 4. We will actually have a strong squad then and our bench won't make me feel scared when it gets shown before a games starts. For a proper title challenge, I do think we need another game changer (eg Mata/Hazard) who can play in a forward 3 or on the wing if needed, then we will be able to rotate, cover for injuries, and have the options we need. Then add a quality CB who will hopefully be a clear first choice and not just added competition (dunno who), and maybe a 4th choice striker, just in case of injuries, but they just need to be decent, not top class, and our summer will have been as good as it could realistically get. Even if we were just to get another winger, in addition to Downing, who isn't top class but can do a job when called upon (so not first XI) and give us options for 442 if we wanted (ideally an N'zogbia type, but maybe a Jarvis), a CB who is not stand out but is added competition (say a Dann type), then the summer will still have been really good. I'm very optimistic now. There is plenty of time to get the 3 or 4 transfers we need, the quality winger/attacker and LB will be key though.
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    Glastonbury 2011

    Just seen a tweet saying that Janelle Monae has the biggest rise in sales over the weekend at 5000%. I may well be increasing her sales further, thought she was awesome
  19. The Woolster

    your best festival?

    Sziget in Budapest is Awesome. It is twice the size of Glastonbury I think (about 400k people), and lasts a full week. Due to the size there is so much going on and a massive mix of music to enjoy. I've not been to Glasto, have been to V festival and Bestival recently and a few others back in the day, and whilst they were really good (particularly Bestival), Sziget was a hell of a lot better, can't recommend it highly enough. Budapest in the summer is a great place to be. It is about takes about 30 minutes to get there from central Budapest, so if you are so inclined you don't have to sleep in a tent either. I know for many that is half the fun, but it is great to have a bed to sleep in, a proper shower, and a nice breaksfast after the the first couple of days. Its relatively cheap (couple of quid for a beer even in the festival), food is great, and then there are the thermal spas to enjoy. As the site is used all year by the general public there are proper toilets / facilities as well.
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    I went to a half term soccer school at Arsenal when I was a kid, and they had Jimmy come in to help us with a bit of coaching. He wasn't very impressive
  21. The Woolster

    FIFA U17 World Cup

    Was gonna say the same thing, watching this on Eurosport HD, and I know its in Mexico, but from the footage I've seen from yesteryear, Mexico 1970 had a better picture quality!
  22. The Woolster

    Summer 2011

    54 pages for me. I think that makes me a Master of the Universe.
  23. The Woolster

    Summer 2011

    Don't see the point of buying Wickham when we have Morgan and Ngoo who are about the same age, so he will just be blocking them. He may well be better than them at this point, but not significantly. And its not like Suarez and Carroll are so old that they will need replacing soon either. If we are after a striker would prefer some experience, and a bit cheaper as they will just be back up. Klose is on a free I think, Carroll could learn a lot from someone like him
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    Summer 2011

    Barnes (Watford), Beardlsey (Newcastle), Aldridge (Oxford), and Houghton (Oxford) didn't turn out too badly.
  25. The Woolster

    Summer 2011

    I don't think it was an option for us from what I remember reading. It was in place as a carrot to him, prove you are good enough and play 20 odd games, and you get the extension. So the option is with him. Anyway, I am sure that a Greek side would be interested, especially with Liverpool on his CV, and this way we could get a small fee for him. Every little helps.