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  1. I thought he was a decent player at the start. Don't know how he got so bad.
  2. Love the man. Always get in arguments with people who give him grief. Even if you think he should've been sacked don't go on about cos you'll be a cunt talking shit about the King.
  3. Doesn't Mascherano deny that? I'd believe him over rats like Hodgson or Purslow. They wanted rid and would've done anything to make it look like it was all his fault he was going, not the fact they wanted the money to off Yank debt. Cunts.
  4. Heskey the whole of 2000/2001. No one really talks about how good he was that season cos he's been shit at every club after Liverpool. Carra at left back the whole of that season too. Unbelievable defensively except for getting turned inside out by Contra in the final.
  5. Something close to that. I want Henderson to play nearly every game. Need his workrate.
  6. Obviously i want us to sign class players, Russ. That's why i think this summer has been shit. I hardly go to Anfield hoping to see players who aren't good enough. IMO Ilori doesn't look better than any centre back we have.
  7. I think Aspas could be a good signing. I think he'll do well. Me moaning was me agreeing with Rodgers when he said the signings were squad players and they need first 11 quality.
  8. He was very poor. I was hoping he'd be class but he really was shit.
  9. Haha. Aye, real supporters love FSG.#LFCFAMILY #USAUSA
  10. Ilori would be our worst centre back if he came to us. Must be seen to have loads of potential cos he'll add nothing now.
  11. I'm sick with all these cunts who'd rather make excuses for FSG than hope they show real ambition to get in the top 3/4. They love the word value.
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