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  1. llego

    Gerrard to return?

    LA is a fucking cesspool. The last place on earth Id live. Trust me I tried it for 6 months. The place is built for cars, not people. And its full of fake consumerist wannabe stars. And swedish musicians making english pop hits. Its horrible.
  2. llego

    Gerrard to return?

    Im still sore at Gerrard for coming on in the match against Man Utd and getting sent off right away, after which the wheels fell off that season.
  3. llego

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    To be fair despite his abysmal first touch and the ease with which he was getting turned, he can whip in a good cross and did on several occasions, often from an awkward position his first touch had put him into... A fine crosser of the ball if nothing else.
  4. llego

    Other football

    Ryan GiggsI once saw Ryan Giggs in HMV in Manchester Market Street. Looking through the Ryan Giggs calendar. I kid you not. 70114usa
  5. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Links to pressers rewarded with genuine afterlife redeemable karma.
  6. llego


    That one tackle where he sprinted back to make a two footed lunging block in our penalty box summed it up. He was boss all game though he did show his limitation in passing and his tendency to get caught in possession once or twice. That's part of the package, and at the moment, its a great overall package.
  7. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    I did for many years, cant really justify it anymore... Wasnt it common for the roman emperors to throw big public feasts and parades after great victories, humiliating their vanquished enemies? Show us a conqueror's generosity, Dave.
  8. llego

    Christian Benteke

    Really wins almost every knockdown doesnt he... and composure and talent to boot. Could be a highly effective player in the right system.
  9. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Officially calling on Dave U to celebrate this occasion with a publicly available match report. Come on Dave. We all deserve to share in your tectonic gloatgasm.
  10. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    In retrospect, all those comparisons to David Brent were pretty spot on..
  11. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    My stream cut out before Klopps presser anyone got a link?
  12. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Oh my. The mourniho press conference. Can it get any better?
  13. llego

    Philippe Coutinho

    Nothings quite as fun as a coutinho goal though. He doesnt score normal ones. Probably why he doesnt score so often...
  14. llego

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    Love your confidence. He can cross to himself.
  15. llego

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    This is pretty much what the MF is like most of the time.