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  1. redsoxs

    Therapy? Going Nowhere

    I would love to know how people work it to that figure, maybe you shed some light?
  2. redsoxs

    Swansea(A) Match Thread

    It certainly didn't look like that in the second half, the first i would say it was around 50/50, maybe toward us I'm sick of the piss poor results, thats one game we should of won, we have an inept manager.
  3. redsoxs

    Swansea(A) Match Thread

    Well Rodgers as finally achieved his goal.... turning Liverpool into Swansea.
  4. redsoxs

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    Added to the fact Clattenburg mic was said to of been switched on, where other official heard & backed up Clattenburg.
  5. redsoxs

    Young Boys at home, match thread

    Tactical genius placing Henderson at right back. Nice to see Cole score.... well deserved after way hes played tonight.
  6. redsoxs

    Di Matteo sacked

    Thinks it could very well be Rafa with Paco, with his recent return to the Wirral.
  7. redsoxs


    They won't need to if 50m comes available!!
  8. redsoxs


    While Sueraz is joint top goal scorer, lets not be fooled, we know Sueraz takes 3 or 4 shots to score. The only reason joint top, everything is presently goes through the middle to Sueraz, if we had decent forwards either side, i doubt his present goal tally would be so high. In reality if City offer anything near 50m, it will be close to impossible to turn down, i wouldn't count on Rodgers stopping it, he'd love the kitty.
  9. redsoxs

    Chelsea (A) match thread

    Feeling the same, specially Rodgers kamikaze defending, push the back line high leaving no one in are half of pitch but the goalie; Chelsea only need to lift the ball.... with Torres having pace, he'll have easy open run at goal, we could very well get trounced.
  10. redsoxs

    New manager, new expectations.

    All Liverpool fans. are fully behind the team... inc Code, but some fans like me want the useless Pikey out. We may look better going forward... playing prettier football, dominating games, yet, didn't we dominate games last season? Results are just as important, to say different is only kidding yourself.
  11. redsoxs

    Newcastle (H) match thread

    fair... but one Question!! three out (actually four in you count Bellers).. were the replacements? Is not as he bought in a top class striker to to replace ANY OF THEM? on wait the the Italian goal machine. oh!
  12. redsoxs

    Newcastle (H) match thread

    I'm fully behind the team, Is Rodgers? after all he's the moron who loaned Carroll, sold Kuyt & Maxi, ...is why we struggle upfront, its just a shame Rodger didn't support the club AS WELL. But of course his two WHOLES of experience in the Prem is enough for a club of are calibre.... don't you think?
  13. redsoxs

    Newcastle (H) match thread

    Personally, I've seen enough to want him out, i'm just waiting for the rest of the blind fan base to wake up from their nightmare dream they seem to be in (Rodgers drug inducted 4-3-3) push forward the WHOLE fucking 10 PLAYERS... leaving us wide open for the counter attract..... People wonder why we leak goals when had one of the best defences last season? it won't be long before we see "Pikey out" threads.
  14. redsoxs

    Newcastle (H) match thread

    Yep, its official.... Rodger as had a worst 10 game (prem) start than Hodgson. Now for all Rodgers gaff comments... please list.
  15. redsoxs

    Early thoughts on Rodgers

    Read somewhere Rodgers is on a much low wage than Kenny? Anyone know what is Rodger wage? Maybe part of the reason why Rodger has tried is uttermost to shift near every player who's on a better wage than him!