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    Said to my mate yesterday even if he is a similar level to mignolet at least he doesn’t have mignolet’s baggage with the fans which may help the defence settle slightly in his presence
  2. Bernard Diomede


    Love swimming me. I’ve just got back from doing 100 lengths (I’m off today) and try and swim a couple of times a week. I did the 2 mile swim in Windermere a good few years back and it was boss. I’m going to up my distance and regularity in the pool over the next year or so. I’ve got vague notions of swimming the channel and have had a brief look into it but it costs a fair whack. I’m gonna try and just up my distance gradually and see where I’m at in a couple of years both physically and financially but I’d love to have a crack at it. Like a few have said I think the monotony of it is good for my brain.
  3. Bernard Diomede

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Reckon Dave has hit the nail on the head. Gone are the days of us signing players for the sake of us beefing up the squad. If we don’t sign anyone it will because the manager doesn’t think they are a big enough improvement on what we currently have for the money we are being asked to stump up. Pretty simple really and a view that I’m fine with. It’s his job to make the big decisions and he has generally been proved to make the right ones more often than not
  4. DAA1E3C8-1863-44B2-92F7-5ABD79C878B2.MP4
  5. Bernard Diomede

    the banner thread

    It’s a game of thrones related quote. Fair enough
  6. Bernard Diomede

    the banner thread

    Come on you Reds!!
  7. Bernard Diomede

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    I enjoyed it. I’d have been happy with that ending had they taken a little bit more time to get to it. It has felt like a different show the past 2 series though and one that I’ve cared slightly less about. However it has had still been great entertainment and an unbelievable show in its scale. I think the people who are slaughtering the final series are possibly too invested in it and however the show would have ended would have been disappointed in some way.
  8. Bernard Diomede

    Man City - the new bitters?

    That can't be real. I know they are bad but that is next level if it is edit; Jesus it appears it is real.
  9. One of the lads at Newcastle said they seen Chamberlain warming up at half time then stop and go down the tunnel with one of the medical staff so he may well have got another knock.
  10. Just throw the kitchen sink at them regardless of the Leicester result. There is 5 days after to recover. Everything on the line for the 2 biggest trophies in club football in the final week of the season. The reds are back.
  11. Bernard Diomede

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Haha I actually did mid way through. Brilliant stuff
  12. Quality post that, and bang on the money in my book
  13. Bernard Diomede

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Yeah my thinking with Jon was some sort of sacrifice for either Bran or Danerys, which also would have removed the conflict with Danerys over the throne but having thought about it they wouldn't have spent so long setting up that storyline only to get rid of it after an episode. I think Theon is nailed on to go
  14. Bernard Diomede

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    I fear Brienne, Jamie and Jon may all be goners. Along with Ed, Davos and Gendry