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  1. Ian Sea

    Boxing 2018

    Ah, I missed the update. Thought I was having deja vu when I saw the report this morning.
  2. Ian Sea

    The New Cricket Thread

    That’s exactly what they should do. 2 brand new openers, sharing the pressure, in it together from the start. Getting the right combination (character and technique) might just work.
  3. Ian Sea

    Star Wars

    I thought Solo was alright, much better than TLJ.
  4. Ian Sea

    The New Cricket Thread

    Whoever keeps bats at 7 for me. Bairstow has been good with the gloves at bat at 7 hence me putting him there. The selectors obviously see Buttler as our answer to ABDV so I’d push him up the order.
  5. Ian Sea

    The New Cricket Thread

    “Nothing left in the tank” sums it up perfectly. Great player, great career but was clearly done.
  6. Ian Sea

    The New Cricket Thread

    I’d try; 1. ? 2. ? 3. Ali 4. Root 5. Buttler 6. Stokes 7. Bairstow - keeper Number 8 would be Woakes, Rashid or Curran depending where and who we were playing. Opener positions up for debate, Rory Burns seems next in line I guess.
  7. Ian Sea

    The New Cricket Thread

    I hope the continue with Moeen Ali at 3 for a while.
  8. Ian Sea

    Music Books

    Jonny Marr’s autobiography is an excellent read.
  9. Ian Sea

    Self Defence at Work.

    You do know he’ll hunt you down and kill you, right? Seriously, any possibility that he’ll continue it outside work? Someone that lamps a guy in work doesn’t seem the most reasonable of chaps.
  10. Ian Sea

    how much do you drink?

    13. Thought it would be lower to be honest.
  11. Ian Sea

    The New Cricket Thread

    I’m struggling to get excited about this series. We batter them here, they batter us in India. Doesn’t feel like it counts for anything as I know full well that we’ll get hammered in Sri Lanka next time out.
  12. Ian Sea

    Are Ocean Colour Scene Terrible?

    The ‘This Is Ocean Colour Scene’ playlist on Spotify is superb for anyone who likes them.
  13. Ian Sea

    Are Ocean Colour Scene Terrible?

    Love Ocean Colour Scene. Love Clark’s Wallabees.
  14. Ian Sea

    The New Cricket Thread

    Liam Livingstone. Lancashire captain this season, broke his thumb against Yorkshire last month and is currently out injured. He’d hit a bit of form just before the injury as well, had scored a T20 century not long before I think.
  15. Ian Sea

    The New Star Wars Films

    Solo was good but suffered from TLJ being shit. I reckon loads of people didn’t go because steaming piece of turd was too fresh in their minds.