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  1. CWD82

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I wouldn’t measure Depay on his time at the Mancs. They had last season van gaal then first season Mourinho. Lad was on a hiding to nothing. you can see why we’d want him. Its nothing like Balotelli either. Balotelli was replacing Suarez as our main man. Depay’s replacing no one, just an option to change formation or off the bench. If Klopp wants him I’d back him to have a similar impact to Shaqiri. Solid, not spectacular and will contribute when needed
  2. CWD82

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I doubt he walks any time soon but he has tried to distance himself. He said something like “I believe in what my owner and my sporting director say, they tell me their is no problem and we are within the rules so I believe that”. When he said that I thought he was giving himself a bit of room to get off the hook with the “I’m only the coach” angle. if it’s happening he knows. They either think they’re too clever for everyone or plan to bully their way out of it. The arrogance with which they’re handling themselves probably suggests both. in some ways it’s a shame because they’re a good team on the field and his coaching and set up of them has been excellent. Helps when the dice are loaded granted
  3. CWD82

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Fuck them and all the other gobshites who want them to win it. We’re absolutely boss and they’re shit scared of us. People saying they’ll spend, yeah they will but the players they’ve signed haven’t been unbelievable. They make bad signings like everyone else. Plus their key players are all getting a little bit past it now, kompany, Fernandinho, D Silva and Aguero are a coming to the end of their peak. Who knows how they deal with another intense season Im gutted tonight but the one thing that I’m made up with is we’ve got Klopp and he’s the best manager in the game at creating a positive atmosphere and I know he’ll get the team going again. We’ll beat them home and away in the league next season and that will win us the league.
  4. I did read it and I get your point totally. It’s just if you told me now that we could have Klopp for 25 years and he would win what Ferguson did then I wouldn’t see those raised expectations post Klopp as a problem. It’s the making terrible football decisions that I see as the main problem (actually, it’s not a problem, i fucking love it happening to them) but agree the expectations are a handicap for any manager they bring in now until they win a couple of big trophies. Anyway, I’m borderline giving them credit for the Ferguson era and I’m not comfortable with that so fuck them! Hope they get the point Wednesday then never get a point again the gang of shit houses. Solskjaer is miles out his depth
  5. Ruined them? He made them what they are today. I don’t think he’s the issue. You never replace that. But replacing him with 4 below top level managers and having no recruitment policy is what has done for them. if they had got Guardiola and that back room team and structure then no one would be saying anything about Ferguson
  6. CWD82

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Trent’s ball second half, low and hard across the 6 yard box that Mane ballooned, suggests he might have the wherewithal to change how high he crosses the ball. He’s 19, he’s going to be the best rightback to have played for us by the time he’s done if it goes right for him. Why we would spend £50m on another rightback I don’t know (no matter how good Wan Bissaka is)
  7. CWD82

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Annoyingly they’ve got a home game against West Ham Wednesday then Bournemouth away at the weekend. Then Watford at home a week later. After that no league game till 30th March against Fulham. Fernandinho missing is big for them but can’t see them dropping points against any of them. We’ve just got to keep winning our games
  8. Not a lot of pace in that team through the middle for them
  9. CWD82

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    The mis-education of TLW Fair play, on reflection, not my place to pass comment to be honest. False 7 is a new one on me though. Just looked like an attacking midfielder playing on the right, didn’t think it was anything position defining. You are our expert though and I receive your summary with good grace!
  10. CWD82

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Ake is a good shout. Can cover left back for Robo and cover Van Dijk for a rest. Would get a decent number of games that way
  11. CWD82

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Neither of them sides are close to these. They’re playing a different type of football.
  12. CWD82

    Alisson Becker

    Dom King on the Sunday Supplement mentioned how impressed all the players are with his distribution. So far so good all round really. Whilst he’s clearly got room to develop I don’t think theirs been a better keeper in the league so far this season. Massive improvement on having clearly one of the worst
  13. CWD82

    Mohamed Salah

    I think it’s clear teams are even more conscious of him this year too. I know he was being closely marked last season but this year he’s being swarmed every time he gets the ball or near it at least by 2 or 3 players. The fact he is lacking that half a yard of sharpness is only compounding it someone made a great point about needing a tap in to get the confidence back. He’ll stop over playing it then and be more natural. Clearly was trying to force dribbles and shots the last 2 games when they weren’t really on for him