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  1. Nathanzx

    Alex Kačaniklić

    why don't hodgson's media bumchums ever reference his horrendous transfer dealings at lfc, they're busy wanking themselves off to his abundance of midtable league finishes but the fact is the guy is a poor judge of player
  2. it's clear that someone is advising Henry and Werner as they admit themselves they know little about the game they were dead set on the director of football thing before Rodgers said he wasn't have it, so it is eminently conceivable they just said "ok brendan..no prob..." while at the same went ahead anyway and hired some consultant/unofficial dof to advise them who could it be? cruyff? edwards? chang? barwick? who? who? who? and more to the point is this practice a) sneaky and sinister b) an inevitable result of rodger's control freakery
  3. Nathanzx

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    downing, assaidi and yesil as back-ups, what's the problem folks?
  4. Nathanzx

    Do you think FSG want to sell LFC?

    from elsewhere " Last Jan we had to wait and see if them not backing Kenny was right, then wait and see if sacking him was right, wait and see what world class manager they had lined up. Oh right there was no manager lined up but let's wait and see what they're recruitment process brings, oh its BR but let's wait and see how he fits with the structure they've outlined with a DoF, oh right no more DoF, let's wait and see how they back their man who they wanted so much they dropped the structure that stopped them looking at Rafa and co. You can't judge transfer window until its close let's wait and see how we look in Sept, oh short of numbers and goals, oh well let's wait and see how we go until Jan......"
  5. Nathanzx

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    the best two available options in the window are pongolle and lazovic one is 27, the other is 28, meither of them score loads but if fit, they are both decent, they are also much better options than morgan and yesil at the moment both wouldn't cost the earth in wages either it's the pragmatic, simple and sensible solution therefore i don't expect us to take it
  6. taken from elsewhere "I'd say in terms of being streamlined as a club we're a supercar of the automotive world. Young vibrant manager, young squad, low wage bill, new revenue streams, bigger TV deals etc. We've been turned from a loss making club into a finely tuned financial machine which will start turning good profits even without CL money. I commend FSG on many of the things they've done but from our current position some foresight is needed into what happens next. By all means clear the decks in the way that has happened but for god sake start the building process. We need investment now, not in three years time when the club has the money in the bank. I do worry that when guys like FSG trim a company in the way they've done with us surely it's usually for flip and sale purposes? If you're in it for the long haul I fail to see how guys as smart as them don't give more money to the new manager knowing it's a future investment. Naive in soccer terms they may be but not in sporting/investment terms. They know how the level of the wage bill impacts directly on a clubs performance. They know Brendan needed more money than he got this summer. They know our squad isn't big enough. Yet even though they know all this they left our manager hanging. During the Comolli nonsense I was happy to believe they were navive at worst, or at best incompetent but with good intentions. Now I just worry about what motivates them. Am I really going to believe that guys as smart as John Henry and Tom Werner just keep messing up with good intentions?" so no firm commitment on stadium and no real investment in the squad despite an early splurge to win the favs over - that was mainly funded by sales are thes guys in it for the long term? Despite their spin and pr I am unsure. The signs currently point to them not wanting to invest in the club, yes we are in good financial shape but in terms of the football team itself rather than the accounting ledgers we look very shoddy and lightweight.
  7. Nathanzx

    Ian Ayre

    will there be any statement from chang and/or ayre and/or fsg about how they managed to eff up so badly on the last day of the window and leave us with just 2 forwards in our entire squad? was ayre at the game today? I wonder did he realise as he drove out of melwood at 8:30 pm how badly the fans would feel let down and the shitstorm that it would cause? are ayre and henry and werner still going to be able to happily wander around anfield now or have they become persons non-grata? on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the feelings towards h&G at the end of their time, what level of antagonism do the fanbase have towards ayre and fsg now? I would say 6 or 7 now and as results get worse and we continue to struggle in front of goal, that could reach an 8 or 9 until they sign someone in January..... and all this because they wouldn't stump up an extra few quid for dempsey, i wonder do they think it was worth it now holding out? utter morons
  8. Nathanzx

    Should Gerrard be dropped?

    shelvey into the middle three and gerrard up top in place of borini might just be acceptable and if he whinges about that then he can sit on the bench
  9. Nathanzx

    Arsenal match thread 2/09

    enrique, suarez, gerrard and reina were all very poor, four senior players and they all were dreadful unfortunately for us, enrique, reina and gerrard have been poor for us for a while i'd certainly play robinson instead of enrique now reina is undroppable because we have no even half-decent reserve gerrard should be dropped for shelvey sterling and allen were very good and it's very sad that a teenager and a new signing put our senior players to shame awful performance, the last half-hour was painful, 2-0 down and the game played out like a pre-season friendly, never seen us so devoid of aggression and passion at home (apart from during the hodgson days which i had hoped would never be repeated) all in all depressing
  10. Nathanzx

    Should Gerrard be dropped?

    another awful performance from him today - so sloppy, he strikes me as being impatient, not willing to just play the simple pass - but more often than not his hollywood balls end up with us losing possession, even the basic stuff seemed tough for him today, compared to allen he looked like he was playing in treacle at times, just looks off the pace and not sharp at all oh and of course there are the individual errors, if you keep giving the ball away you will be punished - he has now been directly responsible for an error that led to the opposition scoring in all three games this season silverlining seems to think because he is from liverpool he should have a free pass others seem to think because he is one of our greatest ever players his performance levels should not be questioned for me it's simple, he is not playing well at the moment and he is doing the team damage so he should be dropped until he recovers his form sterling and allen showed up today, a new player and a teenager and they put to shame the performances of more senior guys like reina, enrique, gerrard and suarez
  11. we could pick up any of these: owen klasnic vassell forsell bednar danny webber david connolly james beattie brett ormerod caleb folan david cotteril james mcfadden - not really a striker but there you go it's fair to say ayre and fsg have somewhat limited our options are any of the players on that list a better bet than morgan/yesil as an emergency back-up option on a 4 month embarrassment contract heskey i might take any of klasnic, forsell or mcfadden if anyone of them could prove their fitness but 'tis not where we want to be shopping really
  12. Nathanzx

    FSG and Ayre can f**k right off

    latest rumours are that ayre is to be replaced by a highly-rated australian young guy from the world of AFL if true, i am glad they are moving quickly on the latest debacle, usually they humm and haww for an age before coming to a decision a few points 1. do not sack ayre as he will receive yet another hefty pay-out, merely demote him and never put him anywhere near transfers again 2. on last night, he was filmed leaving at about 8.30pm last night when the word was out there would be no incoming players, why did they give up with two and a half hours to go? why did he seem to think that sturridge and demspey were the only two strikers in the world? why were there no other options lined up? why did they not seem to plan for fulham's resistance? 3. where is all the stuff about jordan henderson being offered to fulham for dempsey coming from? if true, that is mindblowingly stupid, offer a guy you paid 16 million for a player you value at around 3/4million - surely that can't be true? maybe he was offered on loan?
  13. Nathanzx

    FSG and Ayre can f**k right off

    FSG and Ayre have treated the manager disgracefully, they failed to back him when it was needed this group of players will have to play their absolute hearts out every week and get no injuries and perform for 50-60 games and even then with the lack of goals up top we may just miss out - i can see them performing like trojans and just coming short of CL, it's heart-breaking stuff how they weren't backed when it counted and as usual the apologists and superfans and spin-merchants will do their thing, they're always about trying to prove their credentials - we had people backing Hodgson and H&G once upon a time, but anyone with half a brain knows, just knows that FSG and AYre have fucked over the fans, the manager and the club
  14. Nathanzx

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    the worst things are the flip-flopping and deception heh guys, we promises a revolutionary new management structure, what is that mr. rodgers, you don't want that, ok then - scratch that what is that mr. rodgers, you have no strikers, no prob we'll get you a couple, whoops sorry about that - couldn't close the deals even though we sold a whole team of players, ah well the books will look good next year, not sure about the league table but we'll leave that in your hands...we did try, we bid three million for dempsey
  15. Nathanzx

    FSG and Ayre can f**k right off

    agred, comolli and dalglish made possibly the biggest fuck-up in transfer market history but why was rodgers saying we would still get a few in? why did we let players leave if we had no replacements lined up? why did we put all our eggs in the dempsey basket knowing full well they were pissed off at us? why had we no contingency plans in place? why was a man like ayre, with zero experience, chosen to oversee our transfers? why did fsg make a big song and dance about having a new management structure in place to avoid precisely these kind of fuck-ups and then cave in the space of about 30 seconds when rodgers said "nah - i don't really fancy that"? why are we still waiting for stadium news? ....oh well, at least cole is still at the club