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  1. Nicky B

    Transfers needed

    Very good.
  2. Nicky B

    Five years ago today

    My best friend recently lost his dad to illness and is having real problems with it all. Any sage words anyone can share......?
  3. Nicky B

    Win a Jamie Carragher Signed Shirt

    Me too please Dave if space, cheers
  4. Nicky B


    Anyone remember the 90's? Our divine right to win stuff evaporated ages ago.
  5. Nicky B

    General Election

    Bloody Labour in their manifesto claiming they will support pubs, yet they have done their best to destroy the industry over the last 13 years. What relly fucks me off is the poor political interviewing. When talking about sky high taxes, arsehols like Brown, Dahling go '....blah ......blah... NHS...blah schools...' No one every interrupts them and questions them about MP's expenses or the tremendous waste that goes on. And a final point; how can Mandelson be in a position of authority when he has had to resign TWICE in scandel?? And no interviewer ever asks him about it when he's on preaching to us. As Stu Monty said - people would vote for a goat if it had a red rosette on.
  6. Nicky B

    Danny "The Rock" Agger

    What on earth was Carragher doing on Wednesday letting the ball go through his legs and letting the Polish chap (cant remember his name) have a chance? Almost a carbon copy of Lyons winner at Anfield, Carra letting a player come in on the blind side. He could have stopped Lyon scoring if he had been more aware, then he does it again.
  7. Nicky B

    Del Amitri

    One of them comes into my pub. Dont know anything about them but was told who he was.
  8. Nicky B

    The Death of the Pub

    Im the joint tenant of a pub in Oxford, and I will say that as long as you have a half decent location, it is entirely in your hands if you sink or swim. There are some god awful pubs out there, awful beer, crap uninterested barmen etc. It is up to the pubs to be a good place to be. I would also say that in many areas there are perhaps to many pubs to be viable, something has to give. One last point - many people would'nt know a good pub if it kicked them in the nuts, hence awful town centre pubs are always busy.
  9. Nicky B

    Indy IV

    And Ray Winston was pointless and annoying. 'Jonesssssssseeeeeeeeyyyy!'
  10. Nicky B

    Shit Villains

    Bennett in Commando. Supposed to be a hard case but was camp as tits.
  11. After Mark Lawrenson got the push from Oxford, he played a couple of times for my current saturday team. Nice bloke apparently.
  12. Nicky B

    Panorama show tomorrow

    Tapping up happens all the time. Rafa quit Valencia then two weeks later was our boss. Do we think that he would have left Valencia without a job to go to? Who cares anyway?
  13. Nicky B


    Well according to my Evertonian best mate - he's not as good as Arteta anyway. Oh and i've he's bet me a fiver that Leon Osman will make an England squad by the end of the season.... Alonso will come good.
  14. Nicky B

    Great Comedy Lines

    'I wonder if she actually had an orgasm in the two years we were married - or did she fake it that night?'