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  1. Monster Masch


    Any suggestions for where to watch it in Liverpool? We're traveling over from Ireland for two nights.
  2. Monster Masch

    We Need a New Striker - Who?

    Almost identical to Bobby in style. Much quicker though.
  3. Monster Masch

    We Need a New Striker - Who?

    Danny Ings?
  4. Monster Masch

    We Need a New Striker - Who?

    Vlahovic is very much in the natural finisher category. He will 100% end up at a big club in time.
  5. Monster Masch

    Fantasy Football 19/20

    Bump. What's the prize money breakdown?
  6. Monster Masch

    Fantasy Football 2018/2019

    Bump. Tight up there going into last weekend but hoping Mutant Ninja Virgils see it through.
  7. Monster Masch

    World Cup 2018 betting thread...

    Reckon France will get to Semi's so that means they'll play as many games as anybody. If Mbappe starts as central striker as he is predicted, 33s ain't a bad shout for him as top goalscorer.
  8. Monster Masch

    Whats our best 5 a-side team?

    Karius Matip - ball playing defender Henderson - the talker; the link. Coutinho - the magician Sturridge - they reckon he is ridiculous in training games.
  9. Please add Toby Alderweireld.
  10. Please add Juan Cuadrado. Thanks
  11. I left my pick with Dynamite.
  12. Please add Thomas Vermaelen.
  13. Thanks lads. I'll have Berbatov.
  14. Please add Petr Cech for me..