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  1. If we revert to 2CBs, based on current form and ability our best combo would be Skrtel and Sakho...
  2. Agger is overrated defensively here as a fuck. Best footballer out of the 4 CBs, but as a pure defender he is the worst. I have read and watched compilation of12 goals we conceded, that wee purely Aggers fault..with 8 of tem in 2 consecutive months (mid January - mid March). But somehow his big howlers are forgotten in in couple of days and Skrtels small slips are wxxegerated and analyzed for months. Prime example is the Soton goal...Skrtel misjudged te ball that went for a throw in 40yards from goal,,,then Agger makes a schoolboy defending of Lovren, and we conceded.... Couple of weeks went by and people talk still about Skrtels mistake, which could happen to anyone....But nobody speaks about Aggers awful "shadowing", that is made by him for years. In other words, Agger profites when he is not playing, at least in the eyes of the fans.
  3. Dracco

    Increased competition helping Skrtel

    There is no way Skrtel was culpable for more goals last season than Agger mate.....And regarding set pieces, even people who don´t rate Skrtel have to agree, tahat Danny is responsible for far more set piece goals than Martin is (or was last season).
  4. Dracco

    Increased competition helping Skrtel

    I agree that Agger is possibly our best CB on paper and on his day....But i can remember last "his day" somewhere in 2007. 07/08 he was warming the bench behind Skrtel/Carra 08/09 he was warming bench behind Skrtel/Carra...bar injuries 09/10 he was carried y Carra 10/11 he was bwhind Soto in Roys packong order and then behind Skrtel/Carra 11/12 he had solid season, but Skrtel ha d season of his life so Danny was carried by 12/13 his worst season, directly culpable for 12 goals between december and March...but Brendan stood by him even if hr was in worst shape I can remember him 13/14....two clean shhets with Kolo, but Kolo was saving his ass throughout the two games + Mignolet ten outperformed by Skrtel who started after six months (credit to Danny he did not make howler against the mancs) ....Then fucked up the Soton goal.... ....And about jis offensive qualities...he had 1 goal assist in last 3 seasons...and his last last "trademark" shot was against Blackburn in april 2009.... So open your eyes fuckers
  5. Dracco


    Lucas probabbly would not start even if jis baby would not be coming out ....Hendo did not deserve to be dropped, and if Glen is ready he will defintely start as wing back...And Hendo played excellent last game in Leivas position, so he shoul stay there. Lucas has too wait, as others....
  6. Dracco

    Other football

    Link to the Kiessling goal http://sport.aktuality.sk/c/156912/video-zazrak-ci-skandal-gol-kiesslinga-sokoval-cele-nemecko/ awful...
  7. Dracco

    Lucas - the new scapegoat.

    It is not forbidden to holding midfielder to break forward. And Lucas is very very limited and always was. Slow as fuck, can not pass longer than for 10 yards, could not score to save his life, and his 2nd touch is usually forced to be a tackle.... As I wrote in other thread couple of days ago, his only positives were his engine and tackling. But now his engine somehow does not work, or it is because of his positioning, but he is often nowhere near the place where he should be...and his tackles are almost always fouls, and his speciality is to make this clumsy tackles around the penalty box. Good lad, but has had only one good season and tat was 10/11, but even at that time I did not rate him.
  8. I was telling the whole summer that we need some top class midfield enforcer, I even started couple of threads about needing a new CM, preferably defensive one.Stevie is still good player but he is....not top class anymore. He can make a bit of magic, but for the rest of the game he is average...But even in this state he is still good enough to start for us in central midfield.......but.... Not with Lucas. I´ve never rated him, and I think that he had only one good season and it was 2010/2011 an the start of 2011/2012 until he was injured. He was a laughing stock in previous seasons...And after his return from injury he is poor to say it politely with the odd relatively solid game. He is slow as fuck, can not pass longer than 10 yards, wouldn´score a goal to save his life. His only positives were his engine and tackling (but only in seasons mentioned above). N But now he seems to be lazy, or he has awful postioning, but he never seems in te right place, and his tackling is like watching Paul Scholes, almost every tackle from Lucas is a foul and he is giving them almost always in dangerous positions. I like him as a guy, but never rated him as a player, critiicized him for couple of years, then stopped it when he seemed to be the flavour of the month, but even if everybody was singing love songs about him I have never seen the praised quality from him, but stopped to criticize him, because I was usually called a cunt who knows fuck all about footy. But now I can say, that with Lucas as a main Defensive midfielder we are fucked. If Brendan wants to play Stevie as a part of central midfield, then he needs an massive upgrade on Leiva, someone like Essien 3 seasons ago, but not Lucas. He is the second most overrated current LFC player behind Danny Agger, and I woul have Henderson instead of him in his position in an heartbeat
  9. Dracco

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    And after final whistle got into brawl with some greeks and got red card... So he can head back to Melwood without playing next game against Latvia :-)
  10. Dracco

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Scored this own goal yesterday against Greece :-) The keeper is Jan Mucha, former Bitter :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4esWKbnNgjY
  11. Dracco

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    I read forums every day, but rarely post these days mates.
  12. Dracco

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Glad to see him bounce back and showing that he is great defender. What with him now? Keep, sell, wait?
  13. Dracco

    Has Toure proved too good?

    Toure was by far our best CB until now. He was class in everygame he strated, and is 1st choice without a doubt. Skrtel was also excellent against Scum and Swans, and really solid against Soton (bar that one brain fart)...so probably he shoul be the other one starting... But...Martin is the way back for Brendan, Sakho the way forward, and Agger vice-captain,who is in very bad form for almost half a season now, but seems undroppable in Brendan´s eyes, as was proved when he was awful between December and March. So I think BR will usually go with Toure - Agger, with Skrtel behind Toure, and Sakho behind Agger. Even if their rating based on current form is 1.Toure 2. Skrtel 3. Sakho 4.Agger