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  1. The Party Boy

    'Michael Owen' was it worth it?!?!

    He's saying now that the Manchester derby is a bigger game than Sunday, the little prick. He's openly trying to wind us up now, I think he hates us as much as we hate him.
  2. The Party Boy

    Roy to clear the deadwood

    Chelsea only named 19 players in their squad. Roys right, we had too many wasters in the squad.
  3. The Party Boy

    Game Thread: v Birmingham (a)

    What? A weakened team away in Turkey, that was half decent. Wigan and Pompey away last season to name but two were far far worse. Anyways I think we'll nick this one, Torres is coming into goalscroing form nicely.
  4. The Party Boy

    Alonso wants to return!

    You will notice on his twitter that he followed LFC before Real Madrid so the rumour is true.
  5. The Party Boy

    Game Thread: Trabzonspor (a)

    I agree with Roy, I thought we played well in a tough away game. I think once Poulsen gets his fitness up he'll be a good player for us, I'd play him on Sunday with Gerrard in the middle.
  6. The Party Boy

    Tomkins latest effort.

  7. The Party Boy

    Hodgeson hate

    We deffo played more football than we did last season at Eastlands, we didn't let in 3 soft goals last season though.
  8. The Party Boy

    Hodgeson hate

    In patches in the game we played ok, it wasn't like Reina was making save after save too. Play that formation away against some of the lower teams and we'll get some good wins. Two games in, people need to chill out.
  9. The Party Boy

    First thoughts on Poulsen?

    I liked the look of him, always available to receive the ball. Apart from a dodgy 20 minutes when he kept giving it away he had a good game.
  10. The Party Boy


    A loans not a bad idea, fingers crossed he might get some games for Juve (that is where he's going right?) and get back into the Italy squad. Then we can decide whether to give him a second shot or sell him on. He's just gonna get worse sat on our bench all season.
  11. The Party Boy

    Brad Jones

    Its cos he plays like he's got a turd in his kecks.
  12. The Party Boy

    Brad Jones

    The fee for Cavalieri will cover it surely, its just like for like except one is homegrown. I can't believe that Brad Jones is any worse than Cavalieri.
  13. The Party Boy

    Poulson to join for 4m

    At least he'll show a bit more agression than Lucas.
  14. The Party Boy

    Brad Jones

    He's gonna have to leave at some point anyway cos Pepe's what 27?
  15. The Party Boy

    Brad Jones

    Cavalieri is pretty turd.
  16. The Party Boy

    How bad is Arsenal's Injury crisis?

    As long as the arse shaver is injured i'm cool.
  17. The Party Boy

    Brad Jones

    I don't see the fuss, he's homegrown and better than Cavilieri.
  18. Fellaini is quality, he'll be at the mancs soon enough though.
  19. Finnan was a far far better player than Luke Young. Where's this link to young come from anyway, he's proper turd.
  20. Spot on, I can't believe people are pissed off with this signing.
  21. The Party Boy

    Insua £5 mil - bid accepted

    Maybe Insua pushed for the move and wants to leave.
  22. The Party Boy

    Insua £5 mil - bid accepted

    Neville was a very good footballer though, just cos he's a giant rod. I don't see the point of buying Konchesky, we'll be looking for a replacement next summer while being stuck with him in the squad. He's no better than the likes of Shorey. I'd rather try and get a long term option.
  23. The Party Boy

    Insua £5 mil - bid accepted

    Would you not be happy with a better player being bought with the money?
  24. The Party Boy

    Insua £5 mil - bid accepted

    We're not gonna buy Konchesky, Purslow doesn't rate him. Nah we're not gonna buy him cos he's fucking shit.
  25. Rawk, the embarassing cousin.