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  1. Feel proud to get a mention on this. What a fucking class website.
  2. The Party Boy

    Villa match thread ( home )

    Kenny accepted it long before most.
  3. The Party Boy

    Today's Other Games

    I don't think I've ever seen a red card out quicker than that, embarassing.
  4. The Party Boy

    Villa match thread ( home )

    Shelvey was offering nothing, Henderson was showing far more yesterday. Thought it was his best game for ages, he looked a good centre mid keeping the ball moving.
  5. The Party Boy

    Our coaching staff - how bad are they?

    Kenny was teaching the upcoming coaches on one of those courses. The Cardiff manager said so before the final.
  6. The Party Boy


    The crowd was decent yesterday, considering we were one down and the run of form were on most other teams would have been barracked by their own support.
  7. The Party Boy

    Comolli buys

    The fact he only got the job because he's mates with Billy Beane is a bit of worry. I also reckon he's sacked off the scouting missions and he's cruising the Newz Bar for sameheads. The morning of the meeting when we drew up our targets he just looked at the opta website and picked out the players who'd created the most chances because he'd done no work.
  8. The Party Boy


    What's the point lad? Your just gonna get banned again?
  9. The Party Boy

    Next England Captain?

    I'd swap Brendan for Rashid
  10. The Party Boy

    Inside Look at Liverpool FC's Training.

    Someone find a video of that goal he scored for Middlesbrough at Anfield. He looked lightning on that one. I think Torres bagged a hat trick in that game.
  11. The Party Boy


    He had major surgery about 3 months ago, course it's gonna take a long time to heal.
  12. The Party Boy

    Do you rate Stewart Downing? Yes or no?

    Didn't Valencia go to United for like 16 million, he's about Downings level and he's not English. Its just the way transfer fees are going.
  13. The Party Boy

    Summer 2011

    I'm starting to think he'll stay at Valencia for another year. Shame cos I thought we had a good chance of getting him.
  14. The Party Boy

    John Henry Has Spoken

    What's your qualifications for having one? He knows more about the inner workings of a club than you considering he owns one.
  15. The Party Boy

    Sign one Liverpool player

    Barnes by a mile, we'd piss the league.