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  1. RafaLaBamba

    Going backwards

    Gerrard has scored against Norwich and United though?
  2. RafaLaBamba

    Going backwards

    Work in progress. We're playing good football and it's patently obvious that the problem lies with us not being able to transform good performances in to goals. Most football fans are very fickle and lack patience. Fortunately for Rodgers the majority of our supporters have been fantastic towards him and I think we all appreciate how hard this job is. It took Slur Alex a long time to build a title challenging side and there is no quick fix for Liverpool Football Club in our current predicament. I think we just all have to keep the faith with Rodgers as there is no point in changing management again - sustainability is what we need right now and I firmly believe that BR is the man to take us forward. Admittedly, there have been negatives to his start at the club, however there have also been many positives that we can be happy with. Brendan, you've got my full support!
  3. RafaLaBamba

    Swansea Carling Cup match thread

    Someone PM me me too please. Cant fucking find one that works anywhere.
  4. RafaLaBamba

    Kenny vs Henry

    You lads know he's stepping down in the summer right. No way will he be sacked, but lots of people have told me that he'll move upstairs like before.
  5. RafaLaBamba

    Favourite Porn Star

    Gotta love a bit of Shyla Stylez, Carmella Bing and Savannah Gold. Fake yes, but they fucking love a bit!
  6. RafaLaBamba

    Swansea (Home)

    Henderson's a decent player but he shouldn't play on the right. Looks so much better in the centre. Bringing off Adam and putting Henderson in the middle would benefit us. That would mean Kuyt or Bellamy can come on and provide more width. Come on reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. RafaLaBamba

    Are we fucked if..

    Downing and Adam should help creatively, but yes it is a worry. Suarez gives us something special in the final third and Gerrard, despite his injuries, is still our talisman. A lack of pace and guile, as well as mediocre centre backs, may be our downfall this season. Godin and Perriera would pretty much address the issues which I have just stated so I am hoping that we can pull off a miracle by signing the pair. Unlikely I know, but we can still dream.
  8. RafaLaBamba

    Downing holding Liverpool shirt.

    Downing number 19 is my guess!
  9. RafaLaBamba

    Downing holding Liverpool shirt.

    But who was the fat bird in between Carroll and Downing? That's what needs answering.
  10. RafaLaBamba

    Downing holding Liverpool shirt.

    Downing does have 6 fingers though....
  11. yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/kgt10qij Shared by LFC070908 Just thought I'd share this with you guys. Announcement just around the corner then....
  12. RafaLaBamba

    Summer 2011

    Cheers guys!
  13. RafaLaBamba

    Summer 2011

    Just recieved a text from my mate (a rawk forumite) asking me if I'd heard anything on here regarding Stewart Downing because according to rawk someone on here has said Downing is having a medical tomorrow? According to him, this "Liverpool way poster" has said the fee will be £20mill. I've seen no such thing on here but thought I'd double check...
  14. RafaLaBamba

    Charlie Adam

    Where does it say that mate?
  15. RafaLaBamba

    Summer 2011

    Cahill would be ace. We need a strong centre back that can dominate aerily and he fits the bill. I wouldn't say that the lad is slow...he just isn't regarded as quick. Him, Dann or Lovren would fit the bill nicely!