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  1. Coro


    Any details on this Jermaine Pennant forum character? I'd like to send him a skip.
  2. Coro

    Man Utd - Europa League (h)

    . http://www.timesoccer.com/video/03/14-manchester-united-vs-liverpool-live-highlights.html
  3. Coro

    Man City - League cup final

    Coutinho needs movement ahead of him but we've spunked over £50m on players like Balotelli, Lambert and Benteke in recent years.
  4. Coro

    FSG are not shit

    This team relects FSG's ownership to a tee - Bang average
  5. Coro

    Tories - convince me you're not evil

    You voted for this current lot who are taking Thatcherism to a whole new level of depravity. You admit this on a Liverpool forum and then cry off when faced with the inevitable response. haha you tories
  6. Coro

    All out on 77 minutes

    Without the fans, football is nothing
  7. Coro

    All out on 77 minutes

    'Avaricious is a word the big men use. We just say they're bloody greedy.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-K6VTMeIdw#t=522
  8. Coro

    All out on 77 minutes

    Your original post in this thread clearly demonstrates you haven't got a fucking clue what you're talking about. Is that clear enough?
  9. Coro

    All out on 77 minutes

    Is this Burkhill?
  10. Coro

    All out on 77 minutes

    With you being the Tory cliche, yeah? People self-indulgently sacrificing their own hard-earned in the hope of benefiting others? Okay then. By the way - where have you got the idea that the people behind this protest are middle class? You don't know much, do you.
  11. Coro

    The Klopp gifs thread

    Shut up
  12. Coro

    Middle East Thread

    Just wondering, did you ever vote for Thatcher?
  13. Coro


    I think for some people their opinion's matter more to them than the actual football. We've just tonked Chelsea on their own patch and yet one of the best players on the day is moments later, still being labelled as 'bang average'. Shameless shit.