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  1. scous3r

    Preston away

    Davies won't be playing tomorrow. Supposedly only had 2 days training
  2. its not mate. It was made up by sad bastards on twatter. Understand the sentiment though.
  3. scous3r

    Swansea Carling Cup match thread

    Guaranteed starting 11 for tomorrow = Jones Henderson Carragher Coates Robinson Allen Shelvey Cole Assaidi Downing Yesil wow
  4. scous3r

    U21 Premier League

    Great news and loooong overdue. English football (in particular the national side) has suffered immensely at the hands of a shitty reserve league. Reckon our lads will do well.
  5. I don't even want to share oxygen with them fucking mongrels, never mind a ground. My face looks fucking boss with no nose
  6. scous3r

    a liverbird upon my chest

    Here is a video of my 3 year old (was 2 when filmed) singing Liverbird upon my chest Got him proper brainwashed :)
  7. scous3r

    The Swiss Ramble

    Yeh, he's a cracking fella that know his stuff. Even our very own JWH has name checked one of his blogs before. Few things in that blog puts into perspective how bad the cowboys' tenure was
  8. scous3r


  9. That Moura video is fucking class. Imagine him and Suarez tearing PL CB/FB's a new ass hole.
  10. scous3r

    Villa match thread ( home )

    Ward??? He's a fucking terrible goalie. Decision making is woeful. No Skrts and Carra on as LCB over Coates? an unfit Johnson over Enrique? Henderson on the right were he has been terrible most of the season. You're either dangling the worm and on a fishing expedition or you've been on the Ket all night
  11. scous3r

    Nextgen vs Spurs tonight

    Here is a stream for anyone who hasn't got a LFC subscription Spurs Web TV - All Tottenham Games FREE
  12. scous3r

    Harry fucking Redknapp

    What's with the random bold words? Couldn't read it without my brain going into a fucking spaz attack
  13. scous3r

    Anfield or New Anfield

    I thought you were asking 'what would we get out of it'. For Boeing? Commercial awareness maybe? Especially if we plan on pushing hard in Asia? I know they deal with Deutsche Bank at the moment, maybe they want to tie in a deal with Standard Charted, who knows...? Not as implausible as you're making out though. Merry Christmas to you too!
  14. scous3r

    Anfield or New Anfield

    Apart from being worth $36 Billion? Could imagine them having some useful contacts in engineering too
  15. scous3r

    Anfield or New Anfield

    The Boeing Company