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  1. Shit?Really?We'd just finished 2nd.Who knows what difference he would have made if he replaced Suarez instead of Lambert and Ballotelli.As said previously though fuck him, we're doing alright now like
  2. Johnny Utah

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Enjoyed the first but watched the second one twice now and thought it was poor after both viewings.Hope the third is a return to form for Keanu
  3. Johnny Utah

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Fuck Pep, fuck Kompany and fuck that prick Sterling. Fuck the lot of them. Classless pricks.We have things they can only dream of having. Who says we can’t get 97 points again and beat these pricks. They’ll not be as hungry to win again next year and will be concentrating on the CL. It’s going to be oh so sweet when we beat these cunts. I want to win it next year when Pep is still in charge. I want to see them suffer. I want to see them implode. Also the small matter of us being in our second consecutive Champions League Final. That’s really got to grate ‘Pep’. He’ll be gone this time next year regardless. Nothing lasts forever
  4. Johnny Utah

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Hopefully Shane Duffy scores a last minute header to make the score 1-1 later today.One of their own gifting us the league.The fume would be great
  5. Johnny Utah

    Wolves (H) Premier League 12/5/2019

    24 hours and it will all be over.Feels like there’s not much pressure on us after Tuesdays result and the title being City’s to lose now.I imagine the players will be a lot more relaxed than if we had the one point lead,so hopefully they can go out and play their usual game.Have a feeling it’s going to suit us and Brighton will take points from Citeh
  6. Johnny Utah

    Who do we want in the final then?

    Matip is clearly better suited to our style of play regardless of who is a better defender. For my money Matip is far superior but Lovren is still the best 4th choice centre back in the league.If he’s happy to stay knowing he’s 4th choice then I’d be more than happy with that
  7. Have you a link to the Tyler commentary? DIVOCK ORIGI!Where do you want your statue!?
  8. Johnny Utah

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    The best smile in football? Really did change the game for us and is turning out to be the man for the big occasion.Another Klopp bargain
  9. Wow!Lost for words...all i’ll say is give Trent the keys to the maternity ward at Liverpool Woman’s Hospital tonight.What a fucking man.Still can’t get over the speed of thought there.Can’t believe it
  10. Just dawned on me we are in a European Cup Semi Final after last nights disappointment. Klopp will have an ace or two up his sleeve no doubt. Can see a left field team selection.Get an early goal and it’s game on.Barca to shit themselves hopefully.Strange things happen at Anfield on nights like this
  11. Johnny Utah

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    Fucking hell!What a shame
  12. Johnny Utah

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    No way back for Higgins now.Trumps not missing a thing
  13. Johnny Utah

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    Trump poking the sleeping bear there at the end of that frame there.Higgins needs 2 or 3 of the last 4 here or else this might get away from him
  14. Johnny Utah

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    Brilliant ball in for the winner.Take a bow Shaq! Not sure what’s happened and why he hasn’t been playing at all in the past few months but he’ll play a big part in the next 2 games with Mo,Bobby and Keita being injured.Hope he’s still here after the summer
  15. Johnny Utah

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    What was Higgins at asking for the rerack a few frames back?Could have lost him the match here