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  1. I think so too. I'm sure the management are aware of how much Thiago's recent purple patch has raised our game lately. Another similar MF is the only thing that can raise our game. Every other area/position is as good as it gets.
  2. The positive responses to that video, and others with him in it make me fear that the standards of punditry may plummet even further, should TV producers think that this dumbed-down banter is what the man in the streets is after. Grim.
  3. I'm sure he means our Pep, but I reckon Baldie would jump at the chance to manage us should Jurgen leave.
  4. I agree with this. Might it be that he moves inside to do Firmino's role, and Diaz or Jota covers the left?
  5. It was also a lovely sly dig at Pep Guardiola and all his shitty club stands for. Utterly magic.
  6. So proud of him for having a pop, and mentioning 'human rights'. What a fucking bloke.
  7. Hopefully, some of our lads are a bit enthusiastic in the tackle. If he plays a strong side against us it will be the same players who will be getting into the side for their final. Give them something to think about.
  8. If Mo wants to leave I would like us to sign that young Lautaro Martinez fella from Inter. From what I've seen of him through my scarlet-tinted glasses he made me think he could play like Suarez. Martin Odegaard who is angling to leave Real Madrid might make a decent alternative to Bobby.
  9. 'Cereal' semi-final failure specialist: Only Going SoFar?
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