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  1. Adam Clery analysis on 442 worth a watch. He knows a lot more than me about footy tactics. He thought it was a pen as well.
  2. 'The players are not the problem. The manager and his set up is' says Code 72. Let's look at some of the games we've drawn and lost then - what sticks out ? 1 - Man City at home - Skrtel not looking as he made the back pass - cost us 2 points, i repeat a guy on a fortune not looking as he made a back pass. 2 - Man City away - Reina going walkabout cost us 2 points. 3 - WBA at home - Agger losing his man for goal one and then letting Lukaku take the pish and run by him for goal 2. He should have chopped him down at least and took the consequences for the 2nd goal as any United defender would have done. 3 examples off the top of my head but I am know there are plenty more. Look at Gerrard yesterday for the third - why wasn't he bombing after their player when it broke down ? That's his job as a cm ! These are not run of the mill mistakes and fuck ups. A number of the players are clearly not up to it and it is their fault not the managers.
  3. YES. Without any debate whatsoever. The idea that anybody starts a new job and everything goes well is nonsensical. Regardless of what he says he probably looked at all our defenders and thinks I want new ones but this is the shite i've inherited so I need to make the best of it. Our full backs our great bombing forward but can't defend AND all our defnders make inexplicably terrible mistakes. I hope Agger and Skrtel both go for loads of cash - Skrtel looks the part but isn't and is in reality a lightweight and Agger under pressure looks like me in my work skivving off for a ciggy . Sometimes centre halves need to be the last man standing and despite the mayhem going on around them carry the team, even under loads of pressure. Ours fold.
  4. Saw Rodgers pre-match interview and there was a suggestion that he thought we may struggle in first game. Talked about how we finish the league being more important than how we start (can't remember exact words) and made reference to Arsenal last season.
  5. Bar goalie Gerrard would probably be our best player in every position on the park even at his relatively advanced age. At the moment he is undroppable and what message does dropping the Captain of any team, after one league game send out ? Think Downing will be warming the bench soon. Once Assaidi up and running he will go straight in - I expect him to play against Hearts. Didn't watch game yesterday just listened but would Borini have done better as the main striker down the middle with Suarez playing on left or right of front 3 ?
  6. Area around Prenzlauerberg great for going out - trendy and cheap. Two interesting bars I was in were anarchist squat bar called 'Supermolly' and a STASI themed bar called 'Der firma' (the firm - unofficial name Stasi called themselves) that is on same street as STASI complex, think street name is Normenanstrasse. Best going there during the day for some 'East German' food. Have been a few times. Advice I would give is if you go out boozing as you do in UK then you'll be going home just as Berliners are going out. Pubs don't get busy until midnight.
  7. Rangers no chance of SPL football. Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen already said they'll vote against Newco rangers getting in. Dundee United have said today they'll vote against them getting in. Only 5 out of the 12 clubs need to vote against them which leaves Celtic ! There is no way they'll vote to admit them even if they wanted to.
  8. What football fan would have questioned their owner if they'd won 9 titles in a row and european cup football every season, as was the case with Rangers under murray ? If your team is winning all the time, getting big wads of cash from the champions league you would presume things like finance would be fine.
  9. I don't think Rangers fans have a monopoly on being annoying ! Celtic fans are up there with them. Mention European Cups to Celtic fans and somebody in the company will always say 'we were the first British team to win it with all our players born within 30 miles of Glasgow and we changed the way football was played in Europe by defeating Italian catenacchio'. It's drummed in from an early age. Rangers fans perspective on what they want depends on their age. Older Rangers fans think they should take their punishment and if that means 3rd division football so be it. Younger fans want to get into the English Premier - cue debate that within 2-3 years they would compete at the top end !! Yawn yawn cos it ain't going to happen. Hibs fans I know have calculated that 2 home games against Rangers recoup about £300,000 in ticket sales - i.e affordable losses cos they get reasonable crowds and a price worth paying ! It is the likes of ST Mirren, St Johnstone, Kilmarnock, Motherwell etc who would really miss the cash generated by home games against Rangers cos they get poor gates. Worth looking at the story of Belfast Celtic disbanding and the impact that had on Linfield and their attendances.
  10. When he was expelled by Labour in 2003/4 Scottish telly couldn't find anybody on the streets of his seat (Glasgow Kelvin) who would defend him because he was a terrible constituency M.P. What did the sketch writers call him ? 'the Honourable Member fo Baghdad South' or something similar. His voting record in the commons is awful. Galloway didn't expect to win the other day. On radio the night before he said they had run Labour close. His win can't just be put down to Muslim voters but it is a factor. He put out a bizarre leaflet claiming 'God knows who the real Muslim is'. He is undeniably opportunist. In Glasgow last year he courted the catholic vote and then when things got desperate he explicitly sought the Celtic vote.
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