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    I tend to find that with most movies. One book I've been reading is Gangsters and Goodfellas. Henry Hill's life in the witness protection. He goes into a bit more detail about the Vario crew and the near hits on his life. Fascinating how people could live the way these mobsters did.
  2. Cropsy


    Yeah if anyone who owed him money hadn't paid he'd kidnap their kids and lock them in freezers. He was suspected of killing over 80 people but only convicted of 1
  3. Cropsy


    Sounds Awesome. Have you watched the Jimmy Burke documentary on Youtube? That was one scary mf'er lol
  4. Cropsy


    No I haven't mate. I do enjoy watching documentries on mafia members. Brasco was the under cover cop that ended up building a bond the the mobsters he was spying on, is that somewhat accurate?
  5. Cropsy


    As good as the movie is, it's almost a comedy in comparison to the real deal. There's documentries on youtube about Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill. Well worth a watch if you want to know how messed up these guys really were
  6. Cropsy

    Female Vocalists

    Rachel Stevens is underrated imo
  7. Golden Brown - The Stranglers All Around the world - Oasis House of the rising sun - The Animals Cold as Ice - MOP Thou Shalt - Young Bick Two Princes - Spin Doctors