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    And when they get into a bidding war who benefits the most...
  2. Sandman40

    Other football - 2020/21

    Haha! To be fair I have more confidence in him scoring than Richarlson!
  3. Sandman40

    Other football - 2020/21

    Only Alisson starting for Brazil against Venuzuela
  4. Sandman40

    Takumi Minamino

    Cheers! I need to increase my Echo reading from never to once in a while
  5. Sandman40

    Takumi Minamino

    Anyone want to take a guess why?
  6. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Another Everton first?
  7. Sandman40

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Steve Bruce’s daughter
  8. Liverpool: Alisson, N. Williams, R. Williams, Matip, Tsimikas, Milner, Wijnaldum, Jones, Mane, Salah, Origi. Subs: Adrian, Kelleher, Fabinho, Firmino, Minamino, Jota, Robertson, Cain, Clarkson, Koumetio.
  9. Sandman40

    Ray Clemence

    Wish he could play the entire match in that shirt..
  10. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Is Ederson hurt or is he just tired of watching the best keeper in the world play?
  11. Sandman40

    Youth Team/Cup

    I might be wrong but I think it was Wigan’s first team they played against not the under-23s
  12. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I’m pretty sure her husband is an Evertonian so he is probably the one with the ticket
  13. Sandman40

    Lincoln (A) League Cup 24/9/20 - 19:45

    So the end of Brewster?
  14. Sandman40

    Other football - 2020/21

    The Derby County team when they only had 11 points the entire season?
  15. Sandman40

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    I have had a long think about your problem and I think we should do a combination of both
  16. Sandman40

    Takumi Minamino

  17. Sandman40

    Napoli (H) Champions League 27/11/19 - 8pm

    Can we still eat the pizza?
  18. Sandman40

    Sadio Mane

    Haha I was wondering the same thing...apparently Swaziland changed the name of their country to Eswatini. Although the Jawa response could be the right answer...
  19. Sandman40

    Anybody else fucking despise international football?

    They do. But it is the tournament when you are only allowed to play players from your domestic league.
  20. Sandman40

    Norwich (H) 9/8 Premier League

    Klopp said that Mane will be available for selection at the presser yesterday
  21. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Joao Virginia? Sounds like a randomly generated name on a video game
  22. Sandman40

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Alexis Sanchez?
  23. Sandman40

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Don’t know if it is true but...
  24. Sandman40

    Liverpool 08/09 & 18/19 Combined XI

    That week was quite the peak for young Andrea.