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  1. SPReds

    US shows recommendations

    Let’s just say its one of them programs that will divide opinion, but if you liked Gladiator & 300 I think you’ll like this show.
  2. SPReds

    US shows recommendations

    I'd highly recommend Spartacus; Blood & Sand
  3. SPReds

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Reina Johnson, Skrtel/Kelly Carra, Insua Gerrard, Mascherano Babel, Benayoun, Riera Torres
  4. SPReds

    In Brugge or The Departed

    Couldn't agree more......& i also think the original "Infernal Affairs" is a far superior film than The Departed.
  5. SPReds

    Do you like beetroot?

    You think your wee smells bad after beetroot? try eating asparagus :sniff: Agree!! i love beetroot on salad
  6. SPReds

    Your top ten films

    Ha ha No......Its Danis Tanovic movie about the Bosnian War, if you've never seen it, its an excellent film that's well worth a look
  7. SPReds

    Your top ten films

    Thurder Heart Immortal Beloved BrotherHood Dead Man Sling Blade Withnail & I The Big Lebowki Twelve Angry Men No Mans Land Witness Irreversible Bubba Ho-Tep Savior Amistad Clerks The Line Red Line Predator Monsters Ball The Man Who Wasn't There Amores Perros Menento
  8. SPReds

    You're favourite non Liverpool player

    Boniek legend of the 82 world cup ha ha....Kevin Sheedy shame were he ended up playing but he was a class player. Claudio Caniggia use to really like his fella then he went & signed for rangers! My favourite been Maradona Out of today's lot easy! Kaka & Messi
  9. SPReds

    100 Million (Dollars)

    If this is true its got to be the Sheikh putting the cash up to force the issue of that fat cunt Hicks selling up. Gillett couldn't even put the 20 million together for the refinancing last year! That really is a lovely thought of Hicks going bankrupt it might also explain why he's trying so hard to hold on to us even tho he's hated, mind you there was a story knocking around last year about Hicks going broke!
  10. SPReds

    100 Million (Dollars)

    Didn't Rafa only the other day say the "final solution" was close maybe this is it! Also wasn't Gillett at today's game!!
  11. 1. Carra 2. Alonso 3. Mascherano
  12. SPReds

    19 Years

    Thoughts go out to all the family's affected Rest In Peace The 96 YNWA JUSTICE
  13. His! Reaction after the todays game Sky Sports | Media | Video | Latest Videos
  14. SPReds

    Aldridge in Istanbul

    Fantastic that the commentary is just class it had me buzzing! Its been way to long since I last watched or listened to that! Cheers for posting it mate.... Is that Dave in crowd around 01:10 in to the clip :whistle: