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  1. KMD7

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 5

    Taxi Driver and Day Of The Jackal
  2. KMD7

    Great fictional lawyers...

    The great character actor Bruce McGill kicking ass in the Insider. I know it's based on true life events but the acting is so good in it. One of my favourite movie scenes.
  3. KMD7

    Great fictional lawyers...

    It's a really good film.
  4. KMD7

    Other football - 2020/21

    If that result doesn't motivate us to put in a performance against that shower tomorrow night then nothing will.
  5. KMD7

    Chris Lawler

    Tenner sent. Hope he gets sorted soon.
  6. KMD7

    Chris Lawler

    Great stuff.
  7. KMD7

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 5

    Fucking Hell tough group. Every film on that list is a classic. Going to go with Rocky and Midnight Express.
  8. KMD7

    The Twitter

    Ha ha brilliant
  9. KMD7

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Just makes me want her more
  10. KMD7

    Other football - 2020/21

    Absolutely mate. They should have gone balls out to win tonight and roll the dice for our match.
  11. KMD7

    Best music video ever ?

    Godley & Creme were involved in some great music videos in the 80's.
  12. KMD7

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 2

    The Conversation and Enter The Dragon
  13. KMD7

    The Space Thread

    You would imagine there has to be some form of life there.
  14. KMD7

    How annoying are Coldplay ?

    I'm not a massive U2 fan but you're right about Under A Blood Red Sky.
  15. His team should have at least 15 points less than they have this season thanks to the crazy VAR/Ref decisions they received so fuck him, and fuck them.
  16. KMD7

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Dad's Army, Bottom, Rising Damp and Fawlty Towers