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  1. Great report, you are spot on about Mancini. In fact can't diagree with any points tbh.
  2. fivein05

    Sports Personality of the Year

    I heard Michael Owen was there to recieve the inaugural "Lance Armstrong" trophy for medal theft...
  3. fivein05

    Hillsborough "The Search For Truth" 10.25pm

    Go on youtube and input Hillsborough Tottenham Hotspur, years before our Semi final Spurs fans were caught up in a similar scenario. There but for the grace of God eh.
  4. fivein05


    Done and posted link on facebook, We have the truth, now lets bring the justice! Justice for the 96
  5. fivein05

    Everton fans

    Great touch by the second best supporters in the country.;)
  6. fivein05

    West Brom away on Sat

    Will hopefully be there Alan. I still remember that awful day when Villa where beating United only for United to come back and win. The West Brom fans were delighted and we stood there like we had just been told they had run out of Donners! Great pub that one. "The Vine" I think its called, its like the Rovers Return if it was in a Bollywood Film...
  7. fivein05

    Pompey fans

    I know someone who knows that Portsmouth Fan with the dreads? He is from a quite well to do family and works in the Family Antiques Store during the week in well modest attire.
  8. fivein05


    Mates in 105 im in 106. Bought tickets last week, still not had any e-mail or tickets yet!
  9. fivein05

    "Maverick Sabre"

    Born in England, brought up in Ireland. His last Video was made in New Ross ROI where my mrs is from. Talks like a dublin Black Man.....bellend.
  10. fivein05


    Didnt think that we would get another 2000 tickets, agree about the restricted view as well.
  11. Good report. My first visit to Old Trafford on Saturday and I was disappointed all round, thought I couldn't hate them more than I did...I was wrong.
  12. I was always thinking the hard shoulder shitter had an alterior motiv. Even from the early comments about him walking Evra down to the referees room after the league game,to his press conferences in the fallout. If when he was asked the question about the handshake on Saturday he distanced himself along the lines of he hadnt seen it but if Suarez did do it the he is a silly lad, something along them lines, but to say what he did proved that he doesn't give a fuck about the racism issue,he only wants to keep this in the press as long as he can and undermine our club as much as he can.
  13. fivein05

    Is Slur Alex losing the plot?

    No he's not losing the plot. He is a reasonable guy who thinks lucidly and answers all questions put to him in a level headed manner. Ok he's a bellend!
  14. fivein05

    Gingers (NSFW)

    This thread make me pine for my ex.... she was good.