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  1. Tossed and blown

    Featured: That was the week that was (Jun 2-8 2018)

    Baldism The final taboo
  2. Tossed and blown

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 9-13 2017)

    ‘stupid bald head’ ‘eggheaded goon’ No mention of these terms in the Steve McMahon interview?!
  3. Tossed and blown

    Huddersfield 0 Liverpool 3 (January 30 2018)

    Who scored the pen? Can sent the keeper the wrong way but Salah scored? I’ll have to check the Echo
  4. Tossed and blown

    George Michael

    Well he did a few really good songs. I can remember the 'Praying for Time' album, and then it came out that he was a bummer (I fell for that stuff with the Chinese bird). And then Michael Stipe came out as well. Stopped listening to them and then started again. For me the true legacy is realising that all of the gays aren't bad news. At least not the ones you know. I even have a couple of gay friends now (I don't ask for details). Respect George.
  5. Tossed and blown

    George Michael

    It's going to be the bad type here isn't it?
  6. Tossed and blown

    Featured: TLW Diary (August 2016)

    I met Bradley Walsh and some of his family on holiday, nice fella with a real brassy cockney wife. He had a proper shiner as well, so when I asked my missus how he could have got it, she says 'Well, in the time it took you to drink two pints, he had four pints and a short'. I am not a slow drinker.
  7. Tossed and blown

    Liverpool 4 Leicester City 1 (Sep 10 2016)

    I remember being on the Kop singing Piechnick's name and he turned and clapped...... with the ball actually in play and the other team attacking
  8. Tossed and blown

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 19-21 2016)

    I thought it was called the gwillum
  9. We'll have a fervent crowd until the first home draw / defeat. And ravenous more in the style of a handicapped fella with a busted oven.
  10. Tossed and blown


    Guilty of many things. But not kiddy fiddling.
  11. Tossed and blown


    Couldn't be less bothered. Tedious little twat, shame that Jamiroquai turd wasn't at the same orgy.
  12. Tossed and blown

    Liverpool 2 Manchester United 0 (Mar 10 2016)

    Less of the baldy hate please
  13. Tossed and blown

    All in for the Europa League

    What is the deal if the winner of the UEFA has already qualified for the CL through league position but the runner up doesn't? Is the UEFA place just lost then?
  14. Tossed and blown

    Step away, Steven. For your own sake - by Chris Smith

    Really well written
  15. Tossed and blown

    Adidas Trainers

    Scorpion Shoes has a sale that ends today, 25% off including the sale prices plus free postage. Got a few pairs including black suede indoor gazelles for a little over thirty quid!