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  1. The Chef

    Mohamed Salah

    He looked disappointed that he had not scored when he was getting subbed.
  2. The Chef

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    Nainggolan offers power and loves a tackle. Any takers.
  3. The Chef

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    Get rid. Actually just shoot him.
  4. The Chef

    Triathlon Thread

    I done dublin in 2006 also. That was my first. Followed by cork in 2008. If you thought Dublin was hard, try Cork. Lots of Hills on June bank holiday weekend. Must have been 20 degrees plus.
  5. The Chef

    Triathlon Thread

    Boxing and UFC are defo the fittest with cardio morning training and strength in the evening. However Tri is not far behind. Wth the 3 disciplines you are covering all aspects of fitness. Has me bunched for sure. Today for example was only a morning session but that consisted of a 20k run as I've a marathon coming up in 5 weeks.
  6. The Chef

    Aston Villa (h) 26/9/15

    Happy we won but pissed that it delays the execution. Sooner the better he goes but that means we gotta be beaten.
  7. The Chef

    Triathlon Thread

    I done a pre Barca Ironman 2 weeks ago consisting of a 3k swim, 130k on bike and a10 k run. I ain't doing Barca but lads I train with are. Planning Challange Galway which is a full Ironman distance next June but focusing on Dublin marathon in 5 weeks. Training does take up a lot of time but once you get started, it's very addictive.
  8. The Chef

    Triathlon Thread

    Monday, Wednesday ,Friday. - Am- 3k swim. Pm 12/15 k run Tuesday, Thursday - Am 50/60 k gym bike. Pm 3k swim. Saturday - 4/5 hr outdoor bike. 80/100k Sunday- rest. 6am starts are tough but only way to manage it.
  9. The Chef

    Triathlon Thread

    In training to do a full Ironman next year.
  10. The Chef

    Triathlon Thread

    Spanish lads different class.
  11. The Chef

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    Needs putting down. Don't think we're gonna see the sturridge,who partnered the small South American lad who tore David Luis a new asshole last night, ever again.
  12. The Chef

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    Barkley and Varatti for Starters. Mains to follow.
  13. The Chef

    Testimonial for Gerrard

    Mario been great today. 1 week to late and more than likely 1 week to early.
  14. The Chef

    Do you think we'll finish in the top 4?

    I voted yes. Here's why. With 24 point for the talking with the 8 games left, both us and the filth will drop points. However I do believe they will come out worse off then us and we will just manage 4th. It's the teams struggling at the bottom and fighting to stay in the prem so as to get some of that Huge TV Money that will be made available come next season, that will cause more problems than those sitting comfortable in top half. That defeat will be the kick in the nads we needed to get back on track. There were signs against Swansea and if they had a decent goal scorer they would have beaten us. I reckon we will beat the Gooners and Villa get a draw at Castle Greyskull. There are a lot more twists to come........... so believe.