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  1. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    No mate, if I had've wanted to make this about Australia and England, I would have said something like we've won 5 and you've "shared" one. But anyway, enjoy the victory... you'll have an Ashes win soon to be Evertonian about too.
  2. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    I've read it mentioned that it wouldn't be at all unfair for the two countries to share the trophy. I'm certain this tournament's rulings will not be in place for the next one. You shouldn't lose if you haven't been beaten (even after a tie-breaker) - so to speak. If there were weather days for semi finals, maybe a replay day for the final - a few days later?
  3. I was too. And July 30, 1966 - the day of the World Cup Final - was my Mum and Dad's wedding day.
  4. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    I'd take it as a compliment. Or alternatively, as Twitter shite.
  5. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    Perhaps they should have just had a replay on Wednesday!
  6. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    What, the second run shouldn't have counted because the ball deflected off the bat prior to completion of the second run?
  7. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    The only trouble with head-to-head, I think it was mentioned, is what if 3 teams are on the same points? It was a fantastic game of cricket... and the reason it was a fantastic game of cricket was that it resembled proper cricket... bowlers in with a chance, batsman having to fight, ups and downs etc. These formulaic 300-plus games played on roads are generally as boring as batshit, I think... that's the problem with ODIs... 7 hours of slogging becomes tedious when you can have an hour and a half each in a T20 and people get a kick out of it. One Day Cricket was much more interesting years ago, when the basics of cricket were still more closely adhered to. The best, most exciting games I've seen by far, were the ones where sub-200 totals won matches. Anyway, hats off to to England and NZ... that was a good, old-fashioned fantastic game of one day cricket, and a fitting way for a new name to go on the trophy. As for the Ashes, I simply don't trust Australia's batting in English conditions - especially since the only two decent batsmen in the side remain Warner and Smith. The rest are pish. Those two would need to make 450-500 each for the series. That and/or Starc and Cummins go ape shit with the ball. These "ifs" are far too big for my liking.
  8. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    I'd say the fact they tied the game, twice, is of great consolation to them. They can almost literally feel like they didn't lose. But England's name is on the Cup. And they'll do the double in the next couple of months.
  9. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    Under previous rules, they would have.
  10. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    Quite a good game this.
  11. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    ... I wonder if Sunil Gavankar will open the bowling for NZ.
  12. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    Ducking bouncers in an ODI. Fuck. Me.
  13. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    If NZ do win this, they will be the most benign World Cup winners ever.
  14. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    It has been risible.
  15. skaro

    The New Cricket Thread

    Most of them the cameras are on look well disguised as everyday punters who've probably just paid a fortune to watch a cricket game.