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  1. skaro

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 4

    I'll go for The Omen and Network.
  2. This. Never ever foresaw what was coming after that Palace game. I thought we'd walk the League after that. Thought we were fantastic. In a league of our own. Simply didn't see the abject shitshow coming. Perhaps I was kidding myself. I remember Dave's match report for the Palace game and his saying that the scoreline perhaps flattered us or some such. He was very very right, unfortunately. Also, if I'm honest Tottenham sacking Mourinho on the verge of a League Cup Final and right in the top 4 mix sums ups how silly this season is.
  3. skaro

    Other football - 2020/21

    Empty stadiums starting to take its toll on football. At the end of the day, without fans, it's simply not engaging. This emptiness has suited a soulless team like Man City down to the ground. But it makes you give even less of a fuck than ever.
  4. skaro

    Man Utd Fans

    Would have had to have contained a Polar/Grizzly cross to hurt Souey in his pomp.
  5. skaro

    Man Utd Fans

    Let's drain that Manchester Canal thing. The trade stealing, port city economy destroying bastards.
  6. We all dream of a team of Sky-pundits.
  7. skaro

    Man Utd Fans

    The way you put this, Scott, any decent person with a social(ist) conscience, would/should give football the arse. Oh, and movies. And F1.
  8. Carragher can be thankful they aren't ruthless at News Corp about whom they employ.
  9. I never look forward to United at Old Trafford. It's angst I no longer need in my life.
  10. By all means, let them deal with United in whatever way is appropriate. For once, we won't be implicated in the wrongdoing. United are the cunts and we aren't. That's a win.
  11. Fair enough. I'm not arsed about it. Personally, I don't think we've got an edge over anyone, anytime at the moment - and if I were United, I'd have fancied playing us at Old Trafford off the back of a 6-2 win.
  12. I have absolutely no problem with this game NOT being rescheduled. And yep, I'd take the 3 points gifted too. But I also don't think their supporters felt like postponing this game to spite or disadvantage us.
  13. And that was only a few months ago, if we recall.
  14. Who gives a fuck when we play them? It's a meaningless fixture in the context of this season. United are safe in second, we have no hope of 4th. Even the age-old bitter rivalry is a damp squib right now. For once, those Manc supporters have done everyone a favour, and it had fuck all to do with trying to fuck us over. They want to have a dig at their Yanks, fine. Their business. Hopefully, they do it again and the match gets scrapped.
  15. skaro


    I do wish we'd get our seasonal dates aligned. It would make the virus's job a lot less confusing and more efficient. Dec 1 is summer here.