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  1. skaro

    El Diego, snuffed it?

    My apologies, Shilton goes without saying. And always has. The fact he took 50-odd caps off Clemence - at a time when the England national team was making Churchill's "wilderness years" look an unqualified success - is QED.
  2. skaro

    El Diego, snuffed it?

    Perhaps he was the one made to look the silliest... "He's fat, he's round and worth a million pound... Peter Ried... Peter Reid".
  3. skaro

    El Diego, snuffed it?

    Best loved the parties like an insecure, talented person - detached, lonely, too young and without guidance or love - loves parties, drink, sex, fame etc... I think. From what I've read, he was obsessed with football as a kid, as an escape from everyday insignificance. Like millions of kids I guess.
  4. skaro

    El Diego, snuffed it?

    In fairness, Best was no myth, I don't think. Like Maradona, he was a footballing genius who, flawed life-wise, became larger than life. Football, life, fiction, fact, rumour, triumph, tragedy became blurred, exaggerated, misinterpreted etc... What I don't get is... when a famous, talented cunt dies, people have to engage in inane, petty, biased gainsaying and point-scoring. RIP, George. RIP, Diego.
  5. skaro

    Rangers/Stevie Gerrard 2020/21

    I used to follow Rangers (as a Scottish interest) when I was a kid aged 9 or 10 - I didn't know about any of that sectarian stuff. Even when I did learn about it, I didn't really think any of it. Then, in London in an Acton pub one night in 1989, a Scottish drinking acquaintance of mine, Brian, introduced me to his "friend", a Rangers supporter. All hunky dory, I thought. So I told this bloke, ironically in my naive opinion, that I followed Rangers even though I happened to be a Catholic. He tried to glass me, while hissing though his clenched teeth, "you've got NO RIGHT to support Rangers". Something of an eye opener, that evening. Some months later, having moved to Paddington, I made acquaintance with a 'Gers man from the Glasgow shipyards... Kenny. He and I enjoyed a few ciders/lagers over the ensuing months. Luckily, he seemed OK with my weird allegiances. I'm not fussed about Rangers any longer.
  6. skaro

    El Diego, snuffed it?

    Christ, imagine the field day they'll have relegating Pele... a contemporary also-ran of those unmatched Manc glory days... when he croaks.
  7. skaro

    El Diego, snuffed it?

    He was rather a good player, and well known, and a throw back to football days gone by - days which haven't really got any better. Would a bit of festoonery, even disingenuous, have been such a bad thing?
  8. And ifithadnabinfer Superga....
  9. Yep. Shit like this is going to happen every now and again. One, outrageous schedule. Two, injuries. Three, our squad - good as the system is - will not carry the day every time. (And I suspect, deep down, the League would take priority.) So, hopefully, Brighton will enjoy a rogering.
  10. Funny that. Also, I kind of get the feeling this type of result nicely plays into Jurgen's current narrative of fixture pile-ups, 12.30 kick-offs etc... Keeps everything nice and antsy.
  11. Be nice to meet Borussia Monchengladbach somewhere along the way.
  12. An away game against Brighton is more important than this game. And that's the truth. Image saying that in 1980.
  13. Don't be making Scandinavian jokes, mate... you don't want you-know-who coming round to Cambridgeshire with his feral mink.
  14. skaro

    US Election 2020 Thread

    The Gettysburg Burlesque.