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  1. Skaro

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 12-14 2019)

    Neil Warnock reminds me of Alice Richards, the old bat with the hearing aid in that episode of Fawlty Towers.
  2. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    I think you'll find that the twist on their famous slogan is the central pillar of the "cleverness" of it, comrade. That's as facile as success can often be in advertising. Mind you, the simplicity of it - believe me - can be hard to achieve.
  3. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    34 years a copywriter, next Monday. And your Dad was spot on. About advertising, not you. But I'm sure you'd have been great at it.
  4. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    Would have been much more prestigious if I'd italicised it. Luddite me.
  5. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    Being a person of authenticity as I suspect you are, Babb, you may think differently if you saw it from the inside like I do... where faux morality is pedalled from the cloistered environment of urban elitism and, yes, often viewed through the prism of a champagne flute and other recreational refreshments. If only the high-fiving was an honest, even cynical admission of solipsism/narcissism/opportunism/careerism, I'd be OK with it... it's the self-deception that we are genuinely and only doing it for the benefit of the less fortunate/oppressed that I find cloying. Still, it's a living.
  6. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    It's most likely an advertising agency trying to win awards.
  7. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    Perhaps Wilkinson can change its name to "Pork" in an advertising counter-offensive.
  8. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    He may have changed his internet persona again by then.
  9. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    At least you're angry though, Tone.
  10. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    You're sacked, Babb. That's the ad game, old chap.
  11. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    You've got the job, Babb.
  12. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    Corny. Cheesy. Nacho is the new macho.
  13. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    We're all cucked.
  14. Skaro

    The Best A Man Can Be

    Yep. That's the last 34 years knackered for me then.