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  1. Sorry if already posted, but I love a local pun.
  2. Maybe he just wanted to play for Everton all along.
  3. Just woke up and watched a 20-minute replay package, without knowing the result. It was so much better than my lame prediction. Un.bel.iev.able.
  4. skaro

    Worst stand-up comedian ever

    What? Irrelevant, fetishistic, missing the point, extremityist?
  5. skaro

    Other football - 2020/21

    Last period of the Palace/Villa game has been crazily entertaining. 3-2.
  6. 0-7 - a palindromic endpoint to the excruciatingly painful, Titanic turning-circle of a turnaround since Palace before Christmas.
  7. skaro

    The shitness of modern football

    "Modern" Cup Final day - with League games played on the day and the fucked up 5.15 kick-off has been near the very top of my list of "shitness of modern football gripes" for years now... (I remember, for instance, Steve Bruce's Wigan handing United the League title in an early game on Cup Final Day some years back by obligingly playing a game of kick-to-kick with them for 90 mins. In fact, I've completely forgotten who even played in the Cup Final later that day). But today was rather nice I thought. I tuned in just before Leicester scored... and I had no idea they were letting some fans in for this. Leicester breaking their Cup duck and seeing people back at football, it almost felt a bit like the old "Romance of the Cup". I was even kind of happy for Rodgers. Getting soft in my old age.
  8. A very nice rearrangement. So long and thanks for the riot.
  9. Get fucking in, Mo, you beautiful little Pharaoh!!!
  10. The refereeing tonight has been akin to Mother Theresa performing an abortion with a coat hanger.
  11. This match is getting batshit crazy.
  12. Christ, if this goes fucking wrong... how much fucking crueller could a season get.
  13. The Manchester United "tired" excuses have started. And no wonder: they only made 10 changes from Tuesday's starting XI.