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  1. Nelly-Torres

    Lib Dems

    She's fucking shite, isn't she. Decent tits though.
  2. Nelly-Torres

    Israel - A Rant

    "hey guys, smell my freedom and democracy gas, you mother!"
  3. Nelly-Torres

    Lib Dems

    It's really petty by the Lib Dems and shows that their "Bollocks to Brexit" gimmicky slogan has numerous caveats applied to it once you dig deeper. It's a hollow promise. The plan is to install an interim government. Purely to prevent a no deal Brexit. This government won't be elected on a manifesto or a series of policy pledges. It'll be installed for one purpose. And Swinson's personal dislike of Corbyn (not his politics and policies which will be largely irrelevant in the scenario in which he'd govern) appears to be more important to her than bollocking Brexit. More Lib Dem lies and smoke and mirrors.
  4. Nelly-Torres

    Lib Dems

    Correct. Wasn't Corbyn pilloried and called childish, immature etc when he refused to sit down for talks with May? Obviously, the same won't apply to Swinson...
  5. Nelly-Torres

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

  6. Nelly-Torres

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    I'm kinda getting into this winning stuff malarkey. Long may it continue!
  7. Nelly-Torres

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    What's going on with the passing? And the basic control of the ball? We've been absolutely woeful with the ball. Just constantly giving it away. Under very little pressure. Matip and Salah have done alright. The rest have been utterly woeful
  8. Nelly-Torres

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    It's real footie. Not footie manager on the PC. Lovren will get next to no game time. He's done that to a lesser extent last season. He'll likely get even less game time this season. And he's 30. He's not going to want to sit around on the bench in the latter stages of his career. He'd probably only feature in league cup games. Maybe the FA Cup too. That limited game time is better going to someone like Hoever. We'll be fine. Hoever can play CB. Fabinho can slot in there for the odd game or two. Hasn't Robertson played at centre back for Scotland a few times too? Gini bossed it when he played there against Brighton. We'll be sound.
  9. Nelly-Torres

    TV Licence

  10. Nelly-Torres

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Eaten By An Escalator is just starting on Channel 5. I'll report back soon!
  11. Nelly-Torres

    Rise of the far right in Europe.

    That look when you try to shoot up a mosque in Norway but come face-to-face with a badass 65 year old Muslim bloke...
  12. Nelly-Torres

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Who's fucking arsed?
  13. Nelly-Torres

    Rise of the far right in Europe.

    Rod's chatting utter fucking bubbles again...
  14. Nelly-Torres

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Anthony Taylor from Wythenshawe awards a penalty.
  15. Nelly-Torres

    Other Football - 2019/20

    The Mancs are still fucking bollocks. Chelsea look refreshed. Might just be a new manager bounce though.