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  1. I’ve noticed an increasing amount of these videos popping up on Facebook reels and Instagram. Genuinely creepy to see that some (probably) bloke has gone out to film girls and women while they’ve let their guards down and are just trying to have a good night. I clicked on the comments on one the other day as it was saying it was “Liverpool nightlife” but it was clearly filmed in Manchester. The attached article is correct. Some of the comments were horrible - nasty, body shaming, misogynistic etc. I agree with the police consider prosecution in such instances. But, just as long as they get around to dishing out the same treatment to the staff at the Daily Mail and the freelancers used whenever they’re out and about clandestinely snapping pics of women’s drawers etc whenever Ladies Day or a student fresher week comes around. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2024/apr/19/women-urged-to-contact-police-over-manchester-nightlife-online-videos
  2. Somebody has just set themselves on fire outside the courthouse where the Orange ones trial is being held.
  3. Nothing on here then. As false written statements constitute libel, not slander. This might’ve been better in the grammar pedantry thread though.
  4. These guys who are bombing Syria, Gaza, the Lebanon and now Iran just want peace!
  5. The damage was done in the first leg. But, tonight was worse, for me. To score so early, then have a huff and very little puff for the rest of the first half was shite. But, that second half was absolutely insipid shite. Absolutely no width in the team again. Atalanta tightened up in the second half, but we still insisted on trying to play through the middle of them. That’s when we bothered trying. That period of play around the 80th minute when we seemed to spend ages just passing the ball around between Alisson, the two CBs and Mac Allister was mind boggling. We were playing like a team who were involved in a fixed World Cup qualifier. Not looking to score, not looking to concede. It’s almost as if they forgot that we needed to score 2 more to stay in. That showed a lack of ideas too. Why when we’ve got two big lads up top in Nunez and Danns didn’t we go a bit more direct and try and pick up second balls or win free kicks higher up the pitch? It was awful. The tempo. The attitude. The ownership. The lack of risk. Going through the motions stuff. The tactics. The lot of it. Utter pish. Klopp has given us some of our greatest nights in Europe. So, it’s sad to see his final European campaign ending in such an un-Klopp like performance. To be blunt, he was tactically outclassed by Gasperini over the two legs.
  6. This witch has surely got to be taking the piss?
  7. You’ve got to laugh at the City fans keeping the ball from a missed penalty and then ending up putting off their own player so he missed. Hilarious. Let’s hope City get another half hour of extra time at the weekend too.
  8. Today is Palestinian Prisoners Day. It’s held annually to acknowledge the 3,600 plus Palestinians detained in Israel without charge or trial. #FreeTheHostages
  9. So, as it stands, we appear to be at this position? People actively defending a racist tweet = not racist. People not noticing or not condemning a distasteful post = racists. It’s good to know that they’re the rules going forward.
  10. Was just going to post about the girl shot in the head. They're just some of the most depraved scum to have ever graced the earth.
  11. Just watched the highlights of tonight’s game. Pickford is absolutely woeful. The kicking error aside, he should probably do better for every goal apart from the penalty. Looks a bit out of position for the first. Palms the ball right out into the danger area for the second. He should make sure that his dive for the Jackson goal (4th?) covers the post. It doesn’t and the ball creeps in. He probably deserves the least criticism for the Gilchrist goal as he was just left unchallenged to bring the ball under control and shoot but the ball does seem to just go through Pickford a bit too easily. He’s massively overrated, for me.
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