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  1. Odds for LFC to qualify went up to 13.00 (decimal) after Mo’s injury. Was 11.00 before. I wanna win (both) so badly, Leicester is in good form at the moment so maybe maybe.. Get a 0-0 1st half and then anything is possible. Barca without Mo and Bobby, I think we might end up 3-1 or something. But I really really despise the fuckers, so 5-1!
  2. RazorBack

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Heroes we are, I love this example. Doing the "marketing" for our company, working with young athletes (footballers among others). Hope this is not a breach of forum rules, delete it, if it is. Just watched this on replay a 100 times already. Brilliant! At least 1 trophy must be ours!
  3. RazorBack

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Spurs need points to stay in top4 don't they? Or they plan to win the CL?
  4. RazorBack

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    Any chance to catch MC on GD, this should be one of the,. But we are not as lethal.. buta 6-0 or so could put some pressure on City.
  5. If we would win the double this year. Can’t even imagine what that would be like for everyone inovled. Dreamland. Lets first win on the weekend.
  6. RazorBack

    Last 8 Draw

    I want city-juve barca-utd ajax-LFC porto-spurs I think we will get Juve or City though.
  7. Was thinking the same the other day when I was looking over some Bundesliga standings. I think it would be a good decision, but like someone else said, 10-20 clubs will never agree. If they come up they've met their goal..
  8. RazorBack

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Saw Mehdi Benatia went to Qatar or something for like 8-10m€. I would take him and get rid of Lovren easily.
  9. RazorBack

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Why people suggest Milner will leave? Does his contract run out? Otherwise he won't.
  10. RazorBack

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Do we need to get some English players in for the HG quota if so many of them look like leaving?
  11. RazorBack

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Who would you play over TAA? Clyne?
  12. RazorBack

    Dejan Lovren

    Something between great and Hrv-at, which means a Croatian in Croatian.
  13. RazorBack

    Dejan Lovren

    But he's a grat character.