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  1. I've seen this stat going around for a while now, how are we in comparison to net profit? I understand we had a lot of legacy/wages/infrastructure to pay for since FSG have been slowing trying to balance the books(Swiss Ramble.) The reason I ask all this is we always hear that they have too much money to fail. With the likes of Man City, Chelsea and now Newcastle adding to the sports washing; along with questions marks over whether Klopp will extend his contract again. Will this increase in revenue keep us competitive and less reliable on a once in a generation talent like Klopp?
  2. Was it me? Or did the BT commentary last night get far too excited over a team Man Utd should really be beating?
  3. Reacher

    Geordie Arabia

    I do wonder how many lads will start to swerve it after Klopp leaves, it's definitely something I'm considering if this nonsense carries on. The mental gymnastics being done already would be hilarious if people weren't still being blown up
  4. Reacher

    Geordie Arabia

    Not sure that's something I'd be able to overlook tbh, real watershed moment in football this. Unfortunately there's far too many excuses being made already.
  5. Reacher

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Same old bile being made in the comments, I hope this stadium bankrupts them and we never have to deal with their sour faces ever again. Absolute lunatics the vast majority of them now unfortunately. I think Klopp and to a lesser extent Rafa have broken them.
  6. Reacher

    Curtis Jones

    Some people just cant admit there were wrong, some shocking opinions on the young lad earlier in this thread.
  7. Reacher

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'm actually surprised they've made it this far tbh, I'm still not sure how they are going to fill it at close to £70 a pop.
  8. Reacher

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Don't think that is entirely fair mate, if Klopp had a wobble now I'd imagine everyone on this board would be there every week. Under Hodgson we were in the midst of chronic under funding, a leveraged buyout and a pair of clowns that had no intention of make us competitive again. The only time I have voluntarily missed a match was under G&H, think it was Blackburn Rovers and Roy got sacked shortly after that. We only had two weapons, attendance and protests.
  9. Reacher

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Obviously take this with a huge pinch of salt but this is the alleged screen grab.
  10. Reacher

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not sure how real the screen grabs are but there's a pretty unsavoury rant by his ma on the lad that tackled him.
  11. As for those who don't think you can have a good game with poor finishing, there's not really much to say.
  12. No way he is back in 6-8 weeks, he'll only be walking unaided by then if he is lucky and surgery is soon/goes well.
  13. Reacher

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I've been saying this to my old man and a few mates for a while now, all I get back is "We'll be alright." You only have to look at when he lost his mum for a taste of what's to come. Unless FSG pull off some kind of masterstoke with his replacement there are gonna be a few people in for a rude awakening! Jurgen has worked absolute miracles being able to compete with Citeh, Real and Barca for the duration of his tenure. FSG surely know we can't carry on in the same vein, I'd happily spend the majority of our budget keeping Klopp happy or giving him a years sabbatical - he's a once in a generation manager.
  14. Reacher

    Man City - the new bitters?

    So that's a yes then? Looks like defection to me. What I do find interesting is and I know they are two completely different situation. Suarez got found guilty on the probability of events, even though we had expert witnesses that professed the opposite. It's my understanding that they've got City up to all sorts of no good with these emails. I appreciate that they don't want to be dragged through the courts, but its FIFA's, UEFA's and the FA's competition. Surely if City keep dismissing their instructions for the documents they can bar them from any association?
  15. Reacher

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'm looking at the transfer strategy so far (recycled limited cash coming in to buttress certain positions - Konate at CB) and I'd be worried if I'm a Kopite. They look intent on introducing a PL unproven Elliott, and investing more faith in players like Neco Williams, Tsimakis and Minamino; and retaining players like Keita and Milner. And VVD hasn't been tested again yet and looks like struggling to be fit. If they sell Salah late in the window they'll be sunk. As it stands I really cant make a case for them getting top 4. Like Quote Reply Report How many times do we need to finish above them, how many trophies do we need to win before he thinks we wont get relegated? I dread to think what's going on in his head, five minutes would seem like an eternity.