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  1. Doctor Troy

    Scruff Behaviour

    Ha, some people will go to any lengths to get out of paying for anything. This lad used to go the local paper shop on a sunday and stand there reading the papers for over 10 minutes then never buy any of them. Used to go out with some girl I know which was why we tolerated him, my brothers mate threatened to twat him one night when he was nicking people's ciggies. I almost ran him over in December as well when the dozy cunt walked out in front of my car with his headphones on. I should have just ran over the oxygen thief.
  2. Doctor Troy

    Scruff Behaviour

    Saw some fella on Twitter the other day who runs a coffee shop in town going on about influencers being the biggest cheap skate cunts going. Loads have asked him for free food in return for them taking photos of his place and mentioning how good it is. Cheeky bastards only have a few hundred followers and think it's a licence to blag free food. There's an ice cream shop in LA who serve actual famous people and he has told anyone who asks for free ice cream in exchange for a mention on Instagram will be charged double.
  3. Doctor Troy

    Scruff Behaviour

    Used to have a beer drinking competition in my house years ago which was a boss laugh and everyone always used to end up leathered. We told everyone to bring 6 cans of lager of similar strength and we would put in a massive ice bucket in the garden. Some cunt always used to turn up late while I was busy sorting out the draws for the group stages and say he had put his beer in the bucket which he hadn't then started swigging off everyone else's beer. Cunt managed to get away with it but was rumbled the second year when I overheard him bragging about it on his mobile outside. Banned him and made him look a cheap cunt in front of everyone. Always used to scrounge ciggies off people and go to real ale pubs asking for samples of beer without ever buying anything.
  4. Doctor Troy

    Slapper Stories

    Knowing you, you would be meeting her tonight.
  5. Doctor Troy

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They might get planning permission by then I reckon
  6. Doctor Troy

    Slapper Stories

  7. Doctor Troy

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    One of them piped up this morning on my facebook after I put up a gif of the anfield road end expansion. He said "well done for developing our old stadium". Yep. The one they never built or owned yet they still go on about it like it happened about a decade ago. Completely ignore the fact that your own team plays in a wooden shed and the new ground is just a dream.
  8. Doctor Troy

    Euro 2020(21)

    It would help and would have helped previous teams if the manager wanted to play a specific way with specific players. I think under Eriksson they played Australia at Upton Park and used two separate teams in each half. What can you do in that time and chaotic system?. It's like signing a player on loan, throwing him in for 45 minutes then being able to make an informed opinion on him. Every England build up games to tournaments always seem to be against the same standard of opposition they've twatted in qualifiers without breaking sweat. Years ago if England had got beat by someone half decent the press would have gone into hysterics and told the team not to turn up. Now they just lure themselves into a false sense of security by picking easy teams to go through the motions against. Playing against a good team(s) who will test you will show you how players react under pressure and if you lose you will learn from the bad things that happened. They played Romania a few weeks back who were no better than the teams they usually steamroller in qualifiers. He also included players in the game who had been cut from the squad which was completely pointless. In the 2014 World Cup they chose to play the mighty Ecuador and Honduras in Miami rather than acclimatise in Manaus where the first game was and maybe play a friendly there.
  9. Doctor Troy

    Slapper Stories

    I'll send you a couple on IM. Not posting them on here.
  10. Doctor Troy

    Euro 2020(21)

    England fans never litter anywhere as they are too busy throwing plastic chairs at people or running away from Russians with gopro cameras.
  11. Doctor Troy

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    At least it won't look that different to what it looks like today.
  12. Doctor Troy

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    By the time they get around to it the ground may well be under water.