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  1. Rush 346

    24hr parking in Liverpool

    Try King Park on Kings Dock St, Liverpool L1 8LE - a few minutes walk from Albert Dock and City centre
  2. Rush 346


    Ibiza would be ideal, October is a good month to visit, try Santa Eulalia or Es Cana. I would not advise you not to stay in San Antonio & Playa D'en Bossa.
  3. Rush 346

    True Detective.

    Just finished watching series 1 on the box sets with sky, best thing I have seen for a while, really enjoyed it. Where can I watch season 2?
  4. Rush 346

    Best steak in the north west, where?

    http://upstairsatthegrill.co.uk/steakhouse-restaurant-menus/dinner?no_redirect=true This is the best in Chester, try Bar Lounge across the street for post dinner drinks.
  5. On promo currently at Majestic wine - £1 a bottle
  6. Rush 346

    Chester races -saturday 12th

    Thanks, will take a look at this one
  7. Rush 346

    Chester races -saturday 12th

    Anything for Chester tomorrow?
  8. Rush 346

    Man City Vs Liverpool (August 25th, 2014)

    Where is the best place to park at The Etihad?
  9. Rush 346

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    Zero chance of a Yes majority
  10. Rush 346

    Rickie Lambert

    Neat and tidy first few touches, I never realised he was such a big unit, I would agree he looked like he was carrying a bit of timber to me yesterday, good signing though and was pleased to see him coming on yesterday, it lifted the atmosphere too in the ground
  11. Rush 346

    BT broadband

    Yes they have 38mb priced up at 23 per month and then 76mb priced at 26 per month which is useful (not)
  12. Rush 346

    Other Football - 2014-2015

    Is the Celtic game on TV tonight does anyone know?
  13. Rush 346

    BT broadband

    26 per month is it?
  14. Rush 346

    Sky Offer

    So how much is that?