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  1. john23liverpool

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Owner of the decade.
  2. john23liverpool


    Personally I thought Lovren was far superior to Sakho last season. He was our best player on the pitch a good few times last year especially towards the end of the season.
  3. john23liverpool

    Sky Offer

    I think it's rip off myself. If you are half way through a programme, you can stop watching on the main telly and carry on watching it on your ipad or spare telly. That's the main feature. Theres a shiny new menu and a few other bits and pieces but that's more or less it. Oh and it's 4k ready even though theres no 4k channels yet. And most people havent got 4k tellys.
  4. john23liverpool

    Changing what team you support

    I think it depends where you are from. If you are from a place that has no affinity to any club then it's easy to change. There arent many football supporters from Liverpool that support a team that is not Liverpool or Everton. Same for London, Manchester etc. It's the no mans land areas that get to choose any team that puzzle me. How can you have an affinity to an English football team when you are from Norway? Or Thailand? A lad I work with is a Man U supporter from Essex and he was telling me a load of people from his area are either Chelsea or Man City fans. These would have been Man U or Liverpool fans 20 years ago. It's funny how people who just choose themselves a team never choose a shit one isnt it?
  5. john23liverpool

    New Assistant Manager

    Why is everyone getting upset about our assistant manager? What difference does it make how well he's managed elsewhere? He may be a shit manager and a brilliant coach. Chelsea's assistant manager is a fella called steve Holland who managed the mighty Crewe for a year before going to Chelsea and it never stopped them winning the league last year. Steve Bould is arsenals number two, he's never managed anywhere, Giggs is the mancs number two, again never been a manager (except for 4 games temporarily) and Brian Kidd is city's number two, he managed for one year and got Blackburn relegated. There are more important things to get in a strop about than who puts the cones out for fucks sake.
  6. john23liverpool

    Silly Job Titles

    Sandwich artist is a good shout ROTOQ, that's them students who slap together the butties in subway isn't it?
  7. Would that be the Echo that is owned by Trinity Mirror (owners of the Daily Manc) and is printed in Manchester? Hardly going to stick the boot into them cunts. The Echo stopped being a decent paper about 20 years ago.
  8. john23liverpool

    Gazza Sectioned!

    Thought he was dead when I saw this thread bumped. Only a matter of time surely? Going off them tweets the 'wagon' has thrown him off and gone out of sight.
  9. john23liverpool

    The Walking Dead Thread (spoilers and zombies inside)

    I reckon we are in for a good episode next week. That Deanna isn't going to be best pleased after her son got wasted, especially now it looks like she's starting to regret putting all Ricks gang in important roles. Even more so after that priest tried to grass them up. Might be in for a bit of a scrap. They obviously can't stay there for too long, it would be pretty boring if they just lived in a safe area for the rest of the series, so a barney is bound to happen sooner or later.
  10. john23liverpool

    Playstation 4

    The first time I got chased by the police in GTA IV I shit a brick, the light bar flashes like a siren.
  11. john23liverpool

    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    Has anyone been to Neon Jamon on the corner of Church Road and Smithdown Place? It's a tapas restaurant, and it's fucking lovely. Boss atmosphere and really friendly staff. Me and my Mrs have been going there for a while now, we took some mates who had a look on trip advisor and apparently it's the top rated restaurant in Liverpool! Be warned though, it's a really small intimate gaff and they don't take bookings. If we go on a weekend we usually pop our heads in and join the queue for a table. They take your number and give you a bell when your table is free. There's a decent bar a few doors down (called Schmooze) which is where most people wait. Well worth a try. Proper authentic Spanish style tapas.
  12. john23liverpool


    He's been brilliant the last few games. Because he looks like a big fucking beast people forget he's only 24. He will improve.
  13. john23liverpool

    Ched Evans

    Ready Cheddy fuck
  14. john23liverpool

    The Ginger Stigma

    Fucking hell hahaha being ginger is the least of that kids worries. I'm a weird half breed ginger - got dark brown hair but my beard goes ginge when I let it grow! hence why I shave every morning! Anyone remember this? http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/ginger-pride-march-edinburgh-fiery-2157912
  15. john23liverpool

    January Transfer Window 2015

    I may be wrong but didn't quite a few of Lambert's goals for Southampton come from penalties and free kicks? He would be a good player for a smaller club but he isn't good enough for a team that aspires to win the league.