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  1. bigguly

    Personal news

    So sorry for your loss Dave. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  2. Keeping Trent and Mohamed rested for the Spurs game.
  3. bigguly

    Raspberry pi

    Coop - the Pi has a decent video graphics chip in it, that's why you can watch 720P videos on it really smoothly. 1080P video, especially Blu-Ray is a bit jerky from the Youtube video's I've seen.
  4. bigguly

    Raspberry pi

    I'm thinking of buying one myself! Did you buy the licences as well, that they offered?
  5. bigguly

    Nagra 3

    Any chance of a link or two, so I can catch up with the info re Nagra 3? PM if necessary to keep the site out of trouble!
  6. bigguly

    Nagra 3

    I used to "have" access to the Spanish and German channels. You could watch the latest PPV films and the footy, Spanish German and 3pm EPL games. To watch in English, all you had to do was change the audio settings, I had a good 3-4 years before Nagra 3. When Nagra 3 came, I've not bothered with the European Satellite system no more. Thank goodness for Internet streaming and the like!
  7. bigguly

    U.S Presidential race 2012

    Top journalist, that Matt Taibbi! A journalist who has backbone and will call a spade, a spade. I would recommend you to follow him on Twitter, if you are on it. Very good with the economic stuff/news!!!!
  8. bigguly

    is my laptop goosed?

    If your laptop is a Dell, then be careful, and start saving up for a new one. I remember before I got made redundant, that we had a lot of calls from users who were using older Dell PC's, they were pushing 4 years +, some were 7 years +. After opening up the machines, the capacitors on the motherboard had started bulging, so we usually had to replace the machines. I remember some of my senior colleagues stating that Dell had puled a fast one with certain models, using inferior parts, and had some sort of lawsuit in the US against them.
  9. bigguly

    Hansen and Lawrenson's TV work

    I will agree that ITV probably edged it with regard to the analysis. Carra and Martinez were pretty good with their insights. On the BBC side, Vialli really impressed me, along with Klinsmann (sp). Vialli impressed me the most on the Italy Vs Germany game, where he stated that the German team had made a tactical switch to mirror the Italians, rather than play their own game, which could have led to a different outcome. Keown was a disgrace in that game, he offered absolutely nothing.
  10. bigguly

    Which ISP?

    I believe LLU means Local Loop Unbundled or words to that effect. I believe it means that BT do not have total control over the local exchange, so their competitors can install their hardware in these local exchanges and offer a competitivly priced product. If there is no LLU at your local exchange, then the broadband competitor has to go through BT World and it ends up costing you a few more pounds every month. I'm sure the guys will correct me if there is any mistake in the above!
  11. bigguly

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I feel stupid for my previous statement!
  12. bigguly

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    The problem with bringing Russian players over is 2 fold - They don't always too well abroad (generalising I know!). They get paid very well and have much lower taxation rates at home, so unless we are going make him one of the best paid players, I'd be surprised if he comes over.
  13. bigguly

    Paul Lambert to Villa then

    I believe he won a European cup with Dortmund in the late 90's?
  14. bigguly


    Cheers Trumo!!!