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    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I've just finished the third series now, and one or two episodes and situations have started to become just a little bit irritating and a tad contrived. The first two series are brilliant though. Best comedy I've seen for years.
  2. Hoddy

    Roll-call for Saturday.

    Will do mate, definitely. Providing I'm not writhing around on the floor on the other side of the road preparing my litigation case against Rick Parry.
  3. Hoddy

    Is Crouch affecting our balance

    Very true. I've been one of his biggest fans from day one, but can still see that his recent performances have been nowhere near as good as they were in his first few months. And it's not cos he's shit, cos he's shown how good he can be. It shows how important he is in our current set-up that his loss of form seems to have gone hand in hand with the team's.
  4. Hoddy


    Yeah, with a huge ***spoiler alert for 'The Descent*** I think it was an illusion that she escaped – apparently it's a common factor in those conditions. A character had made reference to that fact sometime earlier in the film.
  5. Hoddy

    Robben Got Reina Sent Off

    I was reading an article which a referee had actually written, saying that raising a hand isn't actually an automatic red these days. It's more a case of what the ref deems violent conduct. I don't know if anyone else has seen that, but under those rules, surely Reina shouldn't have been sent off. His action was hardly violent was it?
  6. Hoddy

    James Millner

    It's not just about improving the team though, it's about getting a wealth of players who can step in when needed. And right-wing is an area in which we're quite sparse at the minute. And Defoe/Owen for Cissé would improve the team.
  7. Hoddy

    James Millner

    I think he'd be a decent shout. I'm sure the fact he's English would mean his asking price would be silly shit, but from what I've seen of him it seems there's a lot there with which Benitez could work. From all accounts he gave Gallas a decent game the other day, which is no mean feat. I read a broadsheet piece on him the other week an all, and he comes across as being very dedicated to the profession and a lad with both feet firmly grounded - which would give him the 'attitude' edge over Pennant.
  8. Their city isn't a shithole. There's pockets which are, but then which city in England hasn't areas like that? The buffoons comment is spot on though - they were genuinely befuddled when Liverpool won the City of Culture thing, and it typifies the small-minded attitude you get from 'the city that loves its football'. I'm sick of hearing how much they love their football, and how they never stop talking about it up there. That may be so - the problem is however, that most of what they talk is complete shite; they haven't the first clue what the fuck they're on about. You get one or two fans who can see past the bullshit and the fact their chairman is one of the most despicable (looking and acting) people involved in the game right now, but the majority just get swept up in delusion. There's a difference between caring about your football and having unbridled passion without actually knowing fuck all of what you speak. I remember a bus banner that went by when I was up there. It read 'In Black and White, everyone is a hero.' Apart from being the most tanked-up heap of shite I'd ever read, the banner included a few pictures of players behind the writing. Two out of the three were Craig Bellamy and Kieron Dyer, and some other big-name 'legend' who'll no doubt be loathed up there a few years from now. I'd say it was Titus Bramble, except I remember that the bus was actually mobile at the time. I said a few years ago they will be the next Leeds, and nothing I've seen recently has done anything to change my mind on that.
  9. Hoddy

    United to sell top star?

    Brilliant post.
  10. Hoddy

    The Wire Thread

    Hey Paul, am typing this while trying not to read what you wrote; I'm a DVD guy, I haven't got Sky and so have to wait until Season 3 is released in the shops. Don't think I'll be waiting long though as they were ultra-quick with Season 2. Am particularly looking forward to this one as, although I enjoyed the insight into the white man's travails in this whole war and the piercing social commentary on a dying trade at the docks, I was itching for more Barksdale storylines as there's so many more places they can take it. I realise that the show is not as reliant on plot twists to shock people with, but I'd still rather not know anything about Season 3 either way. I still remember, for instance, how shocking De Angelo's death was. Compare this with anything that happens in '24' and 'Lost' and it's truly a case of less is more. On The West Wing - sad but I'm quite glad. It was Sorkin's baby and without Martin Sheen (I'm no Season Five, Six, Seven expert but surely they couldn't realistically write him back in), and of course without John Spencer, I fail to how it could continue. Sorkin's addiction problem has been fairly well-documented over the years, but I wasn't aware that was the reason he left – thanks for that. I remember talking about him to my dad, asking the question whether true genius (as I believe in this arena Aaron Sorkin has) can be attained without the aid of certain mind-enhancers. What do you reckon? Adds an extra poignancy when you bear in mind how many screen minutes were dedicated to a war on drugs.
  11. Hoddy

    Rationale for buying strikers

    So did Michael Owen. Then he goes gets a bad injury and suddenly £17mil is looking like a very poorly played gamble. Sometimes you don't always get what you pay for.
  12. Hoddy


    Sorry to keep agreeing with you Paul, but you're right. Lost sucks balls. Fucking big massive cock and balls. I watched the first couple of episodes and then the last - usually, if I'd have done that I'd have been asking a shitload of questions about characters and plot, but it seemed that absolutely nothing had happpened here from episode 2-23. And, after watching that pitiful excuse for a final episode, if I'd have stayed with the show and watched it for 20-odd weeks and they'd have thrown that sack of shit at me, I'd have thrown my TV through the fucking window. It's complete and utter shite - hype TV is Lost.
  13. Hoddy

    Small Time Cunts

    Sorry, but I disagree. The worst chant would be a racist one, and not far behind that (and not dissimilar to) is the one where 'supporters' continually chant 'Freeeeeaaaaak' everytime a certain player sets foot near the ball. What would would the uproar be if it was 'Blaaaaaaaaaack' everytime Momo got possession.
  14. Hoddy

    The Luton penalty

    That's correct. Can't blame the ref for that one, as I thought it was a stonewall penalty on first viewing. Stu's right though (and Rafa was wrong at the time), the defender who pushed Gerrard shouldn't have gone. If Gerrard had have kept the ball in, he'd have had to turn, and by that time there'd have been a few defenders back. It's just a shame that the commentary team couldn't distinguish between the two (need for a penalty and need for a red card). As the ball wasn't going anywhere near goal, they just assumed it wasn't a penalty. Like a lot of things those dickheads said and did on Saturday night, they were wrong.
  15. Hoddy

    Fat Sams Grand Slam

    Fucking unbelievable, pathetic prick. Why, rather than acting like a six-year-old (my apologies to six-year-olds) doesn't he try and prove Alan Green wrong by having his team play some decent football? Cos he knows he can't.
  16. Hoddy

    Captions needed...

    Mary Poppins bemoans the theft of his umbrella as Dick Van Dyke starts pelting him with footballs.
  17. Hoddy

    Peter Crouch and Djibril Cisse

    The finish itself was instinctive. It's not like he was running towards Martyn from the half-way line with only the keeper to beat. His immediate thoughts were to beat Weir… which he did, albeit somewhat fortunately. Once he'd done that he immediately (without thinking) curled the quality finish past Martyn. That was instinctive, simple as.
  18. Hoddy

    John Spencer

    Only heard about his death yesterday, but what a shock. Awesome actor, and watching The West Wing will be quite eerie for some while now. Best Leo McGarry episodes anybody? I've not watched any of TWW since Aaron Sorkin left at the end of Series 4, so I'll have to plump for one moment in the 'What Kind of Day Has It Been' episode at the end of Season 1, where Josh and Leo have just made up after a minor fall-out, and Josh mistakes Leo's extended hand for a hug gesture. "Boy did you read that one wrong." Brilliant. Either that or his walk and talk with nearly every West Wing staff member in the show's pilot.
  19. Hoddy

    John Spencer

    I believe you about The West Wing - just one of those things I'll have to live with. Yes, I can see how the reformation of Daniels' team was contrived, but one of the things I liked about this second series was the fact that there weren't story arcs for every single successful character from the first. And while that did mean that classic characters, such as Bubbles, were marginalised, it did add to the naturalistic feel of the show. Best scenes of the whole series both came in the pre-credits I thought. Firstly, the Johnny Cash 'Walk the Line' opening, where Prez was piecing together the whole messy case, and secondly, the crossword scene, with Omar telling that police the myths answer, followed by his donning the tie over his baseball garb. Best silent joke I've seen for ages.
  20. Hoddy

    John Spencer

    Oh no, it wasn't for any 'I'm not watching this shit if they've kicked him out' reason or anything like that. I understand that he was just burnt out by the end (looking back at some of those episodes he was churning out on a weekly basis – particulary Season 2 - basically on his own, it's simply staggering), I just feel that it was his show, his White House, that I'd bought in so much to his own creation, that it wouldn't feel right watching someone else's. By the way – and I feel bad for hijacking my own thread here – but what are your thoughts on the second season of The Wire? For a show with no gimmicks and hardly any action, it's by far and away the most addictive TV programme I've ever seen. Having said that, I felt it just, just, fell short of Season One's heights.
  21. Hoddy

    John Spencer

    Exactly what I though when my work colleague said to me on Monday, "You know John Spencer?" Made me feel even worse when he told me the news.
  22. Hoddy

    John Spencer

    Can't watch it Paul. Aaron Sorkin was the reason I fell in love with the programme in the first place (Stu Monty, you're right - there's little better that's been on the box… ever), and regardless of how good it could be now, I just refuse to watch out of principle. A bit petty I know, but there's few screenwriters who've that much influence on a programme are there? Heard the same thing about Season Six. Apparently Five was a bit of a mess, but it seems they got themselves back on track the year after.
  23. Hoddy

    King £12m Liverpool deal?

    Ledley King and Carragher together would be phenomenal. My perfect January signing (if we were definitely in for a CB).
  24. On the first day God created Crouch. On the second day God created Mania. On the third day Crouchamania ran wild on God. Peter Crouch doesn't go to the toilet. The toilet goes to him. The only question Peter Crouch has ever asked is 'Whatchyagonnado?' Peter Crouch does not jog. He runs wild. At the end of a day, Peter Crouch does not take his shirt off – he tears it off. Peter Crouch has never worn the same shirt twice. The only time Peter Crouch has ever taken a bath is when he took one outside to give it the Legdrop of Doom. Whoever Peter Crouch is dating on Valentine's Day receives the same poem, 'Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm running wild, Whatchyagonnado?' Peter Crouch never says 'pardon' or 'can you repeat that again please?'. He simply cups his hand to his ear until he hears whatever it is he has to hear. Peter Crouch once wrote a two-hour English essay paper using just the words 'dude' and 'brotha'. He scored 93%. He then used the exact same essay for a French exam. He scored 97%. Peter Crouch does not make love. He runs wild. This one time Peter Crouch entered a maze, and went on 'a mazy'. The maze gave up first. Every girl Peter Crouch has ever been with claims he has a good touch for a big guy… … and Peter Crouch has given every one of them the big boot… quickly followed by the Legdrop of Doom. If you do not refer to Peter Crouch's arms as 'pythons', it is quite simply the last thing you will ever do. When she was pregnant, Peter Crouch's mum did not feel her baby kicking – just the big boot. Mrs Crouch still gets bad wind today. Peter Crouch did not turn down a starring role in 'Star Wars' because of wage-demands. It was because George Lucas would not allow Darth Vader to give Obi-Wan the Legdrop of Doom. Peter Crouch does not pass water. He takes it on his chest, holds it up, then passes water. There are seven Wonders of the World, each of whom one day hopes to meet Peter Crouch. Upon hearing the news that Peter Crouch was in the studio audience, three Government ministers refused to go on Question Time in case they were asked 'Whatchyagonnado?' Peter Crouch once bumped into Chuck Norris at an airport. Norris responded with a roundhouse kick. Crouch shrugged, got on his plane, went back to Liverpool, then gave Chuck Norris the big boot. Chuck Norris has not been seen or heard from since. Peter Crouch once won a game of chess with just three pieces left when his rook started 'hulking up'. Peter Crouch does not know – or care – how to play chess. Peter Crouch does not walk into a building unless accompanied by the theme tune to 'Real American'. Peter Crouch did not lose his virginity – he simply threw it away when he had no use for it anymore. The founders of Spain chose red and yellow as their national colours in the hope that one day Peter Crouch would want to play for their football team. Peter Crouch bodyslams Hope on a daily basis. Peter Crouch cannot walk down the street without clotheslining at least five innocents. He subsequently receives at least five apologies for 'python disturbance'. Traffic delays don't just happen – they happen because Peter Crouch is there, and Crouch can hold up anything. Peter Crouch does not get erect – he hulks up. Scientists now believe that this, and not America, is the planet's greatest threat to climate change. Peter Crouch once held an eight-hour argument with his English teacher, who claimed that 'Whatchyagonnado' was a six-word sentence. The argument finished with the school's headteacher under a broken classroom table due to a Legdrop of Doom. The missing dialogue at the end of 'Lost in Translation' saw Bill Murray's character whispering to Scarlett Johansson's, "Yes it's true babe – I am indeed a Crouchamaniac.