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  1. chorlton

    Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

    We signed Quaresma yet?
  2. chorlton

    The Suarez Bite

    Anybody starts on me i'm gonna bite the fuck out of em.
  3. chorlton

    The Suarez Bite

    If we still have a sense of humour in the ground then i'd be happy to hear the jaws theme given an airing next week. Do it as self effacing before other grounds think of it.
  4. Controversial but not simply for the sake of it, unlike most of the press these days. Mainly because he, and please forgive the cliche, calls it as he sees it. The Djemba Djemba incident was crudely put but folks calling him racist based on if they already disliked him was idiotic. Odd that managers are lauded for winding up animosity (slur, maureen) , or it's completely ignored (moyes - the peoples club) whereas someone who upsets folk because he says there team isn't very good to watch or that a manager is a bit of a bully is seen as controvesial. Good luck to him, 5 live will be less interesting.
  5. chorlton

    Amy Poehler vs Tina Fey

    Tina, but i'd rather watch Amy's show.
  6. hmm, is there anywhere unofficial to watch this online?
  7. chorlton

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I guess so but my thought was more that it concentrated on the task at hand, an introduction to Dredd, unlike Bruce Wayne he is intractability personified, there isn't the emotianal back story to mine, but that's also his appeal. that it struggles next to the human fireworks of the raid isn't even an argument. Compare that with Batman say and it just felt needlessly complex with pretty unispired subplots at the expense of even devloping a decent villain. It also felt like a retread of the previous films. That said Catwoman was really good in it.
  8. chorlton

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Really enjoyed Dredd. Felt like a lean early 80s carpenter film. It's unfortunate that the amazing Raid appeared in the same year, was made whilst Dredd was in post btw. It's leaner and hangs together much more tightly then the likes of Dark Knight Rises.
  9. chorlton

    Rise of the Foot Soldier

    I've seen this film. It is fucking shit.
  10. chorlton

    Woman in TV shows...

    Lot of folk have issues with Debs Morgan (who i love) and his wife who's name i forget.
  11. chorlton

    Graphic Novels

    I've read Moores swamp thing. It's quite good has it's moments but it also has it's long stretches of naval gazing which become tedious - see From Hell. I can't recommend Saga enough. Y the last man was brilliant and he's back on form here.
  12. chorlton

    Graphic Novels

    I need to get back into walking dead, the tv show kind of ruined it for me, i was loving the comic, was upto the bits that they are apparently now on in season 3. Need to pick it up. Kirkmans' Thief of Thieves is meant to be good and HBO have picked it up for adaptation.
  13. chorlton

    Favourite Spy Films

    Blowout : More conspiracy thriller than spy film but v good imo.
  14. chorlton

    Graphic Novels

    Okay folks we got any other comic readers here? For me this year i've enjoyed Chew - loony comic in which people have food based abilities Manhattan Projects : insane alternative history in which the manhattan project was a front for alien tech Fatale : Noir + Cthulu Fables : Missed this for years but finally got bitten by it. Saga : From the writer of Y the last man comes a wonderful space opera
  15. chorlton

    Manchester United Supporters Trust

    It's up to united to keep their house in order, as it is us to keep ours. Too many times both sets of fans are using the excuse "but they sang about..." Time to grow up and consider that any song like that is aimed to hurt deeply and hurts those who don't sing any hatred based bile. Let's just get behind our boys. Singing about us on a week when the truth finally came out is mental, but it's not all mancs.