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    Have lived/worked in Leeds for 5 years. Just moved in with the missus. I've played 5 a side with Elmyn and Tom R!!!

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  1. Mark P

    Las Vegas

    Comes up quite a bit, does a Vegas request thread. If you do a thread search, it should throw up 4 or 5 threads which will help you out. Vegas is ace, went last year as part of a Chicago/Vegas/LA trip. Food, atmos, weather, shows....whatever you are looking for, you'll get it. Saw the Beatles Love (cirque du soleil) which was superb.
  2. Mark P

    Sky + help

    Sky's call centres often don't realise that BSkyB have a specialist arm to deal with blocks of flats and communal systems, which is why you would have been told that. We are currently working to rectify that throughout the business, as alot of people have been advised the same as you!! Any problems in the future, just give me a shout.
  3. Mark P

    Sky + help

    Not strictly true - have a look at communaltv.sky.com :yes: You're right about the single feed, that was my first thought.
  4. Mark P

    Sky + help

    Cheers, Mr Noos. Have PM'd him. See you for footy Monday night.
  5. Mark P

    United "out of gas"

    Am hoping Jamie is having a word in his dad's ear, to make sure they get something from Old Trafford.
  6. Mark P

    Pub advice

    Cheers...we've popped in the Strawberry tavern a few times, but it's always dead and is a bit of a trek from the ground. Where abouts is the Devonshire?
  7. Mark P

    Pub advice

    Shanks Bar used to be th regular pre-match haunt...but it's gone right downhill over last few months. I didn't make the Boro game and was on the march last weekend...so, I need to establish a new pre-match boozer tomorrow. Dodds, Sandon, etc, always rammed...am thinking Cabbage, Salisbury or Flat Iron... Any TLW recommendations?
  8. Mark P

    Spirit of Shankly - March on Saturday

    Apologies...somehow missed this thread...pretty pointless one I posted.
  9. Mark P

    SOS March

    Hopefully so.
  10. Mark P

    SOS March

    Anyone participating?
  11. Mark P

    Laing O'Rourke

    Surely..."Custardonians"...what, with Parry in the middle of it all...
  12. Mark P

    Villa Away

    Spot on...stuck in traffic near the ground in our mini-bus, loads of hassle. Fair play to the West Midlands constabulary...they surrounded us, so the Villa boys couldn't get to us...we then shot through every red traffic light on the way out of Brum!!!
  13. Mark P

    so who has bought the new shirt?

    *Confused Look*
  14. Mark P

    Your best night on the Kop?

    My Top 5 Kop nights: - Man United, 3-3, 1994 - Roma, UEFA Cup, 2001 - Chelsea semi final 2005 - Arsenal quarter final 2008 - QPR 1990, when we cliinched our last title...not technically a night, but...