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    Anyone think he might be on the bench at the weekend ? He was taken off early in both ressie matches this week.
  2. NoelM

    Which Reserves Have the best chance?

    From what I've seen on LFC TV (1) Nemeth (2) Plessis (3) Insua
  3. Somebody at Sky must have had a word ? The last two games he's been quite pro-us (or at least almost fair!)
  4. I remember that, you could see his shin bend, he was very lucky it didn't snap!
  5. I thought so too, a bit like Hibberts leg-breaker on Garcia a couple of years back!
  6. NoelM

    The Andy Gray Thread...

    He was actually more complimentary to us than Houghton (our former leprechaun), believe it or not!
  7. The best part of having the LFC channel is to be able to see the reserves and youth team games, we have some really promising players coming through. Plessis and Nemeth for me are the pick of the reserves, Nemeth reminds me of Fowler and Plessis never gives the ball away - he seemed to really enjoy playing alongside Alonso tonight. I think Insua needs to either be given the chance to step-up or go on-loan, he will stagnate otherwise.
  8. NoelM

    Arsenal report...

    Nice report Dave, I'm a lot more positive today than on Sunday. The best thing about Sunday was that our "Big" players, that have not been playing well, stepped up to the mark. That is Gerrard, Carra and Mascherano - I think if these guys are playing well then that will give the rest of the team confidence.
  9. NoelM

    Classic Ifithadnerbinfer

    "He missed out the one about Aldridge pushing Big Nev in a Wales Eire game, resluting in him coming down badly on his ankle. The only reason why the rs won the double." They're blaming the Irish now too.:sniff:
  10. NoelM

    young guns

    I think Plessis looks like a really good prospect, rarely gives the ball away and covers an amazing amount of ground. Him and Spearing are a good combination
  11. Check this out ... http://audio.todayfm.com/audio/Gift_managers.mp3
  12. NoelM

    Paddy Berger...

    One of the best debuts ever, remember him coming on against Leicester and scoring two brilliant goals ?
  13. NoelM

    Elbow on alonso

    I saw it, you can see the intent on his face too. I think he should have been sent off for it.
  14. NoelM

    Andy Gray is a CUNT!

    Merson and Keys laughing at the end when Redknapp said we could beat Barcelona was the worst.
  15. NoelM

    Mark Lawrenson

    Nice quote from the Echo "Contrary to ridiculous rumours and publicity-seeking betting promotions, Thierry Henry is not about to become a Liverpool player, but the French superstar has certainly found a place in his heart for the club. The feeling is mutual. His generous praise at full time, having been earlier applauded off, ensured at least one voice on BBC television acknowledged the moving six minutes at the start of the game. What a shame it was a current Arsenal player rather than an ex-Liverpool one."
  16. NoelM

    Just turned the volume down.

    Me too, if they feckin praise Arsenal or Bennett once more I'm putting my foot throught the telly.
  17. NoelM

    Paying for the site...

    I'm game for this
  18. Surely with the EU and no boundaries etc etc they cannot define local players?
  19. NoelM

    The Official Well Done Pappa Dave U Thread

    Welcome to the "other side" Dave. We've just had our third (and last) although I said that last time too!
  20. NoelM

    Diving little shitbag

    The worst and most blatant dive yesterday was by our ex-player Emile Heskey. It was a disgrace, I couldn't believe it wasn't mentioned on any highlights.
  21. NoelM

    Evertonian Taxi Drivers...

    Our Liverpool fan taxi driver told us they are advertising half season tickets for Goodison on the radio at the moment, that was a good laugh!
  22. Bloody hell, I missed that in the thread I'm definitely moving ...
  23. NoelM

    Platini News Article...

    Dave, I missed the article, any chance of posting on the forum, or e-mailing it ?
  24. NoelM


    Sky kept having to switch cameras because he kept waving out the window at other fans after the game !!