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    Not so Happy Slapper

    Happy slapping is horrible. I don't find it funny what so ever. I have to admit when I was younger I could be a dick, but there was always some element of respect or fear. These fucks really don't care...I laughed more at this clip than any happy slap. The shit deserved it!
  2. Rex

    New White Stripes album

    I think the album is good. It isn't as good as previous albums, but it's still a damn good album. Basically, it's classic Stripes, but with a cleaner, more modern production and many of the songs use a piano to replace what would usually be the guitar parts. Bit of a dichotomy here, but it's the same, only different! O_o
  3. Rex

    PTS Scheme

    This may sound like a numb ass question and it may have already have been answered in this thread and I have missed it, but does a PTS membership entitle you to just one chance of a ticket per match. I'll be honest if I can get 2 per game then I'll just get one and split the cost with a mate. Any help? Cheers
  4. Rex

    PTS Scheme

    Hi Rash - sounds interesting. Can you explain to me how it works and cost etc. Sorry - just being lazy and could probably find out if I wanted, Cheers
  5. Rex

    Champions of Europe DVD

    Can't decide whether to get this one or or not. Personally I would prefer a disc committed completley to the Champs League, featuring highlights from all the rounds, the full final (or at least v extensive highlights) interviews, the parade etc. Does anyone know if there are plans for this type of DVD?
  6. Hi all - just wanna bend your ear about an idea I have and see what you think. I have been on the season ticket waiting list for about 6 years now and stopped receiving updates a while ago. When I asked on here someone said that they had queried it with the club and were told that it was because the data had been lost so you have to ask to rejoin the list, but are re-entered at the bottom. :wallbutt: Obviosuly, I am not happy about this and I still have the official letter confirming my place on the list. Do you think if I sent a photocopy of the confirmation letter along with a covering note that they would give me special dispensation (IE: place me higher in the list rather than at the bottom)? Also does anyone know the best address/person to send the letter to and is more likely to gain a response. I feel I have a strong case here. What do you reckon? Cheers for any help, Rex
  7. Rex

    heart wrenching - flight needed

    Hi Tom - i got a flight through a firm calling themselves "Instanbul Reds" - £595 return and direct from L/Pool to Instanbul. Departs at 4AM On Weds 25th May (although apparently they have later ones at 5am and 6am) and arrives in Instanbul at 9:30 Turkish time. Return is 4 AM on Thursday 26th and gets back in L/Pool for 6:30 am UK time. You could get away maybe with just one day off, but it'd be a killer working on the Thursday! Let me know and I'll send you the telephone number. I don't much about them as my mate sorted it out. Hope it's sound
  8. Great idea Tom, and it would be quite interesting to put down the original source(s) so that we can see who were the most reliable
  9. Hi all - anyone have any good idea's for travel to Instanbul? I know there is a diverted (via Hamburg) flight listed in another thread, but this looks like it's sold out. Any idea's/help will be really appreciated, Cheers
  10. Rex

    Flights/Travel To Instanbul

    Cheers - not looking good so far. Either stay for a week or pay around £1000 for a flight!
  11. I would be quite happy wth 4th and CL qualification again providing the football was better. I appreciated what GH did for us and would have loved if he could have done it for us - (which I feel he would have had it not been for the illness), However, the football was bad. Very Bad. Went to the Bolton game and I know we lost, but thought the midfield looked good and with SH at the back the full game and Dudek in more confidnet mood and the strikers better adjusted could have won it easily against a side now third. Will take a while to bes in, but Rafa is the man or we are forever doomed!!! - Happy with the CL qualification for now and anything else is a bonus in his first season
  12. Rex

    Have we signed Ronaldinho???

    Cheers Paul McC- great stuff. All the goals were great!!!
  13. Rex

    Have we signed Ronaldinho???

    Anybody know a site that is showing our goals from the friendlies? Aint seen any yet, Cheers
  14. Ayala is playing Copa America and was sent off in quarters so unless they reach final will be back in Spain soon. Then the most awesome defence Europe has ever seen (after Tanner and Piechnik) will be unveiled!
  15. Rex

    beckham rumour

    Over-rated. Definately. Who isn't now?However, always gives 110% to the cause (Euro 2004 apart). I wouldn't be too pissed off. Gerrad and either DD or another in centre with Kewell and Beckham on the wings. Michael and Cisse in centre. Surely that couldn't fail?
  16. Rex

    Season tickets

    I have been on the season ticket list now for about 4 years and used to recieve regular mail asking if i had changed address etc. I haven't had this now for a while, I hope I am still on the list!!! Does anyone else who is on the list (or at least supposed to be) still get letters? Also if I want to check where I am on the list - who do I call? Just the ticket office? Any help is appreciated
  17. Rex


    Personally I would be gutted if he went, but as Chris Smith's excellent article on the whole matter states "even if he stays he is now forever tainted". However, if he has to go then Parker, Duff and £20m would be great for us. Although we would lose our best player Parker and Duff alone would improve the team and overall squad, not too mention any more bought from his sale. Anyway don't worry. Before GH left he had already groomed SG's replacement in Big Salif!!!!
  18. Rex

    Gerrard in the Echo....

    Gutted if he goes as I have never seen a player carry a team as much as he did last season, but I more gutted for what it means rather than the fact he has gone. For me he epitomised what any great player is about - attitude and ability. I really believed he loved this club. If he goes now then clearly he doesn't. He has unfinished business with us. I understood when Steve MacMan left as he had been at the club a long time and carried the team most seasons (along with RF) and been relaitvely unsuccesful. Stevie G has had success and knows this club needs him. He must also realise that with a new boss at the helm and a decent squad already with a couple of class additions we have a good chance of challenging for all the major trophies. Not sure we could win them, but we could quite eaily be there challenging. I'd kind of lose a little respect for football if he left as the only reason he should leave now is for an even more vulgar wage than he already has. Like Macca - if he is still finishing 4th with us in a season or 2 and won nothing else then fair enough all the best. If he goes now then I hope like Macca that we experience great success as he leaves and who knows the team will have to be less dependant on him so could as a whole improve.
  19. Rex

    Thompson sacked

    Apart from Redder & Vivaldo, I am pretty horrified at the reaction on here. Fair enough it is time for a fresh start and with GH gone he probably had to go, but he goes with thanks for a job (in the main well done). To call him a "twat", "horrible bloke" and "big nose" is just unecessary. Maybe a few months from now we could run a thread on discussing how he performed his job for us, but let's just say thanks for now and try not to be personal about a true red legend.
  20. GH does deserve to have the good times remembered. I think it was Dave U who said that had it not been for the illness we would have won the Premiership under his managment. It's a travsety for him that he was robbed of being able to do that. I backed him right until he left as I will (rightly or wrongly) any Reds manager. I could see that things weren't right and his behaviour was becoming increasingly insane, but I was willing him to crack it. However, when the end came I was relieved for him as much as anyone. He deserves to be remembered for so much more than what he will be, and the longer it went on the less chance there was of that. I remember the last Championship we won.Just. I remember the UEFA Cup, 2league cups and FA cups much more. Good luck to GH and I hope he finds success, but it is a shame he didn't quite do what he would have desperately loved to have done at the club he so clearly cared about and nearly died for.
  21. Rex


    I can understand the need for a protest if all else fails, however, I would be concerned about a precedent being set, whereas every time we hit a bad period we resort to protests. Then we truly are just another average club. The problem is that many fans now are too young to remember the 60's,70's and 80's were there was no discontent and certainly no need to protest. I am worried that once we start we are sending a message to these fans that protesting is OK when things get bad. However, my argument is ultimately weakened by the fact that what else can you do when all else fails. Perhaps we should see if GH has gone by the Summer, before thinking about protesting or will it be too late then? A very difficult one this.
  22. Rex

    Marcus Babbel

    My mates a Blackburn season ticket holder and says that he has been their best defender (and arguably player) so far this season and was dropped for a fall out with Souness. I think he is one of the best defenders I've ever seen, but nowhere near as good as he was, but still possibly better than what we have. I thought it was a great action by the club to give him a contract when he had the disease, especially when you think how money driven football is these days. It's a shame that Marcus let himself down and didn't really repay us for the loyalty the club showed him. I would give him ago (with some clause written in his contract just in case he fails), but he does have some making up to do as far as I am concerened.
  23. Rex

    This Thai Dude

    I don't know if I am totally off the mark and this is a tenuous thread of discussion, but we have recently released quite a few players. Players who apparently are reasonable prospects for the future. I have also read somewhere else that this Thai guy wants to open links with LFC with a view to investing money with LFC allowing young Thai players to train and go through our academy in return for the investment. If this is the case, are we allowing these young players to go so that we can free up space for an influx of young Thai talent? I don't have any problem with any young talent going through the academy, but if young local lads have been released purely so that we can allow (possibly substandard Thai talent) to go through the ranks, I think that's a disgrace. Like I said, I have absolutely no evidence and I am linking things I have read. Maybe I am adding two plus two and getting five, but what does anyone else think? Do you think there is anything in it?
  24. Rex


    Zidane? He's teh new Cheyrou isn't he?
  25. Rex

    Good result and performance.

    I'd love Celtic as it would be game to really look forward to and there aren't many left now this season