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  1. Kurt

    Brighton 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 12 2019)

    Think Kevin Friend must have a major beef with the south coast clubs. The last time he did'nt screw us over when he had the chance was away against Southampton a few years ago.
  2. Kurt

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 1-5 2018)

    Totally agree on Calvert-Lewin. He's just an english N'gog. And that Bernard fella too... the Brazilian El-Zhar.
  3. Kurt

    Liverpool 4 West Ham 0 (Aug 12 2018)

    Another thing regarding Milner. This is a young team, and for the younger players to have someone like Milner in the squad cannot be underestimated. Just like Gerrard and Murphy etc learned a lot by playing with McAllister for a couple of seasons.
  4. Im pretty sure deep inside Suarez thinks "let me have a piece of this". Fuck Messi, i want to play with Mane and Salah.
  5. I think it's too much. But my main problem is that he has Virgil on the back of his shirt. That's just so wrong.
  6. Kurt

    Premier League Round Up (May 21 2017)

    With money spent and that squad Man U were the biggest underachievers by a mile in my book. The Mourinho snoozefest factor.
  7. Kurt

    Introducing.... Billy Thunder!!

    And just before his 9th birthday Billy Thunder had his 1st Anfield experience on Saturday. And how he loved it. Special dad-son moment.
  8. Kurt

    Liverpool 3 Everton 1 (Apr 1 2017)

    Even my 9 year old William, probably one of the kindest and forgiving persons on the planet,thought that Barkley was a cunt. Not his works exactly. But that was what he meant. I dont think he even knew that Everton existed before we came over.He dislikes them now.
  9. Kurt

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 (Jan 31 2017)

    I've tried to tell you all for ages that Clattenburg is shit. Just because he's compared with Mason, Friend and Dean doesn't make him Collina.
  10. Kurt

    Liverpool 6 Watford 1 (Nov 6 2016)

    Lucas has started two league matches this season.... resulting in 2 wins and 10-2 goal difference. A coincidence?? Surely he must play every match!
  11. Kurt

    West Ham 2 Liverpool 1 (Feb 9 2016)

    Agree with you that we need to be more cynical defending set pieces. Skrtel has been hammered time and again for his shirt pulling.... Thing is.... Refs almost never punish it. How many goals has he saved over the years? How many times has he given away a penalty for it? The math is simple.
  12. Kurt

    Liverpool 0 West Ham 0 (Jan 30 2016)

    Had to laugh with your Ibe/opposite comment. I actually said during the match (no kidding) that someone should show Ibe the Seinfeld episode "The Opposite" when George Costanza started doing the opposite and everything falled into place. His decision making is shocking (it is throughout the team as well to be fair to him). And it's something that does not seem to have improved either so far. It's a shame cos he has the ability to go really far if he can improve that side of his game.
  13. Kurt

    Liverpool 3 Exeter City 0

    Fair enough... But why havent we tied down Rossiter? Two local lads we may risk losing for nothing If they decide to try their luck abroad... Still think it's unacceptable to put ourself in this position, even if they both end up signing new deals.
  14. Kurt

    Liverpool 3 Exeter City 0

    "Even if we don’t see him back at 100% until next season that’s fine, it’s just great to have him back as we’ve missed him." Next season he may not even be here. I think it's worrying that the club doesnt seem to be able to agree deals with neither Flanagan or Rossiter. Both entering their final 6 months on current deals. These players are not only valuable members of the squad, they are local lads as well. Rossiter not being able to agree a deal is very discomforting. Just 18 year old and Liverpool through and through. His signature should be the easiest to get, unless he's being adviced by an Aidy Ward like greedy cunt. He'll probably sign, but it's amateurish of the club getting themselves into this position. I agree with your take on Benteke as well. Although he didnt set the world on fire, it was a decent effort. He certainly didnt deserve the shit he was getting on twitter etc.
  15. Kurt

    Exeter City 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 8 2016)

    I agree with your assesment of Enrique. Most fans had made their mind up before the match that he just wouldnt give a fuck. Many things can be said about Enrique, but when he plays he always try his best. Even when he plays with the under 21's. His problem is more that his best usually just isnt good enough. And what did people really expect from Enrique and Ilori? Enrique played his first competitive match in a year, while the last time Ilori played a match of any importance was in last summers u21 championship. Off course they would be rusty and a bit off the pace. Defensively I felt we struggled a much more at both full backs were especially Randall had a shocker. Still, you have to take into account when judging individual performances, that this team had no time to train together, players were collected from different loan clubs. It was more like a bunch of trialist put together for one trial match trying to show what they could do. Before the match I actually expected us to lose. Remember how much our 1st team struggled against Wimbledon last season? These matches are never easy, even with 1st teamers in the side. So in that respect it was'nt that bad.