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  1. Kurt

    Everton 1 Liverpool 4 (Dec 1 2021)

    Jürgen was obviously saving Origi for Wolves the big beautiful genius ;)
  2. Does anyone believes Matip will be back. The last two times he has returned he lasted 1 match before going out again. He seems broken.
  3. Kurt

    MK Dons 0 Liverpool 2 (Sep 25 2019)

    Regarding Brewster you have to take into account he missed 14 months due to injury. And he still havent had a prolonged run of matches after coming back. Early on yesterday he just looked like a bag of nerves, and I think he just needed to get this 1st match under his belt. All the kids did well yesterday, some obviously more than others. And I also havent seen it mentioned anywhere, but those that drew 1-1 away against Fleetwoods1st team (they lost on pens) was basically the u18s facing a team of similiar quality as MK Dons.
  4. Kurt

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2 (Aug 14 2019)

    Agree with that. Neither Ox or Lallana is wingers and should never being picked there. It's just like replacing Suarez with Balotelli or Lambert. Completely different players, so you also need to change the way you play. That's why I think we should have added extra attacking depth In the summer, or at least kept Wilson as back up. I would much rather play him (or Kent for that matter) than Lallana or Ox on the wings.
  5. Kurt

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    When the subs joined in on the celebrations I actually expected Josemi to come aswell!
  6. Kurt

    Brighton 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 12 2019)

    Think Kevin Friend must have a major beef with the south coast clubs. The last time he did'nt screw us over when he had the chance was away against Southampton a few years ago.
  7. Kurt

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 1-5 2018)

    Totally agree on Calvert-Lewin. He's just an english N'gog. And that Bernard fella too... the Brazilian El-Zhar.
  8. Kurt

    Liverpool 4 West Ham 0 (Aug 12 2018)

    Another thing regarding Milner. This is a young team, and for the younger players to have someone like Milner in the squad cannot be underestimated. Just like Gerrard and Murphy etc learned a lot by playing with McAllister for a couple of seasons.
  9. Im pretty sure deep inside Suarez thinks "let me have a piece of this". Fuck Messi, i want to play with Mane and Salah.
  10. I think it's too much. But my main problem is that he has Virgil on the back of his shirt. That's just so wrong.
  11. Kurt

    Premier League Round Up (May 21 2017)

    With money spent and that squad Man U were the biggest underachievers by a mile in my book. The Mourinho snoozefest factor.
  12. Kurt

    Introducing.... Billy Thunder!!

    And just before his 9th birthday Billy Thunder had his 1st Anfield experience on Saturday. And how he loved it. Special dad-son moment.
  13. Kurt

    Liverpool 3 Everton 1 (Apr 1 2017)

    Even my 9 year old William, probably one of the kindest and forgiving persons on the planet,thought that Barkley was a cunt. Not his works exactly. But that was what he meant. I dont think he even knew that Everton existed before we came over.He dislikes them now.
  14. Kurt

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 (Jan 31 2017)

    I've tried to tell you all for ages that Clattenburg is shit. Just because he's compared with Mason, Friend and Dean doesn't make him Collina.
  15. Kurt

    Liverpool 6 Watford 1 (Nov 6 2016)

    Lucas has started two league matches this season.... resulting in 2 wins and 10-2 goal difference. A coincidence?? Surely he must play every match!